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  1. Known cheater on wL, here's some more evidence Has barely any gamesense, seems to have aimbot or aimassist, wallhacks and bunnyhop scripts (but can't really strafe) https://mega.nz/file/7SZwTADS#fxBG5Phqh7cwaUXaq2MhuV3rcu6GlYwvVVjzY0NA6D8 odyn2.dem https://streamable.com/yh87sq - doesn't aim at the head but kills first player with a headshot, 3 people are lower tunnels, one shouldn't have been seen by the cheater and was killed through the boxes, rest of the kills also aren't really near the head
  2. I knew you'd post about my awpclan pub ban. I appealed it as well and they concluded that the ban was false. Can you just post the demo file? How is this strong evidence with such little context?
  3. It's literally a joke, but if it becomes that bad, I'll change my name for its sake. If you really assumed that I had used a script, just use one of your bunnyhop anticheat plugins like SMAC or Macrodox and look at my +jump stats as well as looking at my perfect jump rate. If my ban was because of "Wallhack," why bring the point of a joke name up as a point in your argument? You did nothing to warn me to change my name or anything, so why would you include that if my ban was only "wallhacking," shouldn't you have just made it a general ban with the reason of "breaking rules?" So there are 3 people left on the Terrorist team side, and I checked my radar to see 2 of them around top middle. I would have assumed that the third was around there as well. I also heard the player that I killed running through suicide, but didn't expect him to immediately go outside doors, which is why I jumped onto the ledge in the first place, to peek him at suicide and top middle. I didn't need to check the outside long angle next to the car since I can clearly see no one was there upon reaching the ledge until the player ran towards there. I positioned myself so that even if someone was outside long, they couldn't see me (besides the car angle which was clear). Of course I'm safe to do so because I know that 2 people are still probably top middle, no one was at the car angle watching T spawn, and I could get an advantage over the players at top middle. Plus, I'm a CT, and the first kill that was shown on the kill feed was a T headshotting a CT, my kill was a normal one. The second person, however, I do remember that he was shooting at a player at the time with an SG553 on the right side of top mid, so I didn't need to be careful jumping on the ledge to peek if I had a general idea where the person I killed was. My team pushed through tunnels, so I did as well since they had cleared it. Middle and long shouldn't be my problem as I was playing B at the time. I even heard the firefight at middle, so I went to T spawn instead to flank the Terrorists. About 7-8 players on my team were alive and mainly were on A and middle. I also love the last sentence of this quote, I don't know if you have played on pub servers as much as I do but people definitely push T spawn like how I do. My first time playing I joined T side and 6 CTs pushed tunnels to T spawn for 4 rounds in a row. On large pub servers, it's extremely common to have 5+ CT players to rush T spawn either to successfully take it over or die on there. I assume you don't have much knowledge on cs:s movement, the part where I supposedly was placing my crosshair on the enemy through the wall. I was strafe running. Due to the extra speed you can get when strafing (say starting a longjump for example), you gain around 1-28 units of speed depending on how you do it. For strafe running however, to go straight, you have to look left/right and tap the opposite strafe key (as well as holding W). In that clip, I looked to the left and was tapping D to gain 257-260 velocity instead of the usual 250 velocity. If I knew when he would come out, wouldn't I have waited with my primary weapon ready to kill him the instant he comes out into the open, instead of jumping onto the ledge to peek suicide and top middle? How can you be unsure of your own proof? You say you believe and it just makes me think you're assuming. Please post my +jump stats if my "use of scripts" is blatant. I don't even think I could have gone past 325 horizontal velocity on that server. If you really are using my name as a reason to give you another point in an argument, I don't even know what to say. My name and the group itself is a meme and the group is almost 4 years old. I don't see any intent in sharing knowledge of cheating, I haven't even talked about it on the server. All I am doing is making a joke. I don't even think 95% of the cs:s community even knows what this is, neither would they even care. You're unsure of the proof you present but you're 100% sure that I'm scripting. You love to say the word "fearlessly," but you aren't taking the account of the server being a pub server. Why would you fear doing things on a casual server that's supposed to be fun? Kinda stupid I have to explain so much in a clip that is very short. I would have expected much more than just one clip. Please send a demo so it's easier to do things.
  4. Even if the date was incorrect, should you have said that comment? I'd like to also point out that you've comm banned yourself 19 times, which are mostly probably racism, because you clearly want to express it as well as wanting the rule about it removed. Why not stack your own punishments and permanently mute yourself without removing it 5 minutes later because you express racism as well as disrespect players over and over and over again? I find it funny that you want stacking punishments to exist but you're not stacking your own mutes/gags.
  5. I just got banned from the Dust2 server for "Wallhack" upon my second time playing on it. What happened during my playtime for the conclusion that I was apparently cheating? I have never cheated on CS:S and have been playing pub and sometimes pug servers for a while now and wanted to play on this one. This is my STEAM ID. STEAM_0:0:155740052 I also play on the Bunnyhop server a lot as well, and now because of this ban, I can't play on it due to the ban transferring over other servers
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