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  1. How have you been kiddo?

    I hear you the young buck on the street.

    I've missed the old potato lady with over 9000 potatos.

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  2. Debates

    Too many people change when given power thus the creation of a rank that limits powers and puts the player(s) in a probationary phase. Regardless, Ive always thought adding an operator rank is up the manager, would like to see it stay that way.
  3. Goodbye Jailbreak.

    Shame to see a good admin go (despite your attitude). Good luck mate
  4. hello i cannot type in the shoutbox as i have been banned from that so i am here to tell you these emotes suck ass 

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    2. rapperdan


      Sounds like more then one of my recent past year experiences I am still being told I have done stuff I never even done, and I am the type of person to say what I do even if it makes me a criminal I guess that has lead to a lot of people to be somewhat understanding I suppose, don't ever forget what is wrong to you might be right for someone else and vice versa morals and how one is raised is not always the same as the person next to you while some people might seek justice or vengeance others might seek correction and or healing in order for everyone to become better, tbh I am somewhat surprised at how willing you have been to give someone credit such as myself I gave you rep for one reason after you did that and it was well I am not one who asks for credit nor needs it in order to feel better about myself infact I legit got yelled at by so many people one time after roy gave me props one day and I simply gave the person who gave me the info that would fix a long running issue on many gfl servers it just did not feel right to claim it as something I figured out when it was not me, that person does a lot of back end stuff for gfl now I suppose. anyways take care @Addy 


      remember one thing credit where credit is due that is the action of which I was willing to give you rep for it was not about myself but in hopes that you would do just that no matter who the person is and no matter if you disliked them or not.

    3. HackingPotato


      why are you posting this shit on my profile

    4. Leks
  5. 4 years here and around 2000 hours. Ive done it all too. The community servers, tons of competitive, trading, etc. I feel you, I find it gets boring and bland but can get a few comp games in before the rage and boredom sets in. I actually find surf RPG entertaining for a few hours since its got both surf and ffa. You should try it out sometime.
  6. Steam Level Bot Suggestions?

    16:1 Never had any issues with this bot
  7. Map suggestions

  8. Marketing Team: A Creative Team Revamp

    Like how? examples please
  9. Bye bye golden colour. Now say hello to blue.