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  1. Hey, you remember them there good days?











    1. HackingPotato


      I was a fucking hilarious 15yrold common now

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      And I was that ignorant 14 year old. :D

    3. HackingPotato
  2. closed
  3. I thought this was totally off and I tried to take the test AGAIN but really focused on my answers.. I got pretty much the same percentages and the same thing. I read the description and actually was surprised how accurate it was. The strengths and weakness's really do explain me. Im quite proud of the results after reading more about it
  4. Welcome back old friend!
  5. Wattuuppppppppppppp, I'm Hacking but everyone on the new jailbreak server knows me as sv_potato 1 I got into gmod jailbreak around early 2014 where I played for around 3 months before even applying for member. @RickGrimesTM like to tell me how he thought i was a guy the whole time... good times. I played on the server for another 1-2 months before being dared to apply for admin by @eddiegdo which evidently got me accepted around a week or two later. I spent all of my hours on gmod on that server (more than 1500hrs) and admin'd on it for a few years. When the manager stepped down he put in a good word for my promotion and @Cypher gave me the opportunity to manage for the first time (cypher is still sticking his neck out for me like a real goob ). I learned a lot about managing when I knew absolutely nothing but eventually stepped away in late 2015 because I found it was hard to get back into gmod when csgo bhop had me by the balls. CSGO Jailbreak had 3 other attempts before I asked for the chance to make it great. First was my old manager on gmod jailbreak (I was only an admin at the time) , then it was calvin (was the manager of gmod jailbreak), finally it was Cobra (was admin for csgo and starting to learn more about csgo). I heard that the server was going to get taken down because of so many failed attempts.. but knowing that gmod jailbreak was already getting shut down.. I couldnt live without jailbreak in this community. I asked @Dano for a chance and @denros told me he was working on a jailbreak plugin that he wanted to use on the server. then BAM. @Kim, @denros and I worked on the server for a few months in the summer and finally released it. The server had quick success that I really wasn't expecting. We built a community and we had strong admin teams. Ive been admin on so many servers for GFL but none felt like home except jailbreak. Im glad it finally worked and hopefully it will stay up for awhile. This is the closest you will see of an introduction from me, enjoy goobers. HackingPotato
  6. bringing back old profile pictures @CrusTi ? Im down

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      Here's my old profile pic

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      Old profile pics?


    3. Aqqle
  7. I would like to enter in the giveaway of [ Ark mannnnnnnnnn ].
  8. @Dano you know what to do
  9. Thanks for the welcome and congratulations everyone :D Im excited to start
  10. Dafuq u doin here
  11. Fun fact 





    1. HackingPotato


      Fuck. I didnt even know 

  12. Pancakes are much better imo. They are fluffy and taste better with chocolate.