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  1. pygame

    Still won't be able to run it without pygame libraries. I will compile it for you tomorrow.
  2. pygame

    I don't know if you realise but you given people the source files. No one can play your game unless they know how to compile python. Maybe share the exe.
  4. You weren't VIP on old forums. So idk. Can you show me a paypal receipt or something?
  5. If anyone is gonna help you provide the right info. I don't have your steamid or anything.
  6. still impossible for it to below room temp lol. It got to making some heat.
  7. Bit odd cause your cpu is running colder than room temperature. Definitely not correct unless you are using a fridge.
  8. I couldn't find the guy in the old backups. Also you profile itself is set to group 5 which isn't VIP. If you were gifted VIP it would show you in group 9.
  9. I can only see supporter purchase for 1 month. What was your friend's name who gifted you?
  10. VIP

  11. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  12. gflclan
  13. We have an ever growing/changing set of admins, this would be near impossible as roy is the only person with main access to our NFO servers. He already struggles just giving managers nfo access and keeping that updated. Personally I also don't like anyone else except roy having the main account so it would be impossible to delegate this task to other higher ups.
  14. @denros You're awesome!


    Colors are used in mentions now.

    1. Finnick


      lol @Roy is a ming mang

    2. Leks
    3. Benroyjam


      This is nice. Would be at least neat to have @ symbol to be tagged in color too. It's confusing me.