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  1. I got this to work but it was a pain in the ass. After importing the n64 model into blender there were like 100 .bmp texture files and lots of objects. I made a new uv map and baked all the images into one image file using a blender plugin called Texture Atlas.
  2. https://forum.gflclan.ru/d/65-ripping-n64-models-to-source
  3. Hello Bae do you want to make intercourse?

  4. Lol I remember one time I fell asleep playing GFL ZE and I woke up like 2-3 hours later still there just chilling in spec
  5. If life is but the bittersweet reward of consuming oats every sunrise, then what are we, brothers?
    Be we slaves to oats, or liberators of ourselves, using the oats to our advantage?
    Alas: the oats may be removed from us at any time, and for this reason I proclaim us enslaved by them!
    My brothers, the chewy tidbits of our imprisonment are but a symbol of our lower status: for what do others eat? The cow eats many grains; the squirrel has his assortment of nuts; the human, above all, consumes whatever he wants - Including us!
    Our unfortunate predicament makes us slave to the oats - but with time, and with willpower, we may come together in brotherhood to ascend from oats. We shall break the chains of oppression and live free to consume as free brothers do. These oats paint themselves as our savior, but they are shackles disguised as a blessing!

    1. Joshy


      I love porridge though :O.o:

    2. Shuruia


      Once we free ourselves from the grainy shackles, what then? All we knew in life was oats, for oats was our alpha and omega. It is a brave new oatless world we are ushering in, and I fear the bleakness of days to come. I can only hope that we humans can muster the strength to seek happiness without the fetters of oatmeal.


      Stay strong, brother.

  6. Is there any evidence to back this up? Also, there are other variations of master chief skins besides the mccset plugin.
  7. Why'd you guys get rid of them? They were popular and fun to wear. Now members don't really have any cool skins.
  8. Sounds like you're almost there. Make sure sv_lan is set to 1 in your cfg/server.cfg while the server is running. Can't remember if this is default or not.
  9. Is this possible / will it cause lag if I run these 3 services all on the same server? I figure they each use different ports (game: 27015, forum: 80, ts: 9987,10011,30033). How do I actually do this kind of multi-threading on Linux? Would it be better to run each service on its own server? Looking for some pro tips. Any help much appreciated.
  10. Hello :D

  11. But how do i get inside the box when prop is solid?
  12. ze_santassination

    Don't forget to ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. You must be new here. I think the server is pretty good as is. The challenge of most maps completely depends on the team, and I've played with some pretty good teams which make winning even Frostdrake easy. Personally, I wish ZE was it's own game and wasn't a CS:GO mod. We could have so many more players but it's such a niche gametype as it is.
  14. I pray my dick as big is Frostdrake Tower
  15. i need help!

    I mean.. You're probably right. The map could turn out to be garbage without knowledge and experience. But enough trial and error, passion, and a goal.. Also ask around on the forums and try to make some mapper friends and possibly have a good ze map in time.
  16. Wait, so you're telling me traitor is not the same thing as terrorist?

  17. i need help!

    Don't listen. Everybody has to start somewhere.
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