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  1. Nova kB higher needs to be higher back to it’s true glory. I’ll return when that happens. ☠️
  2. : feelsbad : .....where is Rim Yob?!
  3. C..Cla .C.laa...Classic Maps. XD @Trexller
  4. YES or NO to bring back ze_jurassicpark_c1v4_p2 see referenced forum post: https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/13029-bring-back-jurassic-park-escape-on-the-regular-nomination-list/#comment-69628
  5. @kikoflyThe new version was awful as I can say with respect to many of fellow players on the server. My apologies to whoever made the edit, but sometimes the originals are just better. This post is referring to the classic spawn Jurassic and not the evolved version. I do not think they removed and remade a map because of Fidler. This to me does not add up.
  6. Hey Guys, I don't post or share things as you know just by visiting my profile, but if you play on GFL ZE 24/7 ( you know I am a pretty familiar and pretty active with players on the server. I like to play try hard maps when try hard hour comes and I like to play chill maps. I have played on servers like Mapadores and Steam Gamers. GFL's zombie escape has always had a special place and is pretty much the only ZE server I will support. I am writing this post to ask for Jurassic Park to be brought back to GFL's ZE regular nomination list. It was very popular and suddenly around June 2016 the map was removed. The spawn type currently referred to as "classic spawn". Similar spawn types exist for this map as seen in Icecap Escape which is another chill map I enjoy. There are many regular players on the server which would like to see Jurassic Park Escape brought back to the regular nomination cycle. There are many reasons told to me as to why the map was removed. Some of the top ones include: 1. Blaming players is not a valid reason as GFL has a very robust workflow within their admin system. Problematic players can be muted, gagged, kicked, and banned depending on the severity. These types of players exist on your novice maps and try hard maps. Chill players like my myself do not condone their behavior. 2. There are many chill players on the server which love maps like Jurassic, LOTR Trlogy, Random, etc. It is played when we want or need to have a break from hardcore hour. These players are what makes up most of the GFL ZE's server population. They would also like to see this added back. They do not like to mess around when hardcore hour comes around which is great. I personally do not like to mess around on try hard maps as my first experience was Luffaren's Santa and Predator map back in March 2016 which ,an understatement, mind blowing. The experience should not be destroyed by some mic spamming troll or player seeking to ruin the fun. Late last year, I set a goal to try to beat the epic-ally impossible map. That has been achieved! 3. The map was played as soon as it was able to be nominated which is the same for all the other chill maps. This reason is the least valid as it has been dealt with on other maps by increasing the map rotation period which has been done. I believe the current rotation period is 25. I have spoken to many of the players on the server which range from members, current admins, and supporters. They wish to see this map brought back as well. Best Regards, Gender Bender
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