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  1. Odyn

    Known cheater on wL, here's some more evidence Has barely any gamesense, seems to have aimbot or aimassist, wallhacks and bunnyhop scripts (but can't really strafe) https://mega.nz/file/7SZwTADS#fxBG5Phqh7cwaUXaq2MhuV3rcu6GlYwvVVjzY0NA6D8 odyn2.dem https://streamable.com/yh87sq - doesn't aim at the head but kills first player with a headshot, 3 people are lower tunnels, one shouldn't have been seen by the cheater and was killed through the boxes, rest of the kills also aren't really near the head
  2. Even if the date was incorrect, should you have said that comment? I'd like to also point out that you've comm banned yourself 19 times, which are mostly probably racism, because you clearly want to express it as well as wanting the rule about it removed. Why not stack your own punishments and permanently mute yourself without removing it 5 minutes later because you express racism as well as disrespect players over and over and over again? I find it funny that you want stacking punishments to exist but you're not stacking your own mutes/gags.
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