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  1. I like the direction. I’d like to clean up as much waste in discord as possible so it’s not overwhelming to new players. Thanks for putting this together.
  2. We'll see @Hanklefish and thanks all :D
  3. Should grab a shawarma some time man :- )

  4. To conclude this subject. We are not currently evaluating a change in the discord status in GFL. What we’d like to see is unified communication and a way to make sure players are not overwhelmed to get the info/support they need from GFL Administration. Closing this topic with the permission of OP. We appreciate the discussion but feel as though this is too preemptive to take any relevant action on. I want everyone to always always be thinking about how their decisions can move the needle and not divide because of feelings. The new name of the game is consistency and unification where it makes sense. Thanks
  5. ze_memehell_test3 until it’s beaten. As many extends as it takes.
  6. Miss me some CSS ZE. May have to make time to play once this goes live. If we can get some old school players back in the mix this could be a great time.
  7. Rotation has failed countless times in the past, best to stick with a map that brings people in and limit map restarts to keep people playing longer sessions. As soon as a map changes / restarts it gives folks a reason to leave. Just my opinion.
  8. No hype? https://www.runescape.com/info/mobile
  9. 999e1b1729c00.png

    Hia buddy :)

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    2. Kim


      This thing still alive?

    3. X2D


      @Roy sleep and time deprived. All is good though!


      hi @Kim

    4. Roy


      @X2D Glad to hear everything is okay :)


      @Kim #Kim4Founder2K17

  10. Thanks man this is a cool idea and I appreciate the recognition!
  11. Sitting at the hospital and who do I think about? You guys. Just had my second daughter born about an hour ago and wanted to check in and let you all know.
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