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  1. I understand I broke the rules and I won’t try to team again. I this is a very generous outcome for Rothwyr and I, Thank you
  2. True, but i've teamed before in one way or another. many times with others and was not called out or banned even with admins on. i feel that if Roth is banned for something that i haven't been banned for seems unfair on Roth and on everyone else, i'm sure they wouldn't want to be banned for a week either but i deserve a large ban because of me teaming. Roth was in the wrong yes, but why didnt the others get the week ban when admins were watching when the same thing or similar happened, thats why
  3. I agree that what happened is teaming 100%, but my issue is that when I’ve done similar things with other players is that they haven’t been in trouble, and for Rothwyr to be he only one who was punished is unfair for him, not for me. I deserve the week punishment. But I feel roth doesn’t deserve it as he was the only person from many to do the same. Also, I understand I did the teaming, in the future I will try my hardest to not commit this act of teaming, but I still think I need punishment as it would be fair, maybe I can do 2 weeks as Rothwyrs week is given to me, and he isn’t banned. I think that would be a good solution for the matter. But that also begs the question should I be perma banned for teaming
  4. It’s not that the others should be, it’s more that only Roth was banned because of me. And throughout my time playing, the others didn’t so I feel it’s unfair towards rothwyr to be banned if the others were not
  5. Name: Swan_Song Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:442670768 Banned by: Wild Ban Reason: Teaming Why should you be unbanned Its not that i want to be unbanned, its more the reason Rothwyr was banned and why he shouldn't be. I've done things with dozens of people that would be considered teaming, and none of them were banned, even when admins were on. Roth doesnt deserve this punishment because he was with me. i should be the only one banned for Teaming, I don't care if its for a month a year or perm. If everyone else i have done the same with wasn't banned, why was roth.(i wont be naming others). Thats all ~Swan
  6. Mask Request Mask Name: Maykr Mask Image:
  7. Mask Name - Maykr Mask Image- Epic
  8. Hey anyone, i know i'm not very important but i think it'll be good to share why i am leaving for people who wonder where i went. I'm struggling from Depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and getting worse. I've realised that i need to focus on helping myself, struggling to be happy has brought me down to lows that i never thought possible, i guess i'm putting this here because i met some new awesome people that i enjoyed hanging around with and i would like just thank you all and wish the best of luck to all. thanks for helping me feel like i'm someone 😄 Thanks For Everything Special thanks to FlameSandwich, Shico, Alt-F4, Udane, Big tony, Meowwww, Jhay Moon, Bongman69, Morgan, Waylon Smithers( fav badmin), Duck., Captain Blythe, Bully the laughing goose and many others ( sorry if i forget names im just thinking from the top of my head) Anyway Good luck to all also long live the weeb closet Regardless of what happens our lives are finite. We all know that we will grow old and that someday our lives will end. That's why we try so hard to live each day to the fullest. That's why we keep stumbling on by trial and error. But it isn't just for ourselves, it's so we can leave some signposts for the people following in our foot steps. To cowards who cling to where they are and who have given up on trying to move forward there is no way to see how bright the future is even though it's just around the corner! Also vandread is best anime watch for free 10000 Gfl points UwUFattyVapeOwO x
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