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  1. K now rant done. i look forward to all my words being misplaced and misquoted and laughed at because no one read the full thing and wants to look correct. hell even i know im not 100% correct in all my statements here. but bonus points cause i can admit it. really grand innit.

  2. Amazing aswell how Davooney was the only person to literally give a fuck a long time ago when they were more involved. and they actually brought me back and fixed issues together cause thats how it was done. yet most now cant even start a conversation and discussion without shitposting and treating everything as a game and one sided. crazy. Crazy part is i still wanna get unbanned cause i miss playing TTT but i guess that will "never ever happen" cause of "too many extra chances" yet ive been given the same amount of chances as a regular user so thats false labeling like im special XD bro im ready to just get banned from everything at this stage with such a god awful management.

  3. oh and this isent just he said my name once. oh no it was multiple times. i was hoping people woulda told him by then to remind him. he done it. so much while i wasent even there. hes a creep. ive reported this. ive tried to do it nicely to avoid issues and it was majorly ignored. i finally go to a mod. they communicate it. and then when the issue comes im laughed at by the entire moderation when all im told is i have to ping them if it happens? im amazed. so someone lied or people dont communicate or you just dont give a fuck which is fine in all regards at least stop fake acting like you give a fuck cause it comes out so obviously that you dont give a fuck. All i wanted to do was fucking play TTT to get away from the depressing shit of my life and now im here. granted parts my own fault but god damn. not even close to all of it being. your fucking pathetic (go ahead correct the grammar to defeat purpose) i really doubt most are able to read this far down seeing as most cant get past one sentence.

  4. Didnt know GFL Allowed continuous called out harassment to take place just because "they just said your name" when its been communicated they were already told to not even talk or mention me. weird how that works. also weird then im told. im only throwing a fit about them cause i was banned and want other people banned. lmao. funny seeing how i was banned from the servers and not the discord. also they have been harrasing me since before the discord. and no one did shit all the times i called it out. really cool. really funny. weird how i wanted to try and like stay with the community because i cared. and i enjoy my time there but hey if thats the mentality than damn. ill consider that done. oh yes go ahead and label it another melt down btw. i already know the responses and those will be removed. so dont bother :) you can label what you want. your incorrect and cant see reason. ive tried to communicate and you just ghost and ive tried to mend and all you do is put a false label on me thats been disproven and explained hundreds of times and you just dont listen and shitpost when it comes cause you cant handle being wrong. yet weirdly i can name all my faults and where im wrong yet. im the ego never wrong one. funny. k rant done

  5. This was a very sweet read. EXCEPT ITS RULE 24: NEVER TRUST JUICYBENNY AJKSD ,HNBQW;ia udjbaabi DPK nah for real this was a read. I also joined in december of 2019. so i guess we both came here at the same time. Currently... i cant find much. this was the only thing i really did constantly. every other game either ends and im left bored or can be done constantly but feels dull. TTT never did for me. i always came on. cause something new happened everyday. so i dont have really any alternatives. im already feeling. eh? ive done nothing really so far just sit about. edit stuff maybe. but perhaps something will come around at some point to catch my attention. Though, in all honesty my hope is maybe around a years time i can attempt to restore things and return. if my love for TTT has not subsided. as theres no other ttt server that feels the same. so its not like hoping to another server is the right move. all of em bore me. so hopefully again in a years time i can return possibly.
  6. Ah yes. its me again. Leaving again you might say? Correct. however this time theres some merit i guess. Getting perma banned kinda makes this a sure thing now innit. I mean i kinda wanted it. in a way. My anger gets the better of me what can i say. XD but i dont really want to appeal or anything not even in the future. maybe if the time is right. But i guess ill do the little goodbye thing now. I just wasent having the fun i used to have. there was a period GFL ROT was my escape from real life. the area where i can. be myself and have fun doing it. i cant say exactly where things changed but in the past months.....its been me trying to make it fun. but ending up more sad and depressed than i was before. Theres other inside issues but im not looking for the drama retention that would bring. Other than that. general depression and MPD kicking me in the nuts kinda fucks over alot of things. not healthy. Though maybe its for the best. Me being as toxic as i was during this was not helping and it was more harm then good for me to be playing. though now i dont have anything else to play.... i really only played on gfl rot. but damn. now i gotta look for other things. uh shit i need to do thank yous i guess. hang on i gotta grab a list. nice. got it. Thank you @AlphaOwl for being a fun ass dude to watch and interact with. Thank you @Reverb for being fun to play with and being a damn good admin Thank you @lizzeroni for being a fuck ton of fun. our bits and laughs are cherished. Thank you @BraeLyn2212 for being supportive and understanding, aswell as a joy to play with Thank you @Short Stack122 for all the c4s Thank you @Alexis for.....well.. actually no. fuck your ping dawg. god damn. hitting me through walls and shit. the fuck. nah for real thanks been a pleasure. Thank you @ItzParzvial @Avi @Volk @SamPlola @JoshOCo12 just for being generally fun to play with Thank you @JadedJade for being the only person to come to me the first time i had issues. being the only person to actually talk to me about them and communicate issues to one another. Your hard set on the rules though Davooney go prop kill sometime it makes you feel better i promise (ive 100% missed people in that. but.. the fuck you think i am a book? i cant remember everyone i destroy >:) ) i will however add this. as its needed. I apologize to @Duck. @Captain Blythe @Kettermelon @Kirito_dualswords @Miles993 @dr0ps @KeiraJJ and about anyone else when it comes to wrong doings on my own that i have done that i recognize. I coulda been better than i "was" but seems events didnt work that way. best i can be is vague. cause haha! yea. Not really anything left to say. uh if i missed a name. my bad. let me know. lets talk about it maybe idk im not the big talking type nowadays. uh. im gonna go grab a poptart maybe do furry things later. idk. havent decided yet. ive @ alot of fucking people though. oof. im realising that now. yikes. thats alot. my bad if thats too many i just yea. like top of the head type things ya know? its how it be. OH AND DUCK FUCKING ADD ALPHAS FUCKING MAJIMA MASK. ITS A SIN IT HASENT BEEN ADDED!!! bonk
  7. Sad you are leaving. I regret not turning a better leaf sooner and am still in that process. Ill still apologize for how i treated you early on in the past i just wish i coulda made right. Good Luck in your journey beyond. i do hope you stay in contact with some of us. Some of us still care for you. But take care. dont be a stranger~
  8. Bro. Was fun as fuck playin with you, funny ass times. i hope you take care of yourself and can maybe come back again one day. just dont rush and take to yourself first. always hit me up if you wanna chat or something man. ❤️
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