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  1. Hello everyone I'm finally back! It has been a while since my last post and it's because I've been waiting for Haxray to give me feedback on my suggestions. So now that he has given me feedback I want to give my own feedback to him on the SCPS he overall likes (at least I think, except for 1 SCP but I want to do it because I have a new idea on it). Also I am very sorry for the terrible formatting, I will try to make it easier to read with this post and future posts. Anyways let's start from SCP-001 to SCP-1,000 see which ones were the best. I will give feedback to haxray, potentially change the idea entirely, and every single SCP I will be talking about in this post I WILL be searching for a model for it. Now lets begin! SCP-040: I think your idea on having it be an enemy SCP is good, so I will go back to my original idea for SCP-040 and improve on that. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-040: Health:1,000-1,250 Attack:100% (50% when she has a maximum amount of pets) Speed:Fast (a little slower than a normal human) Origin: SCP-040 is a safe class SCP that is a girl that can manipulate the cells of living (and dead) beings and make them into new animals, her nickname on the wiki is "Evolution's Child" Abilities: SCP-040 In game will be able to turn up to 3 people into SCP-040-1,SCP-040-2,and SCP-040-3, She only can have 3 pets, however whenever one or more pets die she can make someone else a pet until she reaches her limit again. It's like 049 but there's 2 different things that make her different, 1.Once she has hit her limit on how many pets she can have she can actually attack and kills others, that might not seem like much but I actually have this idea on her that whenever she kills someone she can reform the dead body to become an animal that self destructs whenever someone gets to close to it (kinda like a living mine), this is a passive ability too, automatically activating when someone gets killed by SCP-040. 2.Now let's talk about the pets she can have. SCP-040-1: Health:500-750 Attack:4% (it's rapid damage though) Speed:Fast (Same speed as humans) Origin: SCP-040-1 Is a type of symbiotic organism made by SCP-040, it can act as a coat for SCP-040, and feeds off the nutrients SCP-040 gets in exchange for keeping her healthy (I think). Abilities: SCP-040-1 in game can be able to heal SCP-040 whenever it is near her (2-10% every 2-5 seconds) however if it is near an enemy it will do rapid damage to them instead of heal them (4% damage every 0.25 seconds, killing an enemy in around 6+ seconds) SCP-040-2: Health:750-1,000 Attack:25% or can use weapons Speed:Moderate (Around the speed of SCP-2845) Origin: SCP-040-2 is a floating orb with multiple hands... I can't really say anything else. Abilities: SCP-040-2 in the game will be this floating orb that can pick up items and weapons with it's hands and shoot others with it, either that or do 25% damage with every click, basically a drone soldier. SCP-040-3: Health:1,250-1,750 Attack:50%-75% Speed:Very Fast (as fast as able and john cena) Origin: SCP-040-3 Is a wolf-like creature that is very very agile, being able to jump on walls and other impressive things. Abilities: SCP-040-3 in game will be able to do this bounce ability that makes it be able to jump on walls, ceilings, or just pounce in general, it will have a 2-3 second cooldown. Every click will do 50-75% damage. Models: I wasn't able to find a model for SCP-040 herself but I did find a model for a purple haired girl in general since she has purple hair so this is the best model I could find for her: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=599704874&searchtext=purple+haired+girl As for the pets SCP-040-1:I could not find a playermodel for SCP-040-1 but I think the closest you can get to SCP-040-1 would be using the skeleton playermodel. SCP-040-2:I could not find a playermodel for SCP-040-2, but I think it would be easy to make an object that is an orb with hands, or at the very least an orb. I have no idea if you could make it a playermodel though. SCP-040-3:I found a playermodel for SCP-040-3, just a wolf playermodel in general:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1148695125&searchtext=Wolf SCP-137 I think you're idea of having the default being a princess doll and one life having a form on a list is a very good idea, in fact better than my original idea so I'm going to change the idea! Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-137: Health:300-500 Attack:can use weapons (default form) Speed:Fast (as fast as a human) Origin: SCP-137 is a entity that possess toys and makes them real, from jetplanes to gorillas to soldiers, they can become real whenever this entity possesses a toy. It's current form is a princess doll being a real princess. Abilities: SCP-137 in game will first spawn in as a princess AKA it's default form, this form can use weapons but doesn't have any other form of attacking, well maybe u can add punching like john cena but I don't think that's exactly good. However whenever she dies she will respawn once as another toy from a list that she can spawn in as. For those toys I think I'm going to have the same 4 toys I chose in the original post but u guys can change that if you so desired, it was just a way to implement extra toys, if any of you want to check out what other toys I added for SCP-137 check out SCPS-101-200, but basically I had a soldier,bear,pokemon,and FNAF toy, but like I said Haxray and the others can pick whatever they want as a list of toys SCP-137 can use. Model: I found a wedding princess peach playermodel for SCP-137 but they can find a different Princess playermodel I bet, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1276621898&searchtext=Princess+Playermodel as for the other forms that's all on them, though I do have to say there is a LOT of pills for FNAF, quite a few pokemon playermodels, and quite a few soldier playermodels if you want to talk about the toys I suggested. SCP-168: I'm Glad you thought my calculator was a great idea, I can't really change anything about it. Model: This was easy. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=216219205&searchtext=calculator https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=683852364&searchtext=calculator SCP-247: Guess your right on that part with the crosshair being a buggy thing, So I guess the crosshair won't be added, however I thought of this new ability it can have, when it gets closer to a player trying to shoot it, it will do less damage depending on how close SCP-247 is because it will be harder to shoot it because of it's anomalous aura of calming it's prey down by being "non-threatening", also an extra note, redskull38 will not have the heart to kill this thing if it's in the game XD. Model: This was the best I could find other than a garfield and neko playermodels XD. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1224456258&searchtext=orange+cat+playermodel SCP-354: Yea my original idea was it to have a map for itself, I can't really say much about it because I already said enough from my 2 posts about it, probably combine the 2 to be a map with all the enemies I listed off. BTW sorry for the terrible format on SCP-354 I know it was especially terrible. Model: Well there is literally a map for this SCP so I guess ill just have the map be here. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=827696835&searchtext=SCP-354 SCP-469: This is the only SCP in this highlight reel that haxray didn't really like (I think) But I wanted to talk about this once because I have a different idea for this angel with wings. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-469: Health:1,250-1,750 Attack:25% (gets stronger with each hit) plus rapid 1% damage aura Speed:Moderate (a little faster than SCP-2845, maybe as fast as SCP-966) Origin: SCP-469 is a many winged angel that attacks others with it's wings if someone gets too close. Whenever sound is around her her wings grow, when bells wing she wakes up and proceeds to (data expunged) Abilities: SCP-469 in game will be awakened after the ringing of bells and can walk around and escape the facility, it has this aura that will do 1% damage every 0.5 seconds and each time it hits a player they get slower and slower until SCP-469 can get close enough. Whenever she attacks a player it will do 25% damage, however when she does this a scream sound effect will play for said player, whenever that happens her attack does more damage, 2-5% to be exact, and can go up to 100% damage. Model: I was actually very surprised by this but there is no playermodel for an angel, however there is a weeping angel playermodel and an animated wings model, so you could find a model of a human and make it have animated wings i guess, but I'm actually very surprised by this. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=238736284&searchtext=angel+playermodel https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=320418292&searchtext=angel+playermodel SCP-553: I 100% get where you're coming from, in fact that is exactly why I put it in the Joke SCP category, because of the playermodel issue. But i will try to find a playermodel for SCP-553 anyway. Model: Yep it went as expected, the only thing I could find is the SCP unity SNPCS. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1567738473&searchtext=SCP-553 SCP-594: No Playermodel huh? Yea I get where you're coming from, let me check and see if I could find a Playermodel for a sheep myself, but otherwise I can't really add anything else to this SCP Model: I actually found a sheep playermodel! Take a look :D! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926090979&searchtext=sheep SCP-609: I 100% get where you're coming from as well it would be very difficult to implement, I can't really change anything about SCP-609 Model: I could not find a model for SCP-609, literally. But if you want you can make it just a ball in general but I don't think that will slide with you. SCP-665: I'm actually very surprised you liked this one, I thought this one was one of the weakest SCPS I ever suggested, I will go look for a playermodel for this SCP cause I literally don't have any better idea for this SCP other than maybe making it an enemy or D class SCP, I have no idea though. Model: I found quite a few robot playermodels but I think this one might be the best, but you can find more robot playermodels if you aren't satisfied with this playermodel. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=119968146&searchtext=robot+playermodel SCP-706: Yea I get that it would be hard to implement, but let me see if I could find a ghost or genie playermodel for you to help you out a bit, I can't think of any better idea for this SCP btw. Model: I found one kinda, I couldn't find a ghost or genie playermodel other than shante (which is a definite no) but I did find this one playermodel of someone called "Thresh" that might be good enough I have no idea though, you decide. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=272249278&searchtext=genie++playermodel SCP-738: I have a few ideas on where it can be placed, it could be placed in Dr.maynards room! It has a desk and chair, plus there isn't really any other use of Dr maynard's room anyway (at least what I'm aware of), you can potentially put it in the cafeteria or any other open space in entrance zone as well, but if you think that isn't good I ain't sure what to tell you. Model: I mean if you used dr maynard's room I think you got the table and chairs done, I ain't sure if there's 2 chairs in the office so maybe u could add extra chairs, as for a devil playermodel I think I found the perfect playermodel for this one, it has a buisness suit and everything, I think you'll like this one. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=315394811&searchtext=demon+playermodel SCP-846: I get what you're saying maybe it can be a D class SCP instead of researcher, but idk if that would be op either since D class usually kinda die easily by TRO or SCPS but it could be OP as well, not sure however. Let me see if there's a robot playermodel. Model: This is the closest I got:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1158241463&searchtext=robot+playermodel SCP-953: Now that I think about it yea your right, I think it would be better as an enemy SCP, here's the changes I would make, and yes it will include the class disguise thing that SCP-939 has. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-953: Health:500-1,000 Attack:can use weapons and items Speed:Fast (Normal Human Speeeds) Origin: SCP-953 is a entity that has different forms and looks, and can change her form whenever she likes, she manipulates others into killing themselves, harming others, etc. Abilities: SCP-953 will be able to change her form to look like a researcher, D class, MTF Gaurd, and more. If she is shot she will turn into her nine tailed fox form (like SCP-939). She can pick up weapons and items too, and manipulate others by having them think that SCP-953 is their teammate, this is more of a stragety SCP tricking others and stabbing them in the back in the worst moments. Model: I saw that someone else got a model for SCP-953 and I bet the one I got is the same thing but I'm going to send the playermodel anyway just in case. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=388906716&searchtext=Nine+tailed+fox+ SCP-963: Aw man no chainsaw cannons ;< but nah I get where you are coming from, it is a bit too crazy but I had a lot of fun making this one, Feel free to talk to me about ideas for adding SCP-963 into the game ๐Ÿ˜„ I would love to talk about that. Model: Most people use a chimpanzee playermodel for Dr.bright and I couldn't find a Dr.bright playermodel so I'm going to do the same and use the chimp playermodel, also I couldn't find a model for SCP-963. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=549120288&searchtext=monkey+playermodel SCP-971: Hey thats a good idea ๐Ÿ˜„ go ahead and add SCP-971 to other maps, I wouldn't mind it one bit, plus maps like area 14 version 3 and site 61 don't really have any food SCPS in their cafeteria so I would love that! I can't really add anything to this SCP. Model: This is all I could've found for a menu for food. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609716049&searchtext=food+menu Conclusion: That is all the SCPS that Haxray liked/think would be cool to add in the game (except SCP-469 but again I wanted to change that one). I hope you liked the highlight reel of the first wave of my SCPS suggestions and I really hope this is easier to read and I formatted this post better than my previous posts. I will be starting wave 2 of SCP suggestions going through SCPS 1001-2000. Until then I hope you liked this post and I will see you soon.
  2. so uh I just thought of this on the spot and it should not be taken seriously at all but, I think you guys should have a new class D skin where you can become... a G O O S E (basically untitled G O O S E game). There is 2 reasons: 1.There is actually a untitled G O O S E playermodel you can use XD and 2.Why I said a class d skin is because imagine a lot of class Ds being the G O O S E and charging at TRO or researcherswith either nothing at all,stunsticks/crowbars/knife, or guns, it would be the most intimidating and hilarious thing ever XD. Like I said this shouldn't be taken too seriously I just suggested this cuz the meme/hilarity potential is great with this suggestion.... just... me and the D bois at 4am being a G O O S E.
  3. thanks, and, to me, area 14 is worse but that's my own opinion. Thanks for the compliment for the tier list though ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. Hey, it's my own opinion and I think area 14 ver. 3 added way too much bad stuff, missing way too much, and has a whole other map (site07f) that does it's job better, and if a map does what another map doesn't in almost all categories, then I think it's a useless map. But still it's my own opinion and I personally think that area 14 ver.3 is terrible and I know other's liked it and I made my point clear in the post that some might disagree
  5. Eh it's my opinion and to me I hate this map, feel free to like it but I see a lot of things that is bad about the map, including things that are missing that site07f fixes, things that are bad or is unused in the map that site07f fixes, just overall site07f does things better than area 14 ver.3 and I think that's a major problem. But it's still my own opinion so yea sorry but I hate the map a lot.
  6. 1.I know it's a maze thats why it's the second worst, but, in MY opinion, I hate area 14 ver.3 more, I just hate that map a lot for all the reasons I've said before, also yea I know that and can still be a bit of an issue but at least it doesn't exploit of the medical bay and I know people love the pizza place so it can be a good thing to others that site07f still has the pizza place while having the other stuff area 14 ver 3. is missing, but still it's my opinion and I hate area 14 ver.3.
  7. It's been a little bit since I've posted, my mouse died but I have new batteries and I can do a Breach Map Tier List, basically my least favorite to favorite map in breach so far, so let's begin! F Tier: Area 14 Ver. 3: I hate this map with a burning passion, and some others might disagree but let me explain the many reasons why this map is terrible. -It has no intercom and SCP-914 -It's tesla gates look worse than site 19 -there is this whole area in heavy containment zone that isn't necessary to escape whatsoever -it has the same type of layout as site 19 but missing a lot of the stuff site 19 -multiple areas in the game that can be exploited which is against the rules like the medical door and using 512 to go out of the map -The elevator to the surface is outright garbage, if you are close to anyone it stops and sometimes the elevator just decides to kill you -And the biggest issue with it is Site 07f has the same traits as area 14 ver. 3 but 1.has DM on that map 2.has many of the things that is missing on area 14 ver. 3 and has the main traits that area 14 has and 3. utilizes the extra area to where it's a necessary place to explore UNLIKE area 14 ver.3 making area 14 ver.3 outright useless... This might be my opinion but I hate this map for all of these reasons, let's just move on to the next one. D Tier Area 96 This map is meh to me, it is a good map for doing the job of being an extra map just fine but this map does feel a bit bare bones, especially in heavy containment zone, it's a nightmare getting through it even more than how others feel with entrance zone in site 61 ver.2, but I don't really have much to say it's just bare bones compared to the other maps. C Tier: Area 02 Ver.3 Now this is where we begin to talk about maps I actually like ^_^! I like the design and structure of this map it's so unique and there's snow at the surface which is a nice bonus. And it's pretty good at utilizing all of it's main areas in succession and i kinda like the elevator in light containment zone for funny purposes, the delaying can be a bit annoying though. The only huge issues I have is it's hard to get past heavy containment zone cuz all of the SCPs are there, and also this simply isn't as strong as the other maps I will be talking about B Tier: Site 19: Here we are! The original map in breach and for SCP games in general. It's a very solid map being the most complete (because it's the original map duh) and has the most repeatability as well, however Site 19 has gotten a bit weary on me (not that much) and I would love to see the maps I like more than this map more often, but overall this map deserves to be at least this high in the rankings because of it's memorability and content in the map but there is 2 maps I like more. A Tier: Site 07f: Now this is what Area 14 Ver.3 should've been! Having most of the stuff Area 14 Ver. 3 was missing or wasn't using while adding extra stuff like a cafeteria in d boy cell, a forest at the surface, and an actual city at the surface instead of this odd abandoned gas station looking surface that Area 14 ver. 3 has. It also has even more unique things that make it overall a unique map instead of just a copy, and it is one of the only 2 extra maps that has DM (not sure about SCP objects) and I think this map is overall the second most complete extra map in the gamemode, and I think area 14 ver.3 should be removed with a different map because this map does it's job better than that godawful map. However there is only 1 more map that topped this and that is... S Tier: Site 61 ver.2: This is the most completed extra map in the game mode and by god is it beautiful looking! It has DM,SCP objects, the other stuff that other maps are missing, and it does more than just reuse the site 19 stuff, it adds to it, having completed unique and, honestly, better looking doors that prevent door cheese in heavy and entrance, DOOR CHEESE! You know the thing that people do to close doors on SCPS, the new doors at the very least make door cheese very hard to do, and I love those doors for doing that. Besides that the doors, zones, and even the surface looks better than all the other maps. It also adds stuff that even site 19 doesn't have like shotguns! And I barely have any issues with this map either except for a couple things: I have a couple nitpicks and one issue I have with this map. 1.SCP-012 actually can't be accessed for some reason XD, that doesn't really matter but I would like to point it out. 2.MTF can easily rush D class in light containment but it isn't exactly that bad because D class can quickly get into heavy before MTF arrive but to be fair SCPS mostly rush MTF as well so that's a way to stop that from happening. And 3.People easily get lost in the map because it's so huge, and it's especially confusing in entrance zone, and I can agree that in the beginning I had no idea where I was going whatsoever but I actually got used to it and now I know where I'm going, so I can get where you guys are coming from but... just pick the map more often and get used to the map! It's definitely better than picking the god awful map that is area 14 ver.3 And that is the Map Tier List! I hope you get where I'm coming from with my like (and hate) with these maps! See you later with either an SCP tier list or Breach Special Round TIer List :D.
  8. Here we are.. the finale of the wave 1 of suggestions. The Joke SCP is probably the biggest and funniest out of all the Joke SCPS I've done, all the other ones are pretty good as well though! And before we begin, SCP-1,000 isn't on this post, the reason is because I don't think it's unique enough to be in breach. Without further ado, let's begin. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-929: Health:1,000-1,450 Attack:50-100% Speed:Fast (a little slower than normal humans) Description: SCP-929 is a organism that will turn into a baby version of the one it decides to be it's "parent" so for example: if it decides that a human will be it's parent it will become a baby human. So SCP-929's 2 objectives will be:find a parent organism and kill the others that would threaten his parent, without a "parent" it will do 50% damage to hostiles and when it does have a parent organism, it will do 100% damage (maybe nerfed to 75%) to hostiles (it can work like the soul bind that SCP-607 has). If the creators want to, they can make it to where SCP-929 can kill it's parent too. If the parent is killed, the parent bind will have a 15-45 second cooldown. (literally the only photo I can find, sorry about that. It was from the wiki itself so I guess it's 929 as a baby fish) Playable Friendly/Enemy SCP: SCP-953: Health:200-300 Attack:can use items and weapons Speed:Fast (as fast as a human) Description: SCP-953 is a nine tailed fox human that will rarely spawn in with D class personnel, it will have SCP-4514 or a stunstick along with an SMG and a level 3 keycard, if the creators want to it's special ability can change itself into a nine tailed fox that can break windows and do 33-50% damage to others, either that or cause hallucinations like SCP-1799 cause of her manipulative abilities. This was the weakest SCP in this post, it sounds quite similar to SCP-035 but with some differences but I don't think there's any other place I can give her and I tried to make it different than SCP-035 but eh this will at least give D class a better chance to win. SCP Item: SCP-971: Description: SCP-971 is a fast food delivery service that you can order to get food, however the food is made of endangered animals. SCP-971 will be menu that will spawn in the cafeteria like SCP-458 (I figured out the pizza was a SCP) and a gift from dad. When you press E on the menu and a hamburger (maybe more foods, depends on the creators, they can also make it to where you can look at the menu and order whatever you want) and you can eat it to heal yourself, potentially giving you buffs as well. (Best image I could find) And without further ado... it's time for probably the best Joke SCP of the first wave... Joke SCP: SCP-963: Health:150-300 Attack:50% for melee weapon, 25-60% damage for gun+bleeding damage. Speed:Fast (as fast as a normal human) Description: SCP-963 is an amulet that, whoever touches it, they will become Dr.Bright. SCP-963 aka:Dr bright will rarely spawn in as a researcher either in light containment, or heavy (not sure with the weapons he will have). His weapons I've taken from the "Things Dr.Bright is no longer allowed to do at the foundation." With his melee weapon being a Diamond Pickaxe from Minecraft (I am not kidding, he actually made a diamond pickaxe using SCP-914) doing 50% damage and acting as either a level 3 or 4 keycard. EIther a chainsaw or chainsaw cannon, firing chainsaw that can either do 25% or 60% damage plus bleed damage because... well it's a chainsaw of course you would bleed out getting hit by a chainsaw, and he also has a medi-gun from TF2 (feel free to not have that but this is from Dr.Bright trying to make the medi-gun from TF2 with SCP-914) and it will act just like in it's own game, healing both parties. Another thing they would be cool but they don't have to add is whenever Dr.bright dies, SCP-963 will drop onto the ground as an item and whoever uses it they will become SCP-963 and maybe have it to where he can't escape but desert, but that depends on the creators. Here's a second idea I originally had before seeing that he was loyal to the foundation: I was gonna have it to where he was neutral to all players, but once I saw he was loyal and trustworthy to the foundation, he will have the researcher class with the same hostile/friendly status. And that is all of them. Later on I might rework on SCP-040, a poll just for fun, and a highlight reel of wave 1 before starting wave 2 that will give me a break for either 2 weeks or a month, depends on a certain person ^_^. But anyways I hope you enjoyed the suggestion ride and I will see you when I make another post!
  9. It is now time for SCPS 801-900! This was relatively easy to do this time around, I knew what I was going to choose for enemy SCP and SCP Item, but without further ado let's begin! Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-811: Health:1,000-1,500 Attack:45%+decaying damage (acts like bleeding but has differences) Speed:Fast (almost the speed of a human or faster) Description: SCP-811 is a swamp woman that has this green mucus that, when organic matter makes contact, will rapidly decay and SCP-811 can absorb the decayed matter for nutrients. SCP-811 will do 45% damage, and whenever it hits someone, it will start doing decaying damage (it will be a little bit faster than bleeding damage) that can only be stopped by SCP-500. If someone dies to the decaying damage SCP-811 will heal 60-100% health. It was a pretty easy SCP to make an idea for, and I don't think I can improve it any more other than the healing mechanic. (This is uh.. the best image I could find that wasn't riske at all. I was trying to find a photo that looked good and wasn't riske at all and this is what I found, let me know if the main interpretation of SCP-811 is good enough to be an image for this post and I will change it) Playable Friendly/Army SCP: SCP-846: Health:125-175 Attack:Has multiple weapons: a Flamethrower (Fire damage), pistol (around 12-20%), Rocket Launcher (50-75%), Acid (acts like bleeding damage), (I can't think of a good way to use the bug spray), Ray gun (acts like TAU-5 guns) and Atomic gernade (could act like saturnalia device or will do more damage than a high explosive gernade, it can be used more than once) Speed:Fast (Human Speed) Description: SCP-846 is "robo dude" that has multiple weapons to help others out. He will either be in the researcher or TRO class rarely spawning in light containment zone or with TRO in entrance zone. It will have multiple weapons at his disposal but he can't pick up items, his weapons also act like a level 3 keycard like scrubs use their guns like a level 4 keycard. It has a flamethrower,pistol,rocket launcher,acid,ray gun,and an atomic gernade (go to the attack stats for more details). It will be neutral to D class personnel but enemies to SCPS. SCP Item: SCP-871: Description: SCP-871 is a cake that duplicates after being eaten by a human after a while, if anything other than a human eats it it almost immedietly reappears. SCP-871 will spawn in the cafeteria like the pizza (let me know if it's an SCP), and the gift from dad SCP. If it's eaten by D class personnel,TRO,scrubs,researchers,etc. After 30 seconds to a minute. It will reappear in the cafeteria like the pizza, it will heal people to 100% health but can be eaten even if you're at full health. If it's eaten by an SCP, in 3-15 seconds it will respawn, so basically, cake party for SCPS ๐Ÿ˜† Joke SCP: SCP-805: Health:1,250-1,750 Attack:34-50% (potentially poison damage too) Speed:Very Fast (Faster than humans, probably as fast as able and john cena) Description: SCP-805 is a Poison Wood Foul that, whenever in contact with humans, will cause them to slowly turn into wood like SCP-805. SCP-805, since it's a horse, will naturally be faster than normal humans, when it hits someone, it could cause poison damage, and when they die to it's attacks or the poison, the corpse will turn into a wood human, like how the SCP-2845 turns the corpses to metallic hydrogen. The poison can be healed by either a med-kit or SCP-500. And that is all of them! This was very easy to do this time around, especially for the item and enemy SCP. I hope you like these suggestions! Stay tuned for tomorrow where it will be the finale of Part 1 of new suggestions: SCPS 901-1,000 and give myself a break/some time to determine which ideas i should focus more on and which ones I should drop/get ready for Part 2.
  10. It is now time for SCPS 701-800! This was a bit hard to do, probably the hardest in terms of finding a friendly/army SCP because the obvious one is a bit uh.. hard to implement lore and game wise, but it might be possible, other than that one there was no other friendly/army SCP i could find that would be good for the game... anyways let's begin! Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-718: Health:300-450 Attack:34-50% Speed:Fast (a little slower than humans) Description: SCP-718 is an eyeball that follows others creepily and explodes..., good start. His special ability is exploding, killing itself in the process (potentially respawning too), however whenever someone gets hit by it, you can use another ability to kill that person and either teleport or respawn at the corpse, if it's multiple targets you can kill one person at a time, the ability has a 20-30 second cooldown. It will automatically explode when it loses all it's health as well. Yea that's literally all I can't get more detailed than that for SCP-718... because thats literally all it does, an eyeball that follows others and whenever it gets hurt or something else it explodes, and those that get affected by the explosion will be affected and another SCP-718 will come out of them. Playable Friendly/Army SCP: SCP-706: Health:300-500 Attack:can use items and weapons Speed:Fast (normal human speed) Description: SCP-706 is a human doll that is rather fragile to damage, but can use raw material to heal herself, she wants to go home. SCP-706 will rarely spawn in as a researcher class, it will take around 10-25% more damage to weapons,SCPS,etc. Than normal humans, but she has a special abiilty where she can heal 150-250 health, it has a 10-25 second cooldown. This is the best friendly SCP I could've find, hopefully it's a good idea and concept. SCP Item: SCP-738: Description: This is kinda an odd one, SCP-738 is a pair of chairs and a desk, whenever someone sits in a chair, SCP-738-1 will appear to offer a deal, the "Devil's deal". It will offer one thing in exchange of something else. SCP-738 will be a room in entrance or heavy containment zone, it requires a level 4 keycard to access it, when you either 1. enter the room or 2.sit in the chair that's closest to the door, SCP-738-1 will appear and give you one of many randomly generated deals like for example: "Freedom for HP" (it will take them to the surface at gate A in exchange for slowly killing the player) or "power for life" (it grants the doomnack gun in exchange for cutting a player's health in half), and many more deals, you can either accept or deny the deal, you can only use it once a round. Joke SCP: SCP-702: Description: SCP-702 is an item that, whenever touched, will have an entity appear that will trade with the person who summoned it, if they don't trade anything, the person will die. SCP-702 will randomly spawn around the map and someone can pick it up, Whenever they equip the item and press E, they will summon the being and you will have 10-15 seconds to trade something with it or else you will die, it will give you a very good item if you successfully exchange with it. Like a Level 4 Keycard, smg,etc. Why this is a joke SCP is because... this is like a SCP-1162 you can pick up, I wanted to make it a bit different by making it garunteed to get good items in exchange for death if you take too long. But that is why it's the Joke SCP. And that is all of them ^_^, this was the second hardest post to make honestly, not in the way where it was super hard to find like SCPS 301-400, it was because it was very hard to have a concept that they will have in the game. But I managed to come up with decent ideas, I hope you like these ideas, see you tomorrow for SCPS 801-900
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