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  1. F
  2. we never had a wedding that i remember lol. wouldn't be GFL without my lil ghostly. Glad you're staying on the forums at least.
  3. i got none lmfao. Ive opened so many crates too.
  4. Lol. Im tpying on my phone. Its fixed.
  5. I know thats what it sounded like, not what i was implying*. I agree with you.
  6. Just by analysis of some of the questions, i can see how some relate to autistic charactertistics but some could be related to those who are just more creative, independent, or more observant. Hence why my score was lower than @Shuruia but the guy is obviously smarter than me.
  7. Oh man, exciting news! Congratz dude
  8. new division

    Its not magic, its logic. When you have been in this community as long as I have you just know what works and what doesn't. Purge and TTT were a great add because we knew it would entice the general population. Every suggestion for minecraft has been the same, "Lets give it another try!!" then the community supports it, then it dies. It just a game that does not work with this community. You are being rather aggressive, by the way. There is no need for remarks like that. You can get your point across without acting like an ass. Instead of waving away peoples comments because they're "excuses", try refuting with your points and why you disagree. Your half ass statements are not changing my opinion nor is it helping me see your perspective because it just seems like pure ignorance and denial then an actual debate. Remember, you are suggesting this to the community (as you've said), try being more polite.
  9. new division

    Not true. SoJa just didnt pay for the box, no one really cared since it was dead. Its a no for me. Im all for the "just because it failed before doesnt mean it will always fail in the future" ideology but minecraft is not the kind of community we want to expand into nor is it worth the resources. The majority of the new and old staff can agree to this.
  10. What's up kiddo?

    1. Johaw


      infantry is that you?

  11. I'm very sorry you have to go through this, nobody should have to ever deal with memes in 2017..

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    2. rapperdan


      @iPro there is a little bit of shit on your lips. kissing ass to much? lmao

    3. kenny


      No offense but memes are at an all time high especially in 2017 ever been on ifunny? Anything can become a meme literally anything. If you puke when you see memes your gonna be throwing up every left and right corner you take. 

    4. iPro


      @rapperdan you would know shit well since all you do is eat.

  12. This meme is pretty gay kiddo 

  13. What is on your mind today kiddo?

  14. What is currently up at this time kiddo?