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  1. Because pornhub is blocked on their home computers. And it doesn't have 14 year olds being fucked. But yeah this is weird.
  2. WE can't just add skin's, think about the download times. We already have to download like 6 skins adding couple more would raise that number even higher. Higher download times = fewer new players. More skins are bad for the long run. Which is why me and hacking limit the number of skins on the server. EDIT: Also removed Cyan markers.
  3. I need my permanent vip, I don't want mine to run out on February 6 2017. I did buy it before it made a yearly month pay.

  4. hey my brother has made me bade so i can not get on can you get me back on pls 

    1. icecold


      it on puger that one



    2. icecold


      it on puger that one


  5. Thank you for your application. Unfortunately on this occasion your member application has been denied. Reason: Bad reason.
  6. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  7. How do you accidentally start Cheat Engine? It's better to be honest than saying it happened 'accidentally'.
  8. Good to know that the gfl logo is as shit as it was when we started.
  9. Best thing is to get yourself a VPN guys. You never know what links are tracking your IP and for what reason.
  10. Yes that's what I mean, once you click the option, it shows you names of players on the Terrorist side. You then choose the person's name to mute.
  11. You already can, there is a mute Terrorist menu option in the warden menu if do !menu as warden. We do have invisibility for 1 round in the shop but its partial invisibility with a timer.
  12. Nope he is actually banned. Roy is on the case.
  13. Unbanned. Should work now.
  14. Yes of course, but I can't unban you from IPS' global IP bans. All I can do is appeal.
  15. Like I said its either your VPN or your IP has been flagged somewhere by IPS.