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  1. Bye bye golden colour. Now say hello to blue.

  2. This. I shouldnt have to make a statement when his actions are a statement itself. Nobody will argue that he wasn't a damn good admin but his baggage was too much to handle in the end. regardless, he was warned many times before and just waved them off. His 'followers' treat him like a god and he started to actually believe that. If he gets off the high horse he's riding, he can reapply for his positions. I told him that. However, all he is doing is digging a deeper hole with the whole AOTM bullshit. I doubt he will smarten up.
  3. The server has been known for its solid management. In 2015 @3hunna_Vote_For_Pedro and @Infantry had successfully run the server until its closing in late 2016. From there it was taken by Myself, @Kim and @denros, where countless of hours were spent in creating a newer version of the server and sticking through until a community was formed and stable. Our most recent server manager, @Leks (god rest his management soul), has really kept the solidity of the management timeline and has brought many new players with the creation of events and built a really awesome administration team! Today I have come with news, @Leks as decided to take the role as the servers 'overseer', which he will help guide our new manager @King_Wailord. Congrats on the promotion, you'll do great. im not manager btw complain to leks and wailord now. lol.
  4. buttz is all grown up now
  5. If you go to the original AOTM October thread you will see I posted my digital portfolio. I did do an entire series on wild animals. I don't need the experience. Regardless, I am at work and I am going to ask @Bae to hide the useless and unnecessary comments.
  6. Sorry what? Seeing as I am allowed to give constructive criticism I think Im actually going to give my opinion of Dan's picture. First of all that is not motion blur, in photography we call it "camera jiggle". This happens when someone volumes in too much and the photo appears blurry. It's considered sloppy and is often scolded by photography critics. Motion blur I'd just photos that manipulate shutter speeds. Slow shutter speeds ( anything below 1/30 of a second is considered slow) or even panning your shutter speeds gives a sharp photo but shows motion by making *some* parts blurry. Dan's photo is just not one of them. Secondly his photo took no effort at all. It's quite clear that he took it with his phone because exposure is not right (phones have auto ISO on but often still over/under exposes photos). The colours are bland and boring to look at. This easily could've been adjusted but up-ing the contrast and saturation. Thirdly, the composition was lazy. Too much of the scenery was cut off making it, again, boring. If he didn't zoom in as much it would have been more interesting. If he used an actual camera he could've made this photo way more effective by setting it in aperture mode. Setting a low FOV will give a narrow let depth of field and therefore emphasising this focal point more ( the deer). In the end I'm voting for @Faex. His composition followed the rule of thirds, had good saturation and colour, the background was interesting but not taking away too much attention from the focal point. Good job man.
  7. you're under arrest, put your hands behind your back.

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      *shoots myself in the foot* officer down, armed assault, i need backup

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      understandable, have a great day

  8. And many years to come bb. I'll always be there for ya
  9. I pick Blue! STEAM_0:0:81046888 I want rust cause I do not have the game and all my friends play it. Always wanted to give it a try but never spent the money to do so.
  10. Wtf is this cancer
  11. Trolol Don't be a stranger. Text me, I'd love to catch up
  12. Get better man. Message me when you are feeling a bit better ok?
  13. My notes were often stolen by teachers so they may photo copy them. I did a lot of math course in my senior year so I'll post a picture of a literary course and a math course. I always got compliments on my handwriting
  14. It's zombie escape not survival. Other then that... It's awesome