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  1. There might be a reason for that. PS: "one or two" is enough.
  2. We have people of colors that play on the server. Just for that I approve the mutes, gags, bans, and kicks for people who say the n-word and general racist stuff. Why be mean just for the sake of being mean?
  3. How can you know, you're barely play ze!
  4. I like the idea, but he tracer bullet thing might be a bad idea because of the fps drops it creates. What could be a good compromise is if there was a plugin or something that would "highlight" or put a "shoot at me" signal above the boss' head so people know what to shoot. As for the monkey-clown on the 2nd post, that chump never plays on the server and lives vicariously through his e-persona he created on this forum. If that doesn't give you an idea on the "character" that bellend is, just read his forum post historic.
  5. So did we figure out a strat to beat santa ex? Or are we going in balls first and get torn apart as always?
  6. Stupid question: does the 1-hit kill plugin work on bosses?
  7. Good. This plugin will spice things up on easier maps.
  8. We beat last chapter a couple of days ago sadly no screenshot or vid to prove it
  9. I can confirm that wei did not annoy me when asked me to buy him keys. It would be a shame if he got permabanned from the server for something that is not even an offence, and that he did outside of the server. Still, I understand if you want to get rid of that annoying kid. Wei, this is like the 78th time you get permabanned, get your shit together you fool. I'm not gonna be here everytime to defend your underage asian ass.
  10. the code for the door in the 1st level of tilex is 125436
  11. Now that's some next level laziness, but i agree nonetheless.
  12. Dangerous waters please, jurassic will get very tiring quickly. >people voting others You just know it's a bunch of bellends who want santa or westersand instead.
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