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  1. hi sir can u pls stop looking at my profile u give me anxiety ok ty


    --duel ashakiri 

    1. Ash-


      well don't change your name then

    2. Ash-
  2. Updated to reflect accurate mapcycles for all five servers.
  3. Oi! Love your style! You take commishes?

    1. Finnick


      Not at the moment! I'm just doing some more twitch emote commission work, but I'll let you know when I finish that !

  4. zanerosie appeal

    I got it. Like @Infra said - make sure to turn off the VPN! Let me know if the unban didn't go through.
  5. ban

    Got it covered - You were banned for having a VPN turned on while connecting to the server - make sure to disable them when connecting or you could potentially get re-banned and have to go through all of this again. It should be good to go now though
  6. This has been dealt with and the unban should be good
  7. Good morning/afternoon/evening/etc. As you may be aware, a source code leak for TF2 and CS:GO took place today. I wanted to reach out to provide a bit of background on what this implies, and what useful steps can be taken to best protect yourself going forward. In short, there is community wide concern because of security reasons. Specifically, posts will talk about RCEs (i.e., a vulnerability in software that can allow malicious actors the ability to arbitrarily run nasty code on your computer, which can result in malware). A previous example of this was when Valve disabled MOTD HTML, for the same reason of an identified RCE vuln. As of right now, there is no public knowledge of any new RCE vulnerabilities, however these do not generally get made public. Malicious actors will keep them quiet so that they can use them as 0-day exploits, and security researchers will typically also keep them quiet (save for a post that will identify a danger in the platform) to allow the developers to fix them before publicizing the details. While I don't believe that there is reason to immediately panic, I do think that it is wise to be cautious. Valve's official CS:GO twitter provided a bit of insight as to what the build is, and why they don't (at the moment) believe there is much reason to worry. We don't feel that there is a need to shut our community servers down. If the more panicked reaction that a lot of social media has been seeing is worrying you, I would highly recommend in ensuring that any virus protection you may have is up to date, and that your computer is also up to date with the latest security patches. This is probably the number 1 best way to ensure you are best protected against any potential malware. If there are any questions, please feel free to DM me. We will continue to monitor this situation
  8. And our new surf intermediate server
  9. Howdy everyone! Your friendly neighborhood TA here with a massive update on the goings-on for the CS:GO Surf side of the house! Many of you might have heard me talk about some of this in the servers, but I figured it was time to give a whole update of what we've been up to the last few months! Maps - Currently, we're hard at work trying to zone something of the order of 500 maps across all tiers. I know traditionally these updates will list when new maps are added, but honestly, at this point, it'd be a list in the hundreds, so I'll forgo that for now. Timer - My biggest project - I've been working to go through the bulk of the code for our timer so as to start working on it more properly so we can start adding in requested features! Much of what I've been doing so far has been more bug-oriented. As folks message me with issues, I'll try to drill down on these so we can make sure everything is the least 'on fire' as possible. More on this later. Server Re-Org - Currently, our server setup for Surf is as follows: Surf Timer Very Easy #1, for 'beginner' maps Surf Timer Easy #2, for tier 1 and tier 2 maps Surf Timer Expert #3, for tier 3 and above maps As we've grown and expanded, it has become painfully obvious that this set-up is not quite ideal. Server 1 has something in the order of 20 or 30 maps, which are a subset of the maps on Server 2, which has something in the order of about 50 T1&T2s. Then you have the 80ish maps on expert that vary from reasonable for a 'Server 2 graduate', to ridiculous. Accordingly, we've been working on a way to effectively bridge the gap between the 'Easy' and 'Expert' servers. Enter the 'Intermediate' server! This is a new server that will be added which has T2s and T3s, while dropping the T1s that are present on servers 1 and 2. As of right now, the server will hold roughly 200 Tier 2 and Tier 3 maps, with about 60 more maps pending either zoning or fixes. We'll likely do a soft release for this server - releasing it with a password to enter, to allow for some additional quality control of the maps before it goes fully public. What does this mean for the rest of the servers? Well, first, we will be re-naming them: Surf Timer Very Easy #1 will become Surf Timer #1 Beginner Surf Timer Easy #2 will become Surf Timer #2 Novice Surf Timer Expert #3 will become Surf Timer #4 Expert The only other major thing that you will notice are the maps present on each server. Server 1 has already been updated - we've removed some of the more challenging maps that a true beginner to surf would have no chance of beating (e.g. surf_guitar_hi), as well as some of the T1s that were both hard and not fun for a beginner. The current set of maps on the server are either intended to be beatable by newer players, or be fun enough to where even if you can't finish it, you'll still enjoy going through it. Server 2 will lag behind a bit for its update, but the intent of it is to have the non-completely-trivial T1s and easy to mid-tier T2s. This would result in a server with about 150 or so maps between the T1s and T2s that should hopefully provide a player who can comfortably clear some maps with a nice variety of maps that they can reasonably work towards clearing. Server 3, as mentioned, will have all T2s and all T3s Server 4 at minimum will have all Tier 4s and above - like server 2, it may be a bit before this server is changed, as we are still trying to decide a few things. It is our hope that this re-org will help to make sure that all maps on a given server will be either playable or a worthwhile time investment, so players aren't stuck either at too low of a difficulty level, or too high of a difficulty level. We look forward to any feedback on this - I'll probably be busy grinding maps on the new server 3 so I can hopefully get beyond the tier 2 maps, myself! Future Goals: Y'all have been fantastic with passing me information about the various bugs or issues that are present in the surf timer fork we're using, so I can get an idea of what all is on fire. I've been stashing them in a notepad++ document so I can start tracking these bugs as I start really gutting the timer and refactoring the code into a more proper fork. It does look like I'll end up having to do at least somewhat of a re-write, unfortunately, if only due to the impending SourceMod 1.11 release that will eliminate support for a number of data structures that are used throughout the timer - What that means is that it is a great time to start integrating some of the feature requests that folks are looking for! Please feel free to make any suggestions! For the curious, I'm breaking it down something like this Phase 1 [The front facing stuff that players see]<------ (We are here) - Fix any bugs that are aggressively on fire (e.g. exploits, obviously broken things, the loading time at the beginning of a map, etc.) - Add maps. All the maps. - Get a better distribution of the maps on servers - VIP/Top<whatever> all-maps server? Phase 2 [The back end stuff that gives me diarrhea to look at] - Start adding in requested features - SM 1.11 syntax transition - Refactor/Rewrite? Phase 3 [The long term stuff] - Heavy duty features added - Completely custom timer? This is just a small list of the kind of stuff we're thinking about! Hopefully this giant wall of text has given some insight as to what's going on with Surf. I am so thankful for all of y'all's support and help over the last 2.5 months that I've been working on this stuff. I'll do my best to make sure that the experience we're providing is as good as it can be! TL;DR New server: Added Maps: So many Plans: Ambitions Games: For Life
  10. I could tentatively be down for this
  11. One of the things I did to the server immediately following the game patches that broke the hell out of everything some weeks ago was a quick fix to keep the server from crashing immediately when someone would join was to enable GOTV on the servers. Somehow, it was keeping the servers alive. Since things have started to stabilize, I can probably remove these to no issue. This will help the problem (likely a fair bit) but a longer solution will require us to make critical changes to the timers to resolve some memory leaks. E: I removed GOTV from both Surf and Bhop. This should hopefully bring things back to the pre-late Feb patch status, assuming valve got their shit together. Which is a tall order, but yeah - keep an eye out
  12. Right now it's not public as it's a mess of very ugly commit messages - I'm going to do some rebasing once this set of fixes is done, and call it a new minor revision, unless the v11 stuff makes it in the cut this early on, then I'll up it to V3. It'll all be found at https://gitlab.com/ashakiri
  13. I likely won't be adding any gfl specific branding to anything, as I intend to publicize my fork of this code-base once it's been properly refactored and ready for SM1.11
  14. I'll be honest - with the amount of work I've been doing on the back-end to optimize the timer, this does come across as patronizing. Especially all of the highlighted messages. It doesn't come across as being helpful. It did, however, put a bad taste in my mouth at the end of a long work day. Without giving a full rundown of everything I've done to test the database (which I've been working on, for a number hours, from several different angles), I did spin up a DO droplet to see if it would make any meaningful impact on load performance. It did not. I did however identify all of the software issues with the timer that could be better ways to fix a problem for all folks using the timer that don't require spending resources. For transparency's sake, I've got about 25 commits for fixes made to the existing timer codebase so far. Because the original developer has made it clear that he isn't processing merge requests, I'm working to get things cleaned to eventually publish this fork to the CS:GO surf community at large. With a significant amount of timer functionality currently using deprecated syntax which will cease to function when SM goes from 1.10 to 1.11, there is no shortage of work that I'm quickly trying to get done to ensure everything is compliant with the new syntax. This, coupled with work I've done to compile approximately 600 maps not currently on the server and organize them for zoning so that our community's biggest complaint - a lack of maps - is resolved, takes up a majority of my afternoon. I work in development from 7-3, then come home and work on this. I'm one person, just trying to tackle the fires from biggest to smallest. That being said, my parting thoughts to this thread are - consider how things that are written come across. For someone who has no prior history in the forums to come in and make multiple assumptions about work being done, things being tested, etc. and then - in a way that comes across as extremely patronizing - to start providing advice on how to perform basic debugging, you generally won't get a warm reception by folks working on it day in and out. It doesn't seem helpful at all. Most of the regulars on the server know me well enough to reach out and ask questions. Maybe do that next time. I like to think I'm a pretty chill person.
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