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  1. I like the direction. I’d like to clean up as much waste in discord as possible so it’s not overwhelming to new players. Thanks for putting this together.
  2. We'll see @Hanklefish and thanks all :D
  3. Should grab a shawarma some time man :- )

  4. To conclude this subject. We are not currently evaluating a change in the discord status in GFL. What we’d like to see is unified communication and a way to make sure players are not overwhelmed to get the info/support they need from GFL Administration. Closing this topic with the permission of OP. We appreciate the discussion but feel as though this is too preemptive to take any relevant action on. I want everyone to always always be thinking about how their decisions can move the needle and not divide because of feelings. The new name of the game is consistency and unification where it makes sense. Thanks
  5. Murder Changelog

    Stacking on crouching players is now disabled, you can no longer access boosted areas. Please let us know via Discord if you are having any issues due to this change.
  6. ze_memehell_test3 until it’s beaten. As many extends as it takes.
  7. Murder Changelog

    Round time has been lowered to 5 minutes.
  8. Update: Clue testing did not go well. We would need breakable doors to make that map work because of how often door blocking occurs.
  9. We are going to try testing clue on the US server so you're in luck @LawMyl
  10. Our old ULX advertisements: Sprint as the Murderer by holding SHIFT Please consider donating to GFLClan.com to help keep up the servers we operate To move corpses hold RIGHT CLICK Throw the knife as the Murderer hold RIGHT CLICK Press F2 to see the last round score board (to mute people) The Murderer must kill at least once every 2 minutes otherwise they will be revealed The longer your game session the greater chance you are Murderer Read the rules type !motd Check to see if you have the Magnum by pressing 3 Apply for FREE Membership at GFLClan.com! If you are stuck type !unstuck (((this, if we re-implemented sh_unstuck.lua - Roy has this))) Old additional bystander names of famous murderers and detectives (I'm sure you could think of some newer relevant ones from the last 3-4 years or so because this was back in 2014ish): Dick Tracy Magnum PI Ben Matlock Sherlock Holmes John Watson Catherine Willows Vic Mackey Frank Columbo Kenneth Hutchinson David Starsky Andy Sipowicz Steve McGarrett Lennie Briscoe Theodore Kojak Sam Spade Robert Goren Alex Delaware Ted Bundy Charles Manson John Wayne Gacy Jack The Ripper Jeffrey Dahmer OJ Simpson John Wilkes Booth Jodi Arias Lee Harvey Oswald Joseph Stalin Abraham Lincoln John F. Kennedy Nicole Brown Simpson Casey Anthony Dr. Conrad Murray Ariel Castro John Ramsey Patsy Ramsey David Berkowitz Jim Jones Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald Dr. Sam Sheppard Eric Harris Dylan Klebold Timothy McVeigh Terry Nichols Theodore Kaczynski Andrea Yates Erik Menendez Lyle Menendez Susan Smith Bonnie Parker Clyde Barrow Al Capone James Earl Ray Kim Jong-un Kim Jong-il Mao Ze-Dong Kim Il-sung Saddam Hussein Mullah Omar Fidel Castro Hafez Al-Assad Osama Bin Laden Richard Nixon Lyndon Johnson Norman Bates Hannibal Lector Buffalo Bill
  11. you may want to consider smoke time of around 2-3 minutes if you find that the smoke is happening too quickly, there's some value in being able to build up some suspense
  12. Miss me some CSS ZE. May have to make time to play once this goes live. If we can get some old school players back in the mix this could be a great time.
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