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  1. After looking at the chat logs, that'll be a big nope.
  2. Allowing someone that has been com banned to circumvent it is still evasion. Frankly I feel like the week is being lenient, given that the video I've seen just shows "you" asking to be banned. I just know the context here that "you" was just someone who was silenced speaking through your mic.
  3. You didn't. This one is totally on me. There was someone else with your same name that I'd recognized banning earlier, and I'd totally missed where the steam IDs changed when I was going through logs. Very sorry about that.
  4. You were muted for a month following something like 7 other instances of micspam. 30 minutes is for folks who don't have something like 7 other instances of micspam.
  5. The ban was for coming in and spamming a different servers' IP in chat.
  6. my favorite thing about gfl is that I get to use fancy data visualization platforms to yeet racists out of the surf server
  7. Light

    your aspect ratio sucks ass
  8. This should be resolved. PM me directly if you still have issues
  9. This will get taken care of. You'll be unbanned- there are many other bans on this IP that also need to be removed as well so it may take a bit due to IRL things but check back in a day and it should be good by then for sure
  10. You were banned for posting links to extreme pornography in the chat. e: Closed.
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