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  1. Ah Yea! I remember that. I assumed you went back to prophunt. Take care of @Leks for me
  2. Welcome back rawr. If I remember correctly I met you briefly on purge back in 2015 or 2016... Anyway glad to hear you are doing better. Are you still based in Gmod?
  3. you have to follow the ban appeal format here
  4. Griffin you were a good manager and I always loved helping you. Good luck out there man
  5. Resources outside of the directors exist. Communication is poor but isnt a defining reason to quit. Hopefully, you give it another chance.
  6. 1v1 me overwatch kid

    1. Roy


      ewwww i uninstalled OW like a year ago xddd

    2. HackingPotato
    3. Roy


      N O


      CS:S 1v1

  7. @SwegBuster @Roy rematch?
  8. Thanks for taking care of my baby. It's sad to see it decline but there's not much you can do when the game itself is suffering. Cheers big man
  9. There was a part missing to this so imma necro.. fuck you How to compress a .bsp map file to .bz2 for FastDL: 7Zip 1. Find the map file you want to compress. 2. Right click on the .bsp of the map you wish to compress. Then click, 7Zip > Add to Archive. 3. When a new window pops up, click on Archive Format drop-down menu and choose bzip2. You can leave all the other settings as they're. Bzip2 1. Extract the bzip2 files from bzip.rar 2. Find the map you want to compress, and drop it in the files folder. 3. Click on usethistobzip.bat and wait till the console says pause or something similar. If there's no errors, you're good to go. 4. After you've compressed the files to .bz2 by clicking usethistobzip.bat go into files folder and make sure to move all the files out of there, as otherwise they will be double compressed and thus corrupted. If you need help, feel free to ask. Click here to pm me. Helping with managing CS:GO servers, and taking care of GFL..hehe.