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  1. You were actually one of the few rdmer's that night(3/23). community bowling you did it multiple times and infact were a part of multiple people which caused regulars to leave that night. so i dont buy your "I always play by the rules to my best ability..."
  2. Name: JuicyBenny Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:189039826 Banned by: Mario_the_man Ban Reason: Double Mass Why should you be unbanned Complete accidental. Had a holy from a T that died. Nuke town. inside one of the houses. i had the holy in my hand cause i just got it. we were doing some. random shit idk. shit starts shooting. im not very smart... i forgot i had it in my hand, thought it was my shotty. so i pressed mouse1 realised i didnt have my shotty. but was walking towards the crowd. so i held on to it. tried to get out of the crowd so i could throw it away. there was people standing in the ways id throw it where it. couldent throw it away in time. killed like 5 people. didnt even get time to explain it or do the reports. like thats my bad. i apologize. situation was not in my favor lmao
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