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  1. This isn’t even the updated picture. Check your privilege.
  2. ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ UNBAN Juky or RIOT ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨
  3. I challenge you to a drink off. If I win, the lasers stay like this, and if you win, you buff the boss. Sounds fair?
  4. That diddle was some good shit, and I was getting pretty drunk during it. FeelsGoodMan
  5. I see you've finally put everything I taught you into a good use, @Luffaren . Although, next time be sure to alert me to the premises so I can enjoy the madness.
  6. This sounds like the completely normal GFL ZE we used to have for years on CS:S. Seems legit.
  7. This is from an earlier Skype "Meme" -call. Enjoy.
  8. Upgraded to Windows 10 after having some issues with my "cough" customized "cough" Windows 7. (Legit copy, but highly modded.) The only, and only issue I had was that the upgrade uninstalled several programs without my consent, telling me that they are not supported. However, I was able to re-install each and every of those programs, and they work flawlessly under the operating system.
  9. Oh, sorry about that. I didn't know the forum rules would've been this strict, to be honest. I apologize for any inconvenience caused. It wasn't my intention to cause any harm.
  10. I posted into the thread about missing VIP, but it hasn't been active for weeks. Hopefully it can get sorted out. Oh, and yes, I created my account through Steam, so.
  11. In case this thread is still relevant; Way back, when I was active on GFL, during the CS:S ZE times, I was bought Perm VIP by Skullz. However, this seems to have disappeared after the DB update. Any way to reclaim the VIP -status? My SteamID is STEAM_0:0:14313953 . Thank you in advance. Ps. Are the old Teamspeak 3 rooms still there? I used to have one, as a VIP perk
  12. Sup. I'm Blue Dragon / Glacius / ShadowBerry. I'm Council of <other community> community, an ex-SSA on GFL and a Technical Assistant of <other community>. I've decided to make an introduction on these new GFL forums, as my old account seems to have been purged. I used to be a regular back in the day, with the old CS:S Zombie Escape -squad, and was quite active on Teamspeak / the server. Now that GFL has new forums, I guess I'll have to start from scratch again. Rest in peace, post count. Also, is there any way to reclaim VIP status? I used to have Perma VIP on the servers, and my own room on Teamspeak. Some personal info; I'm 24 years old, male, live in Finland, enjoy gaming, my own creations, dragons and mostly play video games during my free time from work. I'm also a sucker for good red wine. Best wine country? Georgia. - Be sure to ask me anything related, if you're interested. As a zombie, deadly. - As a human, swift. Catch me if you can.~<3