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  1. One more night shift before my two day break. Almost there bois

    1. Syntax


      k we're waiting

      give zm manager pls

  2. please play again
  3. Favourite weapon skin is USP-S Kill Confirmed. Im very lucky to have that. My favourite knife skin is the M9-Bayonet Marble Fade, but my bayonet lore is definitely very nice too.
  4. I suppose ill enter for once, its quite big so ill put it in a spoiler.
  5. This looks familiar. #bringitback
  6. Grill?
  7. @burtz did you fucking delete me on steam. You cheeky fuck
  8. How are you going to pay for college if quit your job
  9. Potatos don't have birthdays.


    But french fries do. >:)



    (Happy birthday. Hope it was a good one!)

  10. Ayyy Happy Birthday Bish!!!! Best wishes!!!!! Wait, no. no best wishes u know why? Bish i havent talked to yo ass since fuckin Joshawa was manager of Clone wars nnnnaaaaahhhhh to hell with that.. But still Happy Birthday..


    Birthday Hats of Whoop Ass Sent!!!


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    1. HackingPotato


      Joshawa... clone wars rp.. what is this nostalgia lol. Thanks for the hats of whoop ass

  11. Happy birthday, sorry for the misunderstanding earlier!

    1. HackingPotato


      Thanks, its no problem. 

  12. updates

    Listen, this isnt to start drama but when did I express interest in this? I dont remember being confronted or asked. You have a large team of media and creative member, they can do this. I have too much on my plate including work and running the csgo division. I will not be a dedicated person for this. Find someone who can be
  13. Happy Birthday