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  1. bro where have you been I hope you are ok and all also I had to be the one to tell @August about you when he needed you fam.

    ty for helping them out just got wind of it. he is just filling me in :L


    btw congrats on the module sale for the IPS panel keep up on what you do great in fam.

  2. dan is a good guy, he takes care of the 1v1 server, rn 1v1 sucks a bit cuz u have cheaters that come on the server and never get banned cuz there isnt other admins at all time. Dan maybe cares a little bit too much but I think his demote deserves a revision.

  3. what happened xd

  4. As a community we host all our servers on our own boxes. This is so we are sure we provide the best server experience for all players (we can only account for what we host). As a community and brand, we do not let others host servers on their own boxes. This will most probably be a no however if you want to host a GG server with GFL, we can easily provide you with the means of a server hosted on our own box which you can manage. However, whether a GG server is wanted in the community is a whole new question on it's own, especially in CSS.
  5. don't threaten to ban me just ban me 

    *puts up dukes *

  6. Why are all the Europeans alcoholics and druggies ?
  7. I got something planned if I’m not fucked on the day.
  8. I never use ccleaner or any other 'cleaning' products for PC, all cccleaner does is delete registry, temp and recycling bin files. You don't need a program for that but I guess it does make it easier for some people.
  9. you need to logout then log back in using steam button. Then try it.
  10. its no longer an issue, if you have bind for rcon commands you shouldn't press it while on any server unless you have rcon access. It will temp ban you for good reason (e.g. people would just bruteforce rcon password). The problem with surf was that someone had set it to keep the temp bans effectively meaning everyone who was temp banned outside of sourcebans were being perm banned.
  11. It's ok, I knew it would have been something like that. Anyway it's good you reported it cause other people were being banned for the same reason.
  12. well you might not be using the correct email then.
  13. Like bae said, you don't have a password when you sign up with steam. Just logout, click forgot password and put in the email and do it that way.
  14. I've tried too, what's your doubts? Have you played using another steamid or something. EDIT: I've fixed it seems you were abusing rcon or something. Anyway surf rpg was set up to keep temp bans when we use sourcebans. Anyway it is solved.
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