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  1. @Duck that is 100% fair. Personally, I treat virtually every aspect in my life as a "business" that can always be improved upon and grown. If I buy into something and believe in it, I will continue to try and improve my involvement and improve the subject at hand. This server is not, and will never be mine to sell, but I believe everything in life can always be improved and worked up. If that is not a common belief then absolutely I am not the right person to request your sponsorship. I apologize for the misunderstanding. @Reverb ... I respect that your opinion has not changed. You are entitled to your own opinion and that is ok. Not everyone and every personality will always click and get along. Slightly out of context, but yes that is exactly what I said. It was also addressed in discord public chat by Liloz that the server in discussion was a close friend and strong partner of GFL. Advertising was not my intent, and hopefully we can move past that. TBH my opinion has not really changed either YET and as a "leader" of this community, you have not attempted any mending of our initial fall out. I am ALWAYS happy to discuss in private further to clear things up and hope that we can be more cordial in the future and it will eventually lead to a change of opinions, from both sides. Again, you may not like me (may never either) and that is ok. I am always looking to improve myself and those with whom I network and always here to chat. If not, that's your choice and you do you...That's ok too. Regarding the initial application... the * was noted from first submission. There never was a "lie" and any forum mod should be able to see all revisions to back that up without any effort. Also with the application, the intent and reasoning behind that has already been discussed with upper leadership of this community and cleared up. My current desire to help in the community, general goals and intent, and this application was also discussed with leadership prior to submission. @Magiconix ... I do not believe we have met on server (this very may well just be time zone difference). Are you active on the ROT discord at any time throughout the day? I have been on there across all times and (unless your discord is under a different name I don't recognize) don't believe I have seen any interactions together on there. If not, I look forward to interacting more in the future hopefully! thank you all.
  2. Name(s) (ingame): Proditor Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:524041429 Hours played: 80+ Why should you be accepted as an admin? I am not yearning to "slay trolls dum dums", or "make the world a better place"...a dolphin can be trained to type "!slay" (maybe even better than some of us). However, I understand this is a necessary evil of the world we all live and enjoy, known as online gaming. My goal as Admin is to help new players understand how to enjoy the game a little bit more and lead experienced players to be better examples on our servers... We all know this will never exist perfectly in an online world, but everyone's help gets us a little closer. The more I have become involved with this Community, the more I come to appreciate our members and regulars, as well as leadership and the effort we all put into this. We all truly have a great thing here and I would welcome the opportunity to be a larger part of our continued growth together. Ultimately I hope to become more involved from a strategic business standpoint within the Community, and though ROT Admin is far from my end goal, I believe it's a great launching point for what I would like to help accomplish here long term. I believe in the meantime, earning respect as an admin would help garner more leverage to encourage regulars to sign up as members, members to become supporters, etc. and eventually move up as opportunity presents itself. In addition this will help me more fully understand the inner workings of our Community, Leadership and what opportunities we have to grow at a stronger rate. I'm in my 30's and work from home with a flexible schedule (online most week days morning-afternoon EST). I can regularly be found on ROT letting the "blue traitors" know they're being "sus AF" and feel like I have built quite a rapport with many members and regulars on the server. At any time, when able, I look to both teach and encourage new players through server specifics they might not be as familiar with, game play interaction and the GFL passion that drives all of us to keep coming back. Offline, I run a commercial sales team, overseeing the Southeast United States and manage a team of 12 individuals scattered remotely throughout the East Coast (read negotiation, customer success, conflict management, leadership, blah etc. etc. etc.) I previously co-founded and ran my own strictly TTT server for almost 3 years before selling it off at 2k+ subscribed members; then stayed involved as Division Head for that server for a few more years. I have put a lot of effort into meeting new people throughout this Community, whether in-game, on discord or on the forums. Virtually all have been a positive experience and I look forward to continuing to grow that network. Most importantly I look forward to the continuance of new individuals to meet and hope to be able to have a larger impact moving forward in our goal of making this Community one of the best in the world. Spam f in reply or hopefully add a +1 for good measure Godspeed, Proditor Have you been an admin before somewhere else?: Co-founder of former TTT only dedicated server. Helped grow to 2k+ members in less than 3 years before selling off licensing rights. Then maintained as Division Lead for a few more years after. Have you fully read the rules and understand them? sometimes big words are hard... but yes. If you have bans, why were you banned?  Cookie Man banned me from dipping him in milk once. I guess he might be lactose? Paul may have banned me from VTF texturing after I made the Kool Aid man's face look rather disproportionate this week No server bans btw. Which admins sponsor your admin application? (Peking) Duck - Quack Quack Yum.
  3. The 3 looks of Glacier... cuddling. derp. or I will murder you in your sleep (also known as Inno, Detective or Traitor)
  4. If someone is a true first time supporter, I will match whatever donation for the first 3 donations and then every 10th thereafter inside 10 days from today!
  5. *this post is not sponsored by any GFL leadership, staff, admin, or member, other than myself and may not reflect the opinion of any previously listed* You down with TTT? Yeah (if not, you probably don't) know me. If you don't get the above reference, go ask your parents why they didn't procreate sooner in life. *disclaimer - please do NOT actually do this, as it may cause uncomfortable discussions to follow* In my time with this Community, although I have (as many of us may have) hung out exclusively on one main server (TTT-ROT), I have met a ton a truly great people...even if most of you are "sus AF" This Community brings us all together for a reason. Outside of TTT-ROT, I've been fortunate to meet more truly great people through GFL Discord and these forums. I am always open to meeting new individuals as I believe every person can create a positive impact on someone's life. If we haven't met, feel free to hit me up on Discord, here, Steam, invite me to a game, whatever. I am always open to expanding a network and experience new things. One consistency I've noticed is we are all passionate about gaming, this Community and our servers. Yes, as members these servers belong to every one of us in this Community and it's our responsibility to always look to improve. We all have plenty of suggestions to help improve gameplay, grow members, better performance, fix bugs, etc. However, as a fact of life, all of these betterments come at a cost of both time and money. The Community staff works endlessly to continually support all of us and keep us up and running. Additionally, this server is supported by extremely generous individuals every day. It is also one of the few communities transparent enough to show right on the website every dollar in and out of the treasury. As we look to progress as a Community and continue to improve our servers, I think we all possibly believe there are a few servers out there, that could benefit from an upgrade. I would like to propose a challenge to raise $1k in 10 days To help achieve this, I ask ANY member, who would be a FIRST TIME SUPPORTER, that enjoys and is just as passionate about this community, if you are able to consider a small donation. I WILL PERSONALLY MATCH THE FIRST 3 NET-NEW (first time donators) amounts and then will match every 10th net-new donation there after, for the next 10 days. Just send me a message after saying "Long Time Player, First Time Supporter" and include your favorite GFL Game Server. CHALLENGE, if you can ask 3 of your friends if they are able to help support this passion as well. Whether this is $1.50, $2.00, $5.00 or more any gracious amount helps us grow together. We all understand life isn't always as easy as that...if a donation does not make sense at this time THAT IS STILL OK. Show your passion by sharing this post with your friends, or encouraging in-game players to sign up as a new member, or new supporter. Growth of our Community is our best power to continue to improve! I am looking forward to meeting everyone in the future and hearing about how this server has helped you grow personally, professionally, or just made life a little more enjoyable. https://gflclan.com/donate/ Godspeed, Proditor
  6. Thank you for your service to this community and our Country! 🦑
  7. [email protected] forward to seeing the continued progress and growth!
  8. Hello!

    Welcome fellow Floridian! Awesome on the AP classes and good luck in cyber security! Keep up the great work!
  9. Legit read the first part of my post.. Hours unknown. And regardless, I play during morning/afternoon hours U.S. Eastern time zone when there are no admins on (*for the majority of the time*) so kinda hard to "stand out" ...hence the biggest problem time for your server right now. This was again an issue tonight of continuous RDM and mass RTV to the point where members and donators were driven away from the server disgusted. I'm fine waiting until more hours on, or never being admin, just trying to help grow a server that has good potential and is currently being trashed by unmonitored hours. As someone who has grown a server to 2k+ members in less than 3 years, I (believe that I) recognize good potential in a community and would like to be a part of it, even as just a participant and nothing more. As previously mentioned, should the server regain trust factor, I'm looking forward to growing within the community in the future and getting to know those outside my time zone better! Thanks all!
  10. all above are fair reasons. hopefully you get more admins to be active during the day so the server doesn't suffer. Looking forward to continuing to grow with the community and reapplying down the road.
  11. Name(s) (ingame): Innocent Traitor Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:524041429 Hours played: 0 Why should you be accepted as an admin? unknown hours to date. Co-founder, Co-owner, lead admin of MistyLunaGaming TTT server back about 5-6 years ago, then sold the server and rights to TangoWorldWide. Ran with TW2 for a few years on TTT and CSGO then took the past few years off. Love your server and most of the community....current admins are respectable, but not enough ever on, especially in morning/afternoon Eastern U.S. time. Too much goes unaccounted for. 33yrs old and work from home w/ too much free time lol so normally playing most of the day during the week. Morgan/Axel/etc etc etc insert typical regulars here, should be familar with me.... if I mess up, I kill myself, can't stand "kids" (of any age) who abuse admin or servers. Let me know, but would love to jump in and hang out more on the server. Thanks! -Brett Have you been an admin before somewhere else?: yes Have you fully read the rules and understand them? yes If you have bans, why were you banned?  n/a Which admins sponsor your admin application?
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