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  1. -1 You came into server 5 being toxic as fk the other week. You need a perm mute
  2. surf_forbidden_tomb still has a trigger that will make everyone go to jail and you cannot respawn to the surf stages.
  3. Hello all, I'm an old school skill surfer who has been frequenting the GFL skill surf servers and would like to suggest some more tier 3+ maps to be added, if possible These are all css surf maps. Hopefully most, if not all of them will be able to be ported to csgo. surf_heaven_njv surf_forbidden_tomb4 surf_lithium and lithium 2 surf_applelonian surf_this_njv surf_retroartz surf_curious surf_parc_color surf_misc surf_finess_final surf_pandemonium surf_ambient surf_calamity and calamity2
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