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  1. STEAM_1:0:32970771 raccoon facility and manor
  2. Name: Fridthiof/Frid ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:32970771 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Age: 17 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Server playtime: Roughly 830.00 hours, as per the accumulated total playtime over on GameTracker ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Time you can be on & Timezone: Around 4PM - 11PM on weekdays depending on school (CET) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do you want to become an admin? Over the past two years, I've gotten extremely aquainted with GFLClan Zombie Escape server over on CS:GO. It's one of my favorite servers to say the least, and I'm a familiar face to many of the regulars of the server. However, as time has passed by, especially following the introduction of F2P, the surge in new players has made it much more difficult to micromanage the server efficiently and maintain disciplinary order amongst the server players. As such, I seek to provide my assistance in order to hinder the vices often encountered on the server: spamming voicechat, spamming chat (esp. rtv), troll leading, as well as racism. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Reason for accepting: I just want GFL to become the family friendly server that I've grown to enjoy. I want the oncoming surge of players to experience the purest form of Zombie Escape gamemode: how it's meant to be played. Free of trolling and nuisances, the server should be a place for all to come onto and cool off through chill maps, or to tryhard when they feel the adrenaline kicking in. Regardless, I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read through my application, and I sincerely hope to be one amongst you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonus information: I'd like to note that I have previously attained experience with the utilization of SourceMod admin commands as well as being a server administrator, which will make me fit right into the role as immediate as can be foreseen.
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