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  1. I only approve if all players have Goofy skins while playing (besides the Shrekening event)
  2. I think you'll do great honestly, and even if your hours are lower than most, I'm sure that'll turn around in time. Overall been glad to see you more active and I wanna know ya more. +1
  3. I've been waiting for this day for a long time bud. Super involved on the server and discord, well known by many and overall a nice guy, +1
  4. I've seen major improvement on server time, attitude and overall interaction with the community in the past few months, and can clearly say without any doubt No +1
  5. Be more active, but other than that, ez +1 WOODROW WILSON FOR ZE ADMOON
  6. You received a permanent ban from one of our Gmod servers for hacking, and our sourcebans is connected along all of our servers. So you were immediately banned from playing on the zombie server as well. I'll leave it to @TheThirdReaper to decide on an unban.
  7. Just judging from the photos, I'm worried this will suffer from having hallways that are too easy to defend, kind of like wanderers v4 had. A good playtest will tell, but perhaps add more obstacles in future versions?
  8. JoJo

  9. Server broke

    The recent CSGO update requires the community servers to update their sourcemod plugin, which without it they cannot function. Server shouldn't be down much longer, Sourcemod is usually quick to update.
  10. Personally, I wanted to bring some fresh options to the game rather than the current three guns: Bizon, P90 and Negev. All other guns were not viable due to low counts of ammo or less knockback. My current ideas were raising the m4a1 (Both silenced and normal) and the AK-47 to 50 bullets minimum. These both being higher knockback guns would do better with defense than most other guns. The MP5 would be great with 50 bullets compared to 30, and would be an alternative to buying Negevs with its fast fire rate. The UMP or MP7 would also be an option, although I'd recommend only one extra SMG since there are already two in the current meta. Also adding an extra 12 bullets to the Nova for boosting EXTREME DEFENSE
  11. @Roy take them down
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