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  1. im glad u like the 346 idea and 397 has a spear instead of a sword
  2. ok so to answer your questions: 317:It would probably last around 2-3 seconds, hmm I'd say probably not a straight line you can turn if desired, as for sweps... I don't really know to much about sweps, sorry if that sounds like I'm some sort of noob or something but I just usually present an idea without knowing too much about mod capabilities which I've mentioned before, sorry if that sounds unprofessional but my goal is to set an idea not to go too much into detail at first but with discussion the idea will be further discussed like I'm doing now 346:Like I said I don't really know anything about sweps but If I can say anything probably like 512's ability or something 354:Well the bear has spikes and can attack others, the terminator will probably have a gun of some kind and be quite deadly, the normal man would just be normal, can pick up guns and everything, and maybe it does, you have a point there 363:I get your point but arthropods have exoskeletons so I applied that to 363, but if you don't like the idea it's fine 397:It'll be like able's weapon it will only have that one weapon, a spear, it would be a good idea to put 397 into d class actually, that'll give d bois a better chance of winning cuz even with their chances with 999,dr maynard,chaos,scrubs,and 035 their chances are still low so another one would be helpful, if we made it d class it would probably be 300-400 health since it can only carry 1 weapon and potentially keycards. Let me know if there's any other issues with the ideas
  3. I'm finally back from my weekend at dads and I'm ready to make another post! So lets begin with SCPS 300-400, let's begin: SCP-317:HP:125-150 ATTACK:can use guns and other weapons (60% damage for special ability) SPEED:Fast (normal human speed), abilities:She is a reptilian that can spawn with tro, she has more HP and bullet armor than TRO as well, she also has a special ability that lets her charge at fast speeds and when someone gets hit by it it does 60% damage. SCP-346:HP:750-1,250 ATTACK:25%-34% SPEED:very fast, Abilities:SCP-346 is a pterodactyl that can fly, and for those who has SCP-160 flashbacks, 1.it won't be in third person and 2.The controls probably won't be wavy like 160, so don't worry about that. SCP-354:HP:varies ATTACK:varies SPEED:varies abilities:so there's 2 ways the staff can tackle 354 1.They can make it an SCP where u spawn in as random variations of 354 like a bear, a sphere, a normal man, or even the terminator, there's like 7-10 variations i think or 2.the same thing but they make a map where you can only play as the variations of 354 which is a pretty interesting idea SCP-363:HP:1.000-1.500 ATTACK:30% SPEED:moderate, abilities:It's a giant centipede that is more resistant to bullets than other scps, right click to either do a charge that makes u slightly faster or make you more resistant to bullet damage. Finally we have SCP-397:HP:1,150 ATTACK:25% (40% for spear throw) SPEED:fast, abilities:SCP-397 is kinda like able having a weapon that it can throw, but 1.It's a chimpanzee 2.It's slower than able but has more health and 3.He is actually neutral/friendly to D class personal and can convince them to team with him to kill others (due to the lore of 397 persuading others). I hope you guys like these ideas and let me know what can be improved upon, tomorrow will be SCPS 400-500
  4. sounds like a good idea for the crowbar, not too sure about left click, but i like the crowbar idea
  5. that could be true, especially with scp-247, but at least an allosaurus would be interesting to add, plus it does have an npc model from a vj base mod called dinosaur snpcs, so even if it isn't a fossil model we still have an allosaurus model in general like how 682 has a model from an npc, the goal isn't rly to look for models while doing these (though if I know it has a model i WILL point it out) it's more to present the idea and see if anyone likes it, and if they do the admins can take that idea further maybe even discuss it with me, I get that it needs a model and stuff but the thing is gmod has BILLIONS of mods, It'll take too much of my time to look for a model too. i get your point on 247 however, but I think 250 and 280 would be great additions to the game, simply a dinosaur that can potentially grab people in its mouth and damage them due to it can be quite unique and interesting, so after discussing the idea with you I think 250 and 280 are the most likely to join the game, don't you agree?
  6. OK for the 280 response, this is the kind of response I was wanting, a way to improve the idea, having the stun be half as long as 999 is a great idea to make it balanced, I was thinking on doing it till the flashlight was off but this was a huge improvement on my original idea. 230 I get your concern, this was probably the weakest of all of them, tho like i said it was around the speed of a human so it can affect them with the gas and run away if he wanted to kill them i still get your concern however. And for 247 and 250, I've gotten word from people in discord that they prefer more simple and to the point scps, well at least to them so the future scps I did were more simple to understand yet have unique capabilities. These 2 were both the easiest to make an idea for and probably some of the easiest ideas to code into the game, and I mean some scps are just attacking as well, I mean 247 it's another cat I get it that could be too simple, but 250 is a freaking dinosaur, imagine being chased by a dinosaur in the game, I think that would be cool and unique in its own way, though its simple, 250 could be a fun scp to play as just being a fast dinosaur that goes on a rampage, that's what I see in 250, that one is unique in it's own way, doesn't need that unique of an ability (maybe bullet resistance or maybe a charge or even a grab attack with its mouth) just being a dinosaur would be cool. The abilities i said above for 250 could be good for it though. Thanks for this feedback this is just the kind of feedback I've been looking for, though the commas n stuff I can't really help but do it it's just kinda how I roll sorry about my commas pls just ignore them ;P, let me know what you think about what I said about your feedback and give me better ideas and better feedback.
  7. question is how do u know? How do you know players might not like it how do u know they don't have time for small things? That's what i want to know, because otherwise this ain't feedback at all, and I'm looking for feedback which is what u did at the beginning but now ur just assuming that players in general won't like it and server managers don't have the time for it, maybe they do have time for it u never know, so unless u have hardproof evidence of this maybe try to improve the 191 idea instead of saying "players won't like it and admins won't make it." cuz there's no proof of that
  8. Alright today is gonna be SCPS 200-300 and boy let me tell you that there is some good ones in this category, there will be 4 I will be talking about, the first one is the most likely, at least a super admin said it and the last one isn't, can't blame him though but it's still viable. Anyways lets begin: SCP-230 aka gayest man alive:HP:1,000-1,500 ATK:20% (when ability activates) SPD:fast or very fast, abilities:anyone that gets too close to him will be affected by a gas, if they go too far away from SCP-230 after being affected, they will start taking rapid damage, 20% at a time, so this is a good SCP for meme quality and you have the choice to befriend 230 and be gay with him XD, or you can go and try to kill him. SCP-247:HP:750-1,250 ATK:33% SPD:very fast, abilities:It's a small cat like 607 that has orange and black stripes, but it's actually a fully grown tiger, so naturally it's faster than humans and can bite really freaking hard. SCP-250:HP:1,000-1,500 ATK:34% SPD:fast, abilities:It's an allosaurus fossil that's alive and hostile, not as fast as 247 but has more health and attack, if the team can't find an allosaurus fossil playermodel they can always use the vj base allosaurus from dinosaur snpcs mod. SCP-280:HP:1,550-1,750 ATK:50% SPD:very fast, abilities:can teleport to other players within 100 seconds, but unlike mal0 it will stay at 100 seconds instead of going to 40 seconds, it can attack any player it desires too, but whenever a flashlight is presented to it, it will be paralyzed and can't move, this can be good for sneak attacks and flanking with other scps, but it's definitely the most unlikely out of all of these cuz everyone can just use a flashlight, but like i said it'll be good for flanks and sneak attacks. And that is all of them! I'm going to my dad's this weekend so I won't be posting any more suggestions till at least sunday evening so I hope you can be patient until I come back 😄 have a good weekend everybody!
  9. well maybe it is to the staff u don't know, pls don't say anything not worth of time cuz everything can be worth your time 😆 word of advice, yea sure it might not be easy but its definitely easier than scps
  10. weapon sounds will be simple, animations i get, and damage values and recoil i said that already that all thats left is hitboxes, damage values, and recoil, it'll definitely be easier than implementing another scp with a unique moveset don't u think?
  11. well that's fine, all that's left is implementing gunshots and hitboxes, then bam! you got the weapons,
  12. the only problem i can see is actually finding a model for her, it can be as simple as a little girl as a model, but to be accurate can be pretty difficult I know that, but it's still possible either way
  13. hmm, well there is one thing that makes it easier for 191 to be in the game, Im pretty sure tf2 attacks are in gmod, like the engineer's robot hand, that can be a way to implement the robot hand attack, and well for the ranged attack just make it like a gun or go with the engineer again with the short circuit (i forgot the robot hand weapon engineer has), and the scps in tro would just be a way to make tro have unique classes cuz they don't really have any other than early epsilon 9 and early nu 7 and the commander, so having cool unique classes in tro would be cool to have to make the tro spawn more unique, that's my input on it, also robot child that will kick butt and take names, that'll be cool, and 168 is a sentient calculator, you can use it like a normal calculator but it can also talk, I've presented another scp object idea to the admins but they said it'll be too complicated, it was SCP-085 aka hand drawn cassy, which I can't blame them, but they said a sentient calculator would be easier, my description of it is as much as i can say about it because its literally a sentient calculator, so it'll be a calculator that talks to you, so it can be a 1 round item, SCP object, or an item you can pick up,
  14. Welcome back to the SCP suggestions, this time will be about the SCPs 100-200, there will only be 2 that will be talked about this time since only 2 have made it past the test, without further ado let's start. SCP-168:It will be either a 1 round item that will be like just like a calculator for you to use and occasionally it will send a message in the chat talking to you, be an SCP object, or an item that you can pick up in game like 1025 SCP-191:HP:125-150 ATK:60% for melee 10-20% per shot for ranged SPD:fast (the speed of a normal TRO) Abilities:she's a cyborg child that will have a chance of spawning with TRO in the beginning of the game, she has a melee attack using her robot hand doing more than stunsticks, and she has a special gun that does more damage than normal TRO guns, and she has slight resistance to damage, more than TRO commander armour, has level 4 access as well. And that's the suggestions for today^^ sorry if it doesn't seem like much but these are easy to implement and easy to code so these can be quite easy to make and could be real fun to play with, to me at least XD, tomorrow will be SCPs 200-300, and man the are some real good ones in that category, I think you guys will really like it.
  15. to sprinkling: that was what i meant XD and chan man:it doesn't infect other players, it just spawns an army of rats he can control 2.Yea but its very unique with many mechanics and 3.idk what that is, and if it means its a brute that attacks and is resistant to bullet damage, well thats basically what 082 is, now can u suggest what can be improved from it? Thank you
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