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  1. are you talking mad shit to my son? boi, cash meh out side how bout dat?

    1. Mundo


      She trying to throw shade

    2. Johaw


      yea my dad got my back Roy tryna get roasted rq

  2. Happy Valentines day. Hit your sister up and give her a hug for me. ;)

  3. Hello @Ulreth ! Im Hacking but my friends call me potato ( ) and I am the CSGO Divison Leader, along with my good friend @Deltacommander. This looks very interesting and would love to look into it more! Im very much so invested in making server allies and would love for you to add me on steam so we can talk more about expanding into your mod and maybe hosting a tournament for it if people are interested (?). Sorry for the late response, hit me up honey buns cheers
  4. Cleaned up and revamped the CSGO Steam page! Join it now! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGO

  5. Ill miss ur cancer
  6. I see this admin application is not going to go anywhere good any time soon. Im going to deny and lock this thread. If @Thomasdavid097 disagrees he can move it back and resume it with hopefully better responses.
  7. Seeing as this was denied, I see no need to keep this open for more banter. @canceledfish if you would like to be unbanned or sort out any infractions please contact @HoxenshatteredRulez through a private message or steam. Sometimes we have to learn to bite our tongues and be polite to people even if they instigate a fight, that goes for the player and the admins.
  8. Interesting. Why would you share this with us exactly?
  9. Thank you for your service on the server! I will always love you as (another) autistic son. cya around bby grill
  10. "Im good at csgo. Ill kick your ass" - Roy







  11. hay bb wnt sum fak?