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  1. Hey Swan Song, While he may or may not have intended to team, he was still in the wrong and shouldn't have been doing that in the first place, therefore was part of the teaming ban. Also, Teaming bans, just like Ghosting bans are 1 week bans, and not permanent.
  2. Hey Swan, and Rothwyr, if he has seen this appeal. I banned you (Swan Song) as well as Rothwyr due to teaming, but not just because of Rothwyr flare-gunning you in the rounds prior, but it was a contributor. The main reason why you were banned was due to an incident on the final round of the map where you witnessed Rothwyr throwing a Holy Hand grenade, potentially flare another player and act as a stepping stool to assist Rothwyr instead of attacking him, all the while you were flared earlier by Rothwyr in the round. As noted in the MOTD. Innocents cannot help traitors in any way, and that innocents must attempt to kill traitors that are doing traitorous acts. While Rothwyr had flared in earlier rounds and you let it happen, it was not in a way that would be considered teaming maliciously, but only just messing around. I have a recording that shows the evidence towards your ban. Personally I would be willing to let you both off with and unban and a warning, however after discussion I would appreciate that you do not do these kinds of acts in the future, as this has occured in the past and is not tolerated here. This includes flare-gunning each-other and not fighting back. The final verdict is however not mine, and this is up to higher ups to decide. RothSwan.mp4
  3. I'd love a GFL Ark server tbh. It would be good timing too if we decide its a good idea to play the Crystal Isles map.
  4. Hey moody, I looked over the mute and I believe it was accidental. I am willing to have you un-muted seeing as this was an accident and was unintentional, but try to avoid doing that again.
  5. @Duck. @JadedJade Seems like a bug, to be honest. Unless septic wants to say otherwise since he was there
  6. Actually, its a known map glitch and @Duck. was going to do a fix to prevent this from happening. You’ll be liable for any RDMs that happen if you activate the trap.
  7. Hello there. I have banned you for the Mass RDM of at least 3 people and random damage as a detective. You killed three people in a single round, and while there may have been evidence towards you killing Jay, there was absolutely no reason to kill any of the other people you killed, including the first traitor you killed. As well as that you had randomly shot several people including a fellow detective, myself included, so I killed you in reasonable self defence. In the future please do not shoot people randomly without proper evidence towards a traitorous act. Personally I think the ban should STAY, But don't worry because your ban will automatically expire within 24 hours of this post.
  8. I haven't really interacted with you very much, so I can't form much of an opinion yet. I am just going to leave it as a Neutral; however I am leaning towards a -1 due to the reasons stated above, mainly the accusations of you being too emotional and unstable.
  9. https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/151-muteban-appeals/ Please make an appeal there instead of in the off topic section and follow the thread there. Assuming this is the MC TTT.
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