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  1. Classy "not gonna read it because I might not like it" approach from you. He wasn't mic spamming in that clip you showed and no one can hear whatever you were saying so you might want to enable recording on your own mic for the future. It's got nothing to do with me, but it's about how you approach similar situations and in this case you muted someone who clearly didn't mic spam but was having a conversation with another person and _some_ people didn't like it (there's always the ignore or mute function like you said to me). I've had conversations with Abstract before and even though he can be a bit annoying, he still shouldn't get muted for that.
  2. What about constant talk about substance abuse, positive sides to smoking weed and general constant drug talk, talks about furries and how communism is the best thing ever/bernie for president? Cuz that's what I and others also find controversial yet somehow that's totally fine and no one ever gets muted for that. It seems like there's a double standard here that punishes people for discussing things certain admins don't like and doesn't punish people for discussing things certain admins are fine with. Yeah, there are always these people and they are completely free to "just ignore it" or mute that one person - like you told me many times. This seems to be a common argument coming from you, Beary. It's ad hominem. If you attack someone by their character because you don't like what they have to say and you don't provide an actual argument against their statement, you seem to always go the same route: "you're X age, act like it". You yourself are what, 19? So why would you know more about anything, be more responsible than anyone or know how someone needs to "act" when they're way older than you are? You lack the experience to know and just because some people you've met before who were 10 years older or even twice your age acted differently than others doesn't mean that you're superior by trying to imitate one or the other. I personally don't hear anyone in this specific clip that's actually mute-worthy. All of the people involved could just ignore Abstract or mute him just like what you've told me to do many times over. There's no need for an admin to punish him just because he wants to talk about a certain subject and from what I can see in this clip, out of a 40 man server it was only a few people who actually wanted him to stop. Also, he was having a discussion with Alph43oss - what a coincidence, that was the same guy I was talking to when I got muted.
  3. More evidence of him claiming that "he keeps hearing I'm fucking 14 year olds". https://www.bitchute.com/video/xDA1Wiyuu25L/
  4. Great, how about you just let me speak my fucking mind then and refrain from muting me so I can just talk to people like the nearly 40 year old I am. I don't break server rules so I should be allowed to fucking talk about whatever I want. The admins are also not there to monitor and mute me whenever someone gets their feelings hurt but only when I'm actually breaking the server rules. You're the ones putting me into the position that I cannot talk about things that interest me so just don't fucking mute me or tell me what to talk and not talk about and everything's fine. If you don't even know the definition of racism then maybe you shouldn't silence people for allegedly being racist. Btw, don't even know who the hell Mr. milk is so Idk what you're saying.
  5. First of all, I WASN'T THE ONE BRINGING THEM UP. You can clearly hear in the video that it was other people talking about that and Ijoined in and said a few sentences that were just as ridiculous. Okay. So let me get a straight answer to this then: A) Is it racist (no matter the context) when 2 black guys go on and on about how blacks have bigger dicks than whites and how they're superior and whites have their feelings hurt when they say that it'S not true? B) Is it racist (no matter the context) when a white guy says that the same researchers who claim this have also shown that black IQs are lower than white IQs? Even if B) is a TRUE statement, does it make it racist? I might be getting the American definition of racism wrong but according to fucking mirriam-webster it is: : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race : racial prejudice or discrimination Since I didn't bring up this topic but only joined in, it can only mean that I was silenced because of racism. So let's find the "racism" in what I said. The first statement is a PREJUDICE with no basis in reality, no studies that have even remotely proven that blacks have bigger dicks than whites. It's also DISCRIMINATION because of how these 2 black guys on the server acted towards the other people on the server since - as they claimed - they were getting their feelings hurt for having small dicks. The second statement is a statistical FACT. There is even a god damn wikipedia article about it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_intelligence My statement is not discriminatory, it's observatory. It's also based on FACTS which have been proven - whether or not it is because of environmental factors or not - over and over again. I stated a fucking fact, nothing else. And I even said that this fact was done by the same researchers who said that blacks had bigger dicks, ridiculing the whole fucking thing. Furthermore, I also clarified that it was stupid which you just completely ignored. Do I think that the black guys should get muted for saying that because it could be considered racist? Hell no. But neither should I. You cannot just change the meaning of what is to be considered "racist" depending on what you feel. There are fucking rules to language and stating facts is not racism, PERIOD. There is a difference between asking people to be quiet and actually punishing them. Let me show you a small clip of what's going on with me when you're NOT there. Do you hear me laughing and joking while you're on? It's the video from yesterday when you apparently muted the ones who didn't stop (no, you did not). https://youtu.be/ViHQt7eNDFU Also, you can clearly see in that video that I calladmin, you come on, tell em to drop it, don't mute them. Some wait until you're gone, some continue, the rest continues instantly after. It's a CONSTANT thing which you just don't get. I cannot permanently mute all these people because of the mapchange and rejoining the server so I have to put up with them all the time. I've had it with your "advice" of ignoring them because it will never be enough. Also, I want to talk to people about all kinds of shit, that's why I surf in the first place but the moment CERTAIN people join, they instantly derail every normal conversation by calling me everything in the "ban book" and then it all starts. It's not ME bringing it up all the time like you claim either. I'm not trying to attack you because of that cyberwave map this one time but because situations like that one in the video above arise all the fucking time, literally every day I get on. And do you see ME doing anything that "adds to it?" Like it's my fucking fault that I need to defend myself at some point. Yet you punish me because I decide to take a stand for myself and defend myself after hours and hours of taking this shit. What the fuck kind of logic is that? And then you wonder why I don't just calladmin and report them - even if I do nothing changes. So that's why I defend myself. But when I do then it's "bringing up stuff and not dropping it". You gotta be kidding me. Besides, discussing shit on this server is what everyone does. Everyone is allowed to talk about shit yet I'm to refrain from "discussing certain topics I'm interested in because some people's feelings might get hurt by my opposing opinions". What the hell is the issue here? Lots of people actually do enjoy talking to me about all kinds of stuff and just because a certain group of people around montgomery hates me I'm supposed to obey their wishes? Really? PS: Why is no one ever doing anything about my report about montgomery which is now 3 weeks old? No one seems to care about that yet somehow I'm public enemy no 1.
  6. People were even egging me on constantly when I was muted during the whole time. I called admins multiple times and especially when you'Re on, you never do anything whatsoever against it. I had to record 2 TB of footage just to make sure that I can always proof I'm not the one being responsible for this constant bullshit yet when I call admin, only beary actually mutes the people who do shit Exactly. So which one IS true and which one isn't? They're both questionable and therefore on the same level of being ridiculous. That just proves my point and speaks in my favor, not against it. Yep, and even when I was muted people were talking about me constantly, egging me on, telling me how much they think it's funny that I'm getting muted. Even when talking about completely different subjects, it always comes up. If your personal opinion is that I should not be able to defend myself against constant accusations and specifically when I'm using the !calladmin command and you come on, you never do anything against the people who are constantly annoying me then sorry but fuck that shit. I wasn't always on the same page as beary but she was the only one actually muting the people who constantly annoy the hell out of me, call me a nazi, a pedo and what not on a daily basis. I DID use the calladmin command multiple times and you were the one responding yet you were also the one doing fuck all every single time. So please don't tell me how I'm supposed to drop the discussions when your own advice isn't even helping me. Besides, what the hell is the problem with discussing stuff? I mute people who talk about drugs all the time, I ask them to talk about something else, when they don't I just mute em. It's not my sole responsibility to steer discussions which are ALREADY happening between other people about things that I'm also interested in to different topics. There are no rules whatsoever on the GFL servers that state that we're not allowed to have discussions and talk about stuff. I could say the same thing about you and your behavior towards me when you're on the server and I'm getting harassed. Like I said, it makes me look bad out of context but the full 20 minutes in which I clarify what I was saying are here: Timestamp should already be there but in case it doesn't work it's at around 10:22. I restate what I said in that clip you posted and clarify "it's both stupid". See how it clearly looks different when you don't only look at cherrypicked bs from montgomery? Yep, like I said. You silenced me because you got a cherrypicked clip out of context that not even the black guy I was talking to this about was really offended by and it was a lighthearted statement that was even clarified to be stupid research. Yet you silence me because of this shit without even asking me about it first and that as well as watching you not do anything when I got harassed while you were on the server and seeing you handle my calladmin requests - at least for me - seems to confirm my bias suspicions.
  7. Hey, that discussion ended pretty much before that, I am uploading the whole discussion as well. The part that I think got me silenced after reviewing and skidding through ties into that earlier discussion. Alph43oss was the black guy I was talking to before that and the discussion was pretty much about how he believes that whites are solely responsible for the misfortune of all africans as a whole. When he went on and on about how blacks have bigger dicks than whites and how it makes us insecure i said that i thought it made him insecure that africans seem to be unable to live without whites. It was just as ridiculous and on the same level as his claim and it was lighthearted, not mean spirited at all and even alph43oss didn't take it like that at all. Obviously, taking all of this out of context and sending dini a clip of me saying "blacks cannot seem to live without whites" does seem racist so if that's all that montgomery/alfred recorded he did that on purpose like he always does. He said multiple times that he hates me and that his number one goal is to get me banned from the server which is why I reported him as well for harassment. Edit: Also, right after you told us to stop we were already wrapping it up and then the server crashed. We went to the other server and people talked about a completely different topic and about an hour or two after that, the "penis size" stuff came up.
  8. Steam Name(s): sMooVe SteamID: STEAM_0:1:5010010 Admin that banned you: not sure but it was probably yuptodat cuz he was on the server at the time What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): silence Why should you be unbanned? I didn't do anything racist, say anything racist or behave in any racist way. I didn't do that the first time I was muted and yet I still have to get any answer as to why I got muted in the first place. "Constant racism" is a really, really vague claim. What exactly did I say that was racist in the first place? I was having a completely normal discussion with a black guy on the server about colonialism, then later on talking about him claiming that blacks have bigger penises than whites and I said literally "the same researchers who claimed that were also the ones claiming that africans have lower IQs". I was making fun of the stupidity of this and 10 minutes later I got banned. I want an explanation please and don't ignore it this time. I recorded 2 hours of that conversation and I'm uploading all of it right now because montgomery/alfred/chadrick , whose report has widely been ignored by all the admins for the last 2 weeks must have clipped things out of context together and made it seem like I'm being racist when I wasn't whatsoever.
  9. I said if we had laws in place to remove them and they didn't leave on their own we would deport them by force, just like illegal aliens in the US. I never said I was racist and what you're doing here is exactly what I meant by my first post. Thanks for proving me correct in my original statement. Also, this has nothing to do with you nor my personal beliefs or political compass. This is solely about montgomery breaking the server rules and being responsible for me being harassed as well as Chat & Mic Spam (Rule #2, constantly talking over me). Additionally, he also broke rule #10 ( Arguing With Admins ) after he got muted and during the last 2-3 arguments he was having with me.
  10. I would like to report montgomery/Chadrick for constantly riling up multiple people (such as Chedda, Fatty Skatty, Chinese Jesus and many more) against me whenever I join the server. Many people including admins can attest that I tried to avoid him and his constant arguing with me by muting him. However, every map change and every reconnect to any of the surf servers results in him getting unmuted for me - which he knows and always uses to give me a little "jab" by calling me a nazi, stupid, dumb, anything you can really think of just to get to me. I consulted multiple admins regarding this already but the answer continues to be the same "just ignore it". I would just ignore it if he didn't spread misinformation about me saying one thing or the other about other races. From telling other people that I want to kill jewish people or that I hate blacks and call them the N-word (which I never did on any servers) his only goal seems to be to get me banned by finding enough people to constantly yell at me when I'm surfing. Well, it finally happened today. Over the last 2-3 weeks, the same 5-ish people did nothing but call me words and harrassed me for hours on end. I'm a free speech advocate but if I get banned for people deliberately asking about my political views over many hours just to find certain "snippets" to pick and choose which they then call me being racist, I think that montgomery deserves the same treatment to help the surf community on here. I'm not gonna appeal my 1 week mute but if the admin team has decided that muting me will be a good idea for the server health then muting him or at the very least preventing him from lying about me and riling people up and insulting me on a regular basis just because he doesn't like my political views should also be an option to take. Especially when I'm actively trying to avoid him and talking about other subjects than race and politics he constantly does nothing but talk over me so other people can't hear me while stating that any opinion on anything from me is invalid because I'm a nazi. Hence, I want to report him for constant harrassment and disrespect. Thank you for your time.
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