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  1. would be nice if this thread is closed, thanks.
  2. #Love What server you love to play on? Rotation TTT Who is your favorite GFL member? pretty much all the staff of the Rotation TTT server xd
  3. Name(s) (ingame): hawky_ Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:61193895 Hours played: 53 Why should you be accepted as an admin? Let's start with the hours; I'm always on, the weekdays after 6 pm and for the weekends, pretty much the whole day. I believe that I will be able to help in the times where no admins are on (as the amount of admins online tends to lack at times.) or when a small number of admins are present. I also do my best to help newcomers with their questions whenever I see one, whether its in-game or discord. Have you been an admin before somewhere else?: Nope. Have you fully read the rules and understand them? Yes If you have bans, why were you banned?  No Bans. Which admins sponsor your admin application? Duck!
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