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  1. I apologize, McChicken! In the clip I have, your name pops up right as it happened which is why I though it was you. I definitely could've handled it in a better way but I got a couple of other opinions on it and a majority said it looked like you said it. Again, I'm extremely sorry about that.
  2. Hey Chedda, The situation is over and done with by this point. I appreciate you coming on and voicing your concerns, but I do agree with Dini on this. I completely understand it was all fun in games, but even before Dini joined the trolling was happening to me. I have clips of what was happening, and after being warned, you weren't stopping. The gag was for the racism involved in chat, and the others involved were muted as well. As Dini said, two admins witnessed what was going on, and if needed, clips will be shown to the higher ups. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this, I appreciate you coming and voicing your opinions, but the situation is over and done with.
  3. In my time on the GFL surf timer servers, there have been situations where maps have been getting extended 2,3,4 times which can cause some aggression in some players, as well as frustration in others that just want to play a different map. My question is: Would an extend cap be a good idea on surf timer maps? I understand RTV is a thing, but there are times where some AFK players aren't there to RTV which keeps the map going.
  4. Dexter is a hella good show! I've watched it like 5 times. I'd recommend Sherlock as a show! If you like crime solving shows its definitely a good one. On the topics of movies, I'd recommend Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile. Not necessarily a Netflix show, but if you have Amazon Prime, I'd recommend Psych! Its probably one of my favorite shows and I constantly watch it. The comedy is great! Are you big on horror movies or documentaries?
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