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  1. We're going to be appealing your ban. Listen though you are only getting unbanned because of insignificant evidence I don't have enough to keep you banned however, I don't like your attitude in your last post don't talk to my admins like they are 12 year olds they know the game better than most people. Besides that sorry for long wait on the post.
  2. @sticken Try not to use a vpn, you're unbanned
  3. what server do you mangage babe :happytree:

  4. Sorry for late response we will take a look today and get back to you!
  5. Hey make sure you aren't connecting with a VPN that could be reason you were banned, you'll be unbanned but make sure your name is changed lol
  6. @taysen hey can you just do me a favor and link me the video thanks
  7. walling

    Thanks, well take a deeper look
  8. Okay i already explained the reason i banned you was because I you were a low leveled account that got flagged for scripts. I checked your jump stats in the beginning of the map and you had the same numbers as when you got flagged. Jump stats and flagged - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2089867157 Video of you getting nutty jumps -
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