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  1. Discord Tag: It'z Freshy#3921 Timezone: Central Daylight Time Why should you be accepted as an Event Coordinator? Because i plan to do many events and keep trying to get the playerbase and Happiness of the server up. What events do you have planned? I have one about bounty hunters So HELIOS-3E, HELIOS 3-D And Cad Bane So They Are Planning to Do a spice run when they hyperspace right by the Venator We Proceed to ask them for there name and id and why they are in are Area *This is deep in rebublic terriotory* Cad Bane Thens Procceds to Act Like A Clone Trooper *like he did in the clone wars* While the droids hid on the ship in crates deactived A Few Clones are sent to look for any Coturband on the ship they find the droids and the droids take out the squad and hiding the bodies to make sure if another squad comes they will not see them Cad Bane Makes Contact With the CIS to send in Reinforcements To save him and the droids *the droids can be left behind if needed* the cis arrives with 3 Munificents We proceed to send ships out and fire the Cannons and We end up getting Borded By 5 Squads of commando droids * 3NPC 2PLAYER* The First player squad procceds to the bridge to take out high ranking officers while the NPC squad Holds the MHB the second player squad finds cad bane and gets him off the ship The Remaning Commando Droids push for the reactor to blow up the ship *it can go two ways* WAY 1 The Droids are stoped and The cis retreat with cad bane WAY 2 The Droids Make It to the reactor and place charges the commando droid squads leave the ship and we begin evacuting the ship, We all get of the ship and go to ANAXES OR ANOTHER VENATOR PLAYER CHOICE Sponsor(s): (If blank, none.)
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