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  1. Yeah it's alright, and that's what I had in mind. I will try to get that to you as soon as I can, but when I get a chance, I need to put together snippets from the middle two projects since they are only partially my code and also private, and I will also type up a little text file to include some context.
  2. I had the GMOD TTT servers in mind, yeah. I will see what I can do about showing the projects. Could I just zip up the files and privately send it to you and whoever else?
  3. My Age: 18 My Talent: -Fairly proficient in Java and C++, some experience using Git and MySQL (no first-hand experience with Lua or SourceMod, but I have looked into it in the past, and also I can still probably read the code just fine and figure it out from there) -Pretty good at documenting my code Educational background: majoring in computer science, currently taking "Data Structures/Algorithms I" (3rd semester level course) Main projects: Discord Bot made using Discord4J ~3 years ago just for fun and for use with friends and my server Programmer for my high school FTC Robotics team (Java) and currently programming for my university's Competitive VEXU team (C++) Developed the entire front and back end of a website for a paid internship with a friend Made a 2D shooter game from scratch for a final project in my high school computer science class (pretty bad tbh but also kinda neat) I was the Head Admin (right under Server Manager) for over 16 months for a TTT server, so I know how to work in an environment like this. Hours/Week: only whenever I have the time, basically (varies)
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