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  1. dear diary, mood...apathetic
  2. There is a severe underrepresentation of rabbits. Liliana is displeased.

  4. Don't let it be! The purpose of this exercise is to just get familiar with the tool and to learn a few concepts of RE! If the concept that you learned is to look for existing patterns and try to find similar ones, that's a fantastic skill to have in your skill set!
  5. Hey there! First off, I'm so glad you decided to start poking around this! It's always a fun journey to start getting into RE - As far as advice goes, let's talk about that. Good job on finding the pop-up window that shows when the trial is there. As you said, there's no reference to this dialog box resource (hence, Rsrc_dialog). Welcome to the annoyances that come with disassembly/decompile. Sometimes things get eaten. Especially when you get all sorts of fun virtual functions causing these things to not have 'direct' references. A viable next step would be to take patterns that you already know to be true to see if they carry over into this new program! No need to re-invent the wheel! We talked about a specific function that parses command line arguments - Try filtering the list of functions to see if this function is also being used in this example. Sometimes, you'll find that say, after an update, the game (or whatever) starts to scramble their imported function names, for example. In this case, one strategy that can be used is to find an older version where the function names aren't scrambled, then go match their behavior in the new version! Always use the tools at your disposal to help find the solution! Let me know if you need any more help!
  6. In my 27 years, I've never once heard a nazi apologist myself. Naturally, this would change in a gfl surf server

  7. Old pic might delete later
  8. Be careful before putting your information somewhere where google will index it for all eternity
  9. fix ur website 2.0

    Seems like the ddos protection is doing its job then :^]
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