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  1. Neutral I've definitely seen you around, and your playtime is good. But I'd like to watch you for a while in the context of seeing you as admin before giving a more conclusive vote.
  2. Changing vote to neutral leaning towards +1 I've been away from ZE for the past 1-2 weeks so I haven't seen much of you recently, but that's my fault and not yours. Just thought I would get an updated vote posted here.
  3. mg_ski_mountain_va1 (based off mg_ski_mountain_v2_csgo) - Recompiled map to HDR - Fixed some bad water textures - Fixed potentially invisible fire on live servers - Fixed a missing fire sound - Cleaned up some miscellaneous console errors - Removed an annoying hudhint at spawn that didn't even have the right map name in it
  4. To download a map, click on it to download, then extract the file and put it inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\maps (or wherever you have CS:GO installed) mg_acrophobia_run_v1 mg_awp_multigames_fix_go_v1 mg_azure ze_crazykart_v3 mg_cutie_multigames_v1 mg_cyber_course_v6 mg_damons_multiarenas mg_kirbys_brawl_v2_1 mg_lego_multigames_v9 mg_mario_party_v3_1 mg_mikis_course mg_mikis_multigames2_beta mg_minecraft_adventure_i2 mg_minecraft_temple_v6_1en mg_nature_multigames_v2 mg_pauls_minecraft_course_b1 mg_pirates_b1 mg_ski_mountain_va1 Please note this is an early map list, it will grow with time and may be subject to some removals if any maps end up having unfixable issues.
  5. Please remember player reports are not an open forum. You shouldn't be posting here unless you're an admin or the reporter. Also keep in mind it is not possible for zombies to die to the kid, as we filtered that trigger_hurt to CTs only via stripper to fix a repeat killer bug. However the timing of Blackys death compared to the disappearance of the dot on the minimap basically confirms it was him to me, I assume he just suicided another way.
  6. New Default Map

    ze_icecap_escape_v5_p has been chosen as the new default map.
  7. You haven't been on the server for 2 weeks now. Are you taking some sort of absence?
  8. Neutral leaning towards +1 Willing to give you a shot, but you need to come on for more casual maps too. As it stands currently, you mostly just play for the harder ones. Also you really better keep those N-word slip ups under control
  9. -1 It's gonna have to be a hard no from me on this one. Back when you originally stated interest in applying for the admin role, I thought you would be a good candidate and started watching you. However in the past 2 months since that thread was made, I've been pushed in the opposite direction by what I've seen. Your constant shit-stirring with @Banjo Kazooie is a huge issue to start off with, you don't have to necessarily like everybody on the server, you can believe I certainly don't. But all the stuff you've said surrounding Banjo raises huge red flags to me, literally just 4 hours prior to me posting this reply you pinged Banjo on Discord with this. I've also heard you supposedly threatened to ban him when you got admin, but I didn't see that one happen myself and won't really weigh it in my decision here. There's also the topic of that boosting ban you received a month ago, now I could overlook this if it was the only fault here and you were a perfect candidate otherwise, because I understand the context of the ban was multiple players encouraging/doing it. But I'm not able to do that, both due to the issues with Banjo and how you reacted to that ban. After getting the ban, you went on to make a (now hidden) forum thread complaining about the admin who banned you (Russell). Speaking from experience it is very hard to punish everyone participating in a group rule-break session like that, since once you punish one everybody else stops. And you can typically only confirm one person is boosting at a time. Instead of handling this more calmly or even through the right channels, You jumped straight to calling Russell a liar, blind and deaf in a public forum post. ________ Also adding this on after the fact, you just tried to report Cobra to Roy for "encouraging Banjo" in Discord while I was writing this reply 🤔
  10. https://github.com/gflclan-cs-go-ze/ZE-Configs/commit/a1440bcf43eb97ac86691d118324abaeb5a5ccbb Should be applied on the server shortly.
  11. I've literally stated in the first reply this change isn't about GameTracker. Not sure why you guys are so hung up on that still.
  12. Maps Tested as of July 31st, 2019 Green - Added into Map Rotation Red - Major bugs present, not added into map rotation Blue - No major bugs, not added into map rotation Purple - Already present in map rotation ze_cancer_gopnik_escape_v8 ze_sakuzyo_a9, a10 ze_jjba_v2_5, v3t1, v3t2 ze_undertale_g_v1_3_fix1 ze_Knightmare_v1d ze_ramp_a1 ze_aztec_temple_gp1 ze_mars_escape_gp1 ze_melong_dow_learjet_gp1 ze_snowescape_gp1 ze_nostromo_escape_p2 ze_bioshock_v7_1_csgo_a2 ze_atos_v1_6, v1_9f, v1_10 ze_omochiX_v3_2fix ze_temple_of_the_demon_god_v1_3 ze_Serpentis_Temple_p2 ze_Lucy_Escape_v1 ze_laserend_v3 ze_alien_shooter_gp1, gp1_2 ze_trials_v3 ze_LOTR_Laketown_v1_1 ze_toppi_b3_3 ze_surf_galaxy_zena_v1
  13. In the spirit of freshening things up, and getting rid of the numerous problems the current default map has (ze_games_v2_1), we're doing another vote to pick a new default map. Please vote above which map you'd like to see us play when the server comes back from downtime/crashes.
  14. We're not going to ban people for doing something that, spawn killing the zombies has been a valid strategy for a long time on that map level without causing problems. Players should not even be able to collectively crash the server in the first place. I'll be looking into fixing the map shortly.
  15. There aren't really any specific days/times we always tryhard at. It depends on the current team and maps played typically. My best suggestion would be to learn which maps people tryhard on and avoid those. For example, you can basically be guaranteed a casual team on atix, while westersand would be a different story...
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