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  1. I would say I am a very generic Canadian. I do a ton of camping. I also enjoy kayaking, reading, photography, buying Tims, etc. Im afraid that I'm horribly Canadian.
  2. Yall crazy. I was never a fedora or a turtle. I was always a nckz but my faith lies with shadown, only @eddiegdo would know who that is.
  3. This offends me. The gangs are not led by the founders of the groups
  4. Press F to pay respects to the US long live canada
  5. \
  6. Happy Canada Day! Today my family and I are camping in one of the provincal parks. Im planning on going kayaking and enjoying the outdoors while the weather holds. Hopefully gonna get Tims too
  7. Ill see what i can do
  8. That is why i spammed the link in as many places as possible. I wouldve loved to keep the proccess open for a while but was given a deadline just before the post was posted.
  9. Highest Rank
  10. Had to get the team together by the end of the week. Was told to get it formed ASAP and I am going away this weekend so I did not have much time.
  11. And we have a roster! Awper: @Danz Support: @Eli In Game Leader: @Leks Entry: @HackingPotato Flank: @FreekyBeast Subs: @Acies @Aurelien If you cannot make it on these days (July 8th & 9th || July 15th & 16th 4PM EST // 3PM CST // 1PM PST) please contact me ASAP. Thanks to everyone who applied and don't forget to come out and support the tournament!
  12. How did you like those sick headshots with the Scout yesterday in CS:GO :lenny: 

  13. NA, 128 tick server.