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  1. Good idea, the admin toggle on/off makes it even better (could also disable on certain maps instead). Don't need to debate everything, just add this feature and see what happens.
  2. The Negev could go with a nerf but that's not what this thread is about. Increasing the effectiveness of a majority of guns won't be much of a buff unless overdone, and so a nerf isn't too crucial to balance the proposed changes. This is because while guns like the ump, mac10 and AK will be more effective, these will likely be in place of a bizon or negev, and unless these guns are buffed too much they may actually act a slightly negative factor for the CT team, which is fine. So yes, a few guns should have increased ammo, this will offer more variability for older players who are sick of pressing their bizon bind and is idea compounded by the fact newer players who often buy an AK or M4 will be much more useful during defence and boss fights. Just keep in mind that the negev, bizon and p90 are staples in ze and should be kept at the predominant guns and most players use these guns and this buff may confuse them as to which guns are effective. So please don't buff the other guns too much, but just enough for them to be a fresh option that compares fairly well to the current ze gun meta. TLDR: Increase ammo of rarely used guns by a little.
  3. Great to hear more females are getting into ze mapping!
  4. Encourages elitism and the event will be toxic, leaving everyone but the winner(s) disappointed.
  5. The community needs to encourage the new players to play casual maps and tryhard maps that don't focus on lasers like skyrim, fapescape and rizomata since ff maps and deadcore etc. are really challenging to new ze players and especially f2p players. A fair amount gfl "regulars" now are just laser fags and will eventually get bored of their daily mako, wester and deadcore, the regulars that don't like these maps get bored even quicker. The server has so many maps that hardly get played which makes ze seem very stale to new players as a fraction of the nomlist gets played often, this also takes an eventual toll on regulars. So all in all feel free to nominate maps you haven't played for a while, sepiroth will still be there waiting, don't worry. bring back all spartan colours being free for members
  6. Yeah it would be good to have a 1 map 'cooldown' so tryhard maps cant be played in a row but might mean events will be harder to set up
  7. Being a good defender doesn't make you a good admin, just ask sneaky dontbanme
  8. a cooldown between ff maps specifically (of like 5-10 maps) would be better than differing cooldowns @ReivaX
  9. When I thought of a Christmas event, Onahole was the first map that came to mind too.
  10. The Singapore idea sounds good to me. Not just because I'll get less ping, but because while there are Asian servers, there's none that I know of in the Singapore/SEA region that have decent management and there's a surprising amount of potential players in SEA. Zeddy's was very popular despite, having bad admins/ autocratic server managers and not being able to nominate, a SEA server has lots of potential without these issues. give Asia/Aus/NZ good ping
  11. 1. There are lots of character models with fox tails, and GFL (thankfully) has none of them, you're likely remembering it from another server. 2. I think you're thinking of the map ze_random
  12. I'm sure plenty of people are interested in the specific stats of the weapons too
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