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  1. tutorial

    Hes talking about the game name not the persons nick name. Its not hard to read
  2. Just.. breathe
  3. Hello, Thank you to the people who have recently applied for our new TTT server. We are excited to see everyone wanting to help and get involved! However, every application has been hidden for the time being. The server was only released for public test and is not fully completed, therefore the admin application section will be closed for the time being. We thank you for your interest and urge you to continue playing on the server and continue to give feedback until the full release. Cheers, Hacking
  4. This is a great idea!
  5. more juicy exposes
  6. @Alejandro bought me the game and a knife with it. Look at me now mom
  7. pips? is this dead by daylight now?
  8. @HackingPotato hit me up with that pin. Already got a dank USP-S skin
  9. Hmm

    Press F to pay respects
  10. Cya around kiddo. Hope life gets less stressful for you
  11. Sent you an offer my dude.
  12. Trevor?
  13. BWG?