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  1. That's like saying every time we play it on the server people should get a reward too. We're not incentivizing people to play, you participate to win
  2. My only problem is that you returned recently, and most people do not know you. Therefore I'm going Neutral just because I believe it is too soon. Good app though, will be watching over the next few weeks
  3. No consolation prizes for making last stage or being on event.
  4. Being that all the other replies are memes, I'll start. Quality admin from before, many hours put in. Took a break to focus on life, has returned from the gulag to putting out more hours than most players. Friendly on server, good relations, hasn't really lost his touch. And he drinks vodka. +1 MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!
  5. It's a dumb feature for any server to include, absolutely not.
  6. You're literally taking what an admin said, and making it into a mocking bind. You obviously didn't understand why you were gagged in the first place. First you mock two people who !sm you because they dont want to hear you talk on the server, congrats I have the same thing from others. You ignore admins telling you to remove them, even though we told other people to remove their binds that mock you, and they complied. You still continue ignoring an admin telling you to remove a bind, and get gagged longer. When will you learn?
  7. No bizon either, gotta read the post.
  8. Just an update, I'm still waiting on the Nova having 12 rounds and large KB
  9. +1 competent admin experience and a familiar face on the server. Room to grow but overall admin material
  10. Considering atos isnt as played as some maps, you could probably do it without an admin of no one noms it wednesday
  11. So here I am browsing the general forums when I see some guy being terribly abused by an admin I dont know. Now since i am a glutton for punishment I seek the abuse from my fellow admins. But Wн¡тε Dεv¡ł onii-chan wont notice me. Please help me
  12. Who even are you? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. We didn't remove because of negative feedback, some of the modifiers were broken. It's been on a list of things to fix for a while.
  14. Definitely @k2nod, came on the server trying to sell muffin to underage kiddos when you know that it's against the internet to sell tacos on a friday.
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