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  1. Early 2021 Elite Dangerous ("Odyssey") update looks fucking HYPE.

  2. Although I'm not admin - I do have a lot experience being one. Granted it's not my place here to say; I feel leaving my point of view might be helpful for everyone involved. Saying 'ching-chong' in the context of greeting someone you know/assume to be of Asian background is a bit too far, IMO. The reason I say you might be going a little too far, is because the phrase implies a kind of mockery toward Asian language, or heritage name-sake even. (again, from my point of view) Even if you were also Asian, and greet someone else with the phrase, it still looks bad on the server as a whole if the admins/mods let you do it; the reason being every other player around you can hear it.. if someone takes offense in the context of possible racism by using the phrase, and nothing is done... GFL staff could be pinned by other players as bigots/racists; not to mention you, for saying it. I'd go to wager the mute was done in just. Everyone in every server has the same set of rules - admins can't just let one person bend them, even a little. AFAIK, they definitely don't/won't allow anything inherently racist, even if you don't see it as such. Also, if someone is calling you Mexican as a greeting, or just overall... and you don't like it.. ask to be called something else. Considering, "Mexican" is a race, I feel unless used in a negative context, it's not a slur. It's a politically correct way to name a race, just like Caucasian, African, European, etc etc.. each one describes the lineage of where you descended from.. Ching Chong is a blanket term, albeit a terrible one. Mexican relates to Mexico, where their namesake comes from. IF you aren't from Mexico; IE Honduran, Spaniard, etc.. correct them. You've gotta think of the whole picture, not just yourself my dude. Good luck. EDIT: Yeah, just watched the clips from @Sabeypls - I'll have to go with a -1 for an un-mute on this one. I don't even think my vote would matter here but good grief man. -Calling others retarded -Telling someone to go kill themselves -Being overall really obnoxious with a lot of "STFU"s You need to calm down, man. It's a game. If you don't agree with someone, or they don't agree with you.. leave, or mute them on your end. Either way, you were muted for ultimately saying racist slights so................
  3. Damn. Weather just had to be in the way of this, today. Hope their next try will give some more headroom. Next Launch Attempt is: Saturday, May 30 @ 3:22PM EDT
  4. Chiptunes

    Browsing the forum - noticed the Music section doesn't seem to be very popular. How about some more gamer-y music for you guys? I'm no professional; let alone even an amateur.. but here are a couple Chiptune songs I made (think 8/16bit music etc) ((WARNING)) - Turn your volume down a bit; I had some issues getting it to play the correct volume without breaking an instrument, or two This one was made quite a few years ago - took me DAYS to get right, and finish.. Still could use more 'song' to it, alas.. I don't have the master file for this anymore, so it's stuck at short, and sweet. Haha This one, titled appropriately Chips'n'Dip ...I made recently after having an unusual craving to make some fun music again; as well as eating a whole bag/jar of Chips and Dip trying to figure out the strange controls, as well as relearning how to mess with the wave forms to get the correct instrument sounds. Probably 3 days re-learning.. and another 1-2 days making the song. Oof. Still only a little demo, that I've yet to continue finishing. I'm lazy with my music, lol. Both of these were created on a GBC emulator; the program being LSDJ or "Little Sound DJ" if I'm not mistaken. Let me know what you guys think! Cheers -Steph/Fordo
  5. For those of you keeping an eye out - We've come to a conclusion! GFL will be allowing the use of the Decoy Dodgeball server I have (partially) set up. As I've mentioned a couple times in the thread; the settings, and of course the maps are subject to change in the next couple weeks as we figure out what needs done. I'm no server-brain pro by any means, just a basic knowledge to get it going. Alas, the plugin works fine, the current 2 maps are fun.. and I'm open to suggestions! Server IP: Port: 27015 Alternatively you can use "hyghp.game.nfoservers.com:27015" (no quotes obv) As for the server name.. that will also most likely change with it being used here at GFL now. HYGHP aka Stonedmasons was just myself, my fiance, and a couple friends from when we were playing Albion Online. Disregard as it'll most likely reflect GFL community name guidelines whenever all of the back-end related stuff gets hashed out. Enjoy!
  6. Let me get in contact with @Roy to discuss adding the connect info in this thread for you guys to use, so you can play. I've been busy with work lately amid the pandemic - so I still haven't been able to add anything to the server in the ways of maps; not to mention might be a few settings still need tweaked. Otherwise - Like I had mentioned before, the famous Gymnasium map, as well as a map I made some years back called Glowball is on the server currently. Though, the rounds/wins ordeal may be a little too long. Once I get this sorted with the management here, We can start discussing what kind of settings you guys might like. Cheers -FordoGreenman
  7. Yes, actually. I forgot to cancel this last month (Got side-tracked and never set up more maps; Noone playing on it currently) - but yes! It's on the master list. Should be able to find it in the community server browser. Let me know if you have trouble, and I'll PM the address after I get home from work in the next hour. Sorry for formatting.. On mobile.
  8. Alright fellas! I got a 20-Man Decoy Dodgeball server up, and running. So far, there are only 2 maps. db_gymnasium, and db_glowball (feel free to name-drop some maps; I'll check them out and add them to map-pool if they look good) @Roy I've also credited you in MOTD for the plugin. Hope you don't mind. If you, and some of your members are interested in playing still, just let me know and we can discuss an advertisement of some kind. I don't want to just plop it down here, and now for obvious reasons. Not trying to get myself banned Feel free to contact me through Discord at zebra67#8190 if I don't reply to the forum post in a timely manner. Cheers!
  9. Sweet! Glad a couple people would be down - it obviously wouldn't be a GFL official server; but I'll look into the plugin.. play around with it a little to see if it still works. If I throw a small server up (obviously I won't advertise on here) I'll let you guys know how to get a hold of me outside of GFL forums.
  10. A few years ago I had found the GFL community under the custom game-mode Decoy Dodgeball --- I did a quick Google search to see if the plugin was still around (it is, albeit old, and probably not up-to-date afaik) Any chance that it's still around, in some form or fashion? I see the creator released it to the public some years back.. but I wasn't sure if it had completely died as of late. If so, any info on this? I'm looking to play around with it again, if possible. Though, my hopes aren't high considering CSGO Updates possibly rendering the plugin useless... I had made some maps back then as well, which I believe I might still have access to. Either way, thanks for you time in reading the post, and answering my questions; if you happened to know something. Cheers! -FordoGreenman
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