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  1. If someone is a true first time supporter, I will match whatever donation for the first 3 donations and then every 10th thereafter inside 10 days from today!
  2. *this post is not sponsored by any GFL leadership, staff, admin, or member, other than myself and may not reflect the opinion of any previously listed* You down with TTT? Yeah (if not, you probably don't) know me. If you don't get the above reference, go ask your parents why they didn't procreate sooner in life. *disclaimer - please do NOT actually do this, as it may cause uncomfortable discussions to follow* In my time with this Community, although I have (as many of us may have) hung out exclusively on one main server (TTT-ROT), I have met a ton a truly great people...even if most of you are "sus AF" This Community brings us all together for a reason. Outside of TTT-ROT, I've been fortunate to meet more truly great people through GFL Discord and these forums. I am always open to meeting new individuals as I believe every person can create a positive impact on someone's life. If we haven't met, feel free to hit me up on Discord, here, Steam, invite me to a game, whatever. I am always open to expanding a network and experience new things. One consistency I've noticed is we are all passionate about gaming, this Community and our servers. Yes, as members these servers belong to every one of us in this Community and it's our responsibility to always look to improve. We all have plenty of suggestions to help improve gameplay, grow members, better performance, fix bugs, etc. However, as a fact of life, all of these betterments come at a cost of both time and money. The Community staff works endlessly to continually support all of us and keep us up and running. Additionally, this server is supported by extremely generous individuals every day. It is also one of the few communities transparent enough to show right on the website every dollar in and out of the treasury. As we look to progress as a Community and continue to improve our servers, I think we all possibly believe there are a few servers out there, that could benefit from an upgrade. I would like to propose a challenge to raise $1k in 10 days To help achieve this, I ask ANY member, who would be a FIRST TIME SUPPORTER, that enjoys and is just as passionate about this community, if you are able to consider a small donation. I WILL PERSONALLY MATCH THE FIRST 3 NET-NEW (first time donators) amounts and then will match every 10th net-new donation there after, for the next 10 days. Just send me a message after saying "Long Time Player, First Time Supporter" and include your favorite GFL Game Server. CHALLENGE, if you can ask 3 of your friends if they are able to help support this passion as well. Whether this is $1.50, $2.00, $5.00 or more any gracious amount helps us grow together. We all understand life isn't always as easy as that...if a donation does not make sense at this time THAT IS STILL OK. Show your passion by sharing this post with your friends, or encouraging in-game players to sign up as a new member, or new supporter. Growth of our Community is our best power to continue to improve! I am looking forward to meeting everyone in the future and hearing about how this server has helped you grow personally, professionally, or just made life a little more enjoyable. https://gflclan.com/donate/ Godspeed, Proditor
  3. Thank you for your service to this community and our Country! 🦑
  4. Totally respect this. Sorry if OP came off as freedon slaying lol...I truly meant moreso along sexist, homophobic, etc and EXTREME abuse of language. Unfortunately it is at current discretion (and at the time mood) of the online admin which mostly limits to only racists comments. I am just as guilty of random bro wtfs or getting caught as a T and an well f me comment here and there as the next person. As a long(ish) time visitor and a fairly new regular member, I just wanted to bring a little attention to the community and get everyone's thoughts and opinions on it all. Again full respect to everyone's opinion and I really do value all the input. Appreciate everyone chiming in!!
  5. [email protected] forward to seeing the continued progress and growth!
  6. I think you might want to consider the difference between a personal profile and public server. You have to take a high level of effort to seek out my direct profile and if you don't like it you don't visit it again, but it doesn't hurt the community or the server. A public server whether just passing through, a frequent player, or a member is significantly different holding a much larger reach of potential. No one is quitting GFL bc of my profile. And come on... that KD is legit lol. As just mentioned before, in my other reply, not looking to shut down, just thinking we (all members, not just admins), need to be more mindful of our respect levels in-game and help to remind people/promote not just a server of inclusion but also integration. Specifically homophobic, direct verbal or chat attacks against a person, sexist remarks, etc. Thanks for the input Waylon, much appreciated! *edit* @Waylon SmithersI did not realize the KD showed up under name on anything I comment/post. I have pushed that back deeper into my profile so cannot be seen unless specifically visited. Thanks for bringing that to attention!
  7. Yes, I am not against basic language... ass, damn, hell, shit are not the issue... "shit" is even in the game sometimes when you fall to your death. More so directed at slurs such as homophobic ones, 'bitch' - only when directed at someone (not calling someone an SOB, but specifically people calling female members or guests a bitch/cunt), and mass spamming of 'fuck'. There are a handful of members who regularly scream it into the mic and/or is almost every other word in their dialog. Again, I am not personally offended by any of this... I'm the least protected individual in the world... white, straight, middle-class, male. Just looking to avoid deterrence towards potential members, potential donations and community contributors.
  8. It's both...you hate to mute people in a game like TTT where doing so can alter the entire game experience (ie call out kos, etc). Across all staff, do an excellent job shutting down racism but it ends there.
  9. I'll first preface by saying I am not personally offended, nor am I naive enough to believe it's possible to ever contain the online world... However with that being said, I have recently noticed a high uptick in foul and offensive/subjective language on this server, moreso than most other ingame communities I am a part of. Non-related, I have also felt an increase (at certain times of the day) in younger players joining the server more regularly, which is a good thing! Youth is a great addition to the community and can grow to significant value. The poor behavior is not from these younger players but rather the elders, and I feel has deterred some younglins recently (generally speaking) from sticking around longer or trying to get more involved in the community. Not calling this "bullying" but everything said and done in-game does set an example of what the GFL community is about. Has there ever been consideration to limit extreme language? The admins currently do a great job shutting down racist comments, but in the long run might be worth considering limitations against other slurs/vulgarity and f-bombs, to encourage a more welcoming server to all. Whether this is a separate "all ages" vs "18+" server with specific rules, or simply working to promote better behavior in the current server, I'm not sure... both have +/- associated. Just something I've noticed in my time here and felt a discussion could benefit the community in the long run in holding ourselves to a higher standard and level of respect. Thoughts?
  10. Hello!

    Welcome fellow Floridian! Awesome on the AP classes and good luck in cyber security! Keep up the great work!
  11. No sorry... not track individual t rd stats per player but the original thought process of limiting how many t slots can be"purchased" ea rd vs assigned randomly. Ie 6 ts means 3 randoms and 3 pass opportunities or whatever breakdown
  12. I really like the thought process around this, but agree with Squid I believe would be very complicated to code/implement. Typically there is a weighted algorithm behind the main ttt_traitor_pct setting. Nick or someone may be able to restore a log against this and alter slots accordingly if it will allow a break down?
  13. Point Shop

    Yes sorry GMOD TTT. Mainly play on rotation server, but all point shops in general. thanks!
  14. Point Shop

    Is there anyway to make the PS active while dead/spec? Right now can only purchase models, etc. when alive which causes slight afk delay at start of round. Not a big issue, but would be nice to take care of that whilst dead and inactive. Is there a sys limitation on this or reason against?
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