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  1. Happy Birthday! 🎉🎁

  2. I really like this idea. I probably should also play Gmod again.
  3. Hey, What do you exactly need? Or do you already have the thing you need? You have membership on forum. Do you not have it ingame? Would be helpful if you could provide us with that information. ~ AverageKevin
  4. Hey, I don't have that lot of experience with CS:GO end but for me it seems to be a bug on server side in the plugin. But i could be wrong. The ZE staff will probably respond and help you out. You can also always join the official GFL discord, and go to #gfl-discords channel for the special CS:GO ZE discord invite link. They can also help you from there. ~AverageKevin
  5. Hey, I see that you have had some bad experience with the servers. Beside i just have a few questions. 1. Did you appeal on the specific division forum you got first banned from? (If Banned) 2. Did you contact a staff member of the specific division? Please always try to contact a specific division staff member or appeal a punishment. They willl try to help you and resolve the issue. I hope i have informed you enough. For any other questions or information feel free to apply. ~ AverageKevin
  6. Giveaway is closed and winner has been calculated in the wheel of magic names. Winner @Ashy The Neko Congratulations! Please contact me in a discord DM or Forum DM to claim your VIP soon. I will be doing most likely more giveaways in the future. So for the people that sadly didn't win this time, maybe next time. Proof of wheel of magic names gfl-vip-giveaway-1-winner-closed.mp4
  7. Giveaway entries CLOSED Rolling winner will be done soon. Replies after this message will be ignored and are invalid entries.
  8. (OFF-TOPIC) @Epic From Epic Games Can you guys btw close down fortnite? I mean you guys only implement stupid updates (my opinion). Goodluck with your game "Botnite" Bots in Fortnite (Of course a joke)
  9. @Finnick I really like your signature. That art is just amazing. (OFF-TOPIC MESSAGE)
  10. Hey there everyone, To celebrate my coming as Minecraft Trial Admin to GFL and because i feel still in the holiday mood i am going to giveaway 1 month GFL VIP to 1 person. Entries are currently already open, Close date is unknown and is a suprise, So make sure you join the giveaway as soon as possible. Goodluck on the race. To join this giveaway you have to do the following step: Reply with #Giveaway And tell me why you really would like to win. The winner will be rolled randomly and proof will be included who has won. Why tell you why i want to win? I am just curious why you guys like to win VIP. Goodluck and be fast! ~AverageKevin P.S. Only 1 reply! Multiple replies or duplicates will be ignored and only count as 1. When #giveaway or the reason is not included your entry is invalid and will also be ignored.
  11. @reme leader 049 Congratulations!
  12. Welcome to GFL & (Forum).
  13. Have to agree with @Dr_Steel , Polar Express would also be my choice.
  14. I think staying in the old memories will not help for your future. Just as mentioned above, Move on and take the new path. It will be better than always looking back to the past. 🙂
  15. I just recently scrolled to most of them and i have to say i really like them. It is amazing. I hope you keep up the great work, You got the talent for sure.
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