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  1. Sup New Trial admin here. I’m doing nothing and just wanted to this for no reason so whats up Name? ABC (or roxas or evan (real name) but I’m know as ABC) Age? Freshly legal in america Birthday? New years eve (deadass) Timezone? Hawaii Gender? Part of the BOYS!!! What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? Onlyfans and make that easy $$$ Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip)? Trial Admin Which server(s) do you prefer? Surf, awp, 1v1 How long have you been playing? Ever since I broke up with my last gf How often are you online and for how long? Depending on my sleep schedule (its currently fucked) Biggest accomplishment on this server? Getting trial Best thing that ever happened to you? You Worst thing that ever happened to you? You Words/Phrases you say frequently? Fuck FUCK FUCK!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! I’M RETARDED!!! Your greatest fear? @FrenZy Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? idk actually its quarantine Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? Not you Favorite Animal? @Infra Favorite Color? Black and red Favorite Song? I think I’m okay by MGK ft YungBlud Favorite Book? Seckry sequence Favorite Movie? Dini’s 24 Zoning Stream Favorite TV Show? Infomercials about random shit Favorite vacation spot? Hawaii cause I fuckin live here Coolest place you visited? Japan Favorite place to be alone? In my room Favorite thing to do with your spare time? Smoke Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? My best friend or one of my ex’s Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking? Flip em off Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. Dumb jokes Something you wish existed. Nothing Something you wish was still around. My bunny Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back. Free Netflix Account among all staff Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for. Video editing or violin Favorite Meme or GIF
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