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  1. why you gotta do darkheroz like that
  2. That is a better solution yes, but i still don't think it's an improvement to the current server settings, at all.
  3. So theoretically, say theres 54 cts then they could have 108 smoke grenades, freezing the zombies for 540 seconds or 9 minutes, thats the length of most maps/levels. Now sure obviously humans wont throw nades perfectly and 108 nades would never be thrown but you hopefully get the point. Ive played ze on csgo servers with smoke grenades and theyre always really ct sided due to these nades (and the length of these smokes wasnt anywhere near 5 seconds). On css Ive only seen smoke grenades available on nemesis maps, a mode which (to my knowledge) no csgo server has implemented. As a zombie it feels horrible to bhop near cts and get frozen and knocked back a mile away. I hope that explains why the idea of smoke grenades isnt a great idea for the server.
  4. Much like the N word this is something that only works well in css ze.
  5. I think they're usually fun and wouldn't mind them added. But keep in mind the idea of the "community'" only goes as far as those who participate in the vote and only consists of regular players who would obviously want something to spice up the casual maps they've played many times. A majority of the people that play on the server wouldn't even have heard of the forums and these newer players would probably honestly prefer normal settings. Just imagine your first experience playing ZE is 3/4s of the humans charging at zombies and knifing them instead of playing normally, it might not be an enticing way for the game mode to be introduced to newer players. Just something to keep in mind.
  6. Just building on the platformer idea by lord death. The team needs to try and get as many wins in a row as they can, simple enough. A cool reward would be the amount of wins in the biggest streak is the amount of players on the server that get 2 weeks/ 1 month VIP. So say the best streak is 6 wins then 6 of the 64 players will get the reward with a randomizer, fitting since the map is random. Could go even further and have 1 'entry' per win for each player that wins so 'chad' who won 12 times doesn't have the same chance as 'impact' who hasn't won it at all but is in the server. Excessive trolling with items should be punished since its an event. Format - no preferred time, no restrictions, map mentioned and reward mentioned
  7. 0 Ping

    Jumping lasers with 200 ping isn't unplayable (using the direct definition of the word) but it makes some maps incredibly hard: luck matters, tyranny2, chaos, cosmo (without relying on rng) and ridonara just to name a few. Sure high ping players can beat these maps (chaos lvl 2 idk) but we're at a huge disadvantage and unless you've played these maps a huge amount its unlikely you'll win with high ping. Of course we're used to jumping earlier but (almost all) high ping players are very willing to adapt to "0 ping" because it will make maps far easier in the long term if not the short term. I understand the argument of changing your timings a little bit (for US players) can be difficult but changing timing jumps for 200+ ping to 0 is harder coming from experience with everything from 30 to 300 ping on ze. Having played on an Australian server with 30 ping I find no difference between how I timed reactions there to how I time reactions to 0 ping. In regards to the boss balancing, I'll use the predator boss as an example before 0 ping it would indeed take longer to kill and therefore be a harder boss. This is obviously because ping didn't allow player's bullets to connect with the boss as much as they should have which was a huge advantage for low ping players, not to mention how the boss killed high ping players from large distances. Yes bosses like this are easier but this is because everyone has a fair chance now to enjoy the boss fight, and hp could be increased if it gets way too easy on some maps. "i got 3rd highest damage with 150 ping, just lead your shots idiot" is an argument some players may give which is just silly. Most importantly new players will be able to enjoy the game mode straight away without learning lessons like having to lead their shots or react to lasers early the hard way which will not only help them but also help the team. I understand if you have low ping already you will be inclined to vote against "0 ping" because you already have it easy but before coming to a decision please take high ping players into consideration. From the way some players blame it its as if they were invincible before the plugin's inception. TL:DR - some maps were very hard without 0 ping, bosses were harder to shoot and new players would die due to their ping, please consider how advantageous this is for high ping players.
  9. I think admin extend votes should be 67% and be available even if the server didn't use all normal extends. Theoretically this vote (an admin extend vote despite server voting for another map) would never pass if players vote for what they voted for in the non-admin vote, but people might change their mind and its worth giving players the chance to vote to extend if they might have been focusing during the actual vote and accidentally pressed no vote or the non-extension option. e.g. a leader joined with 1:30 left on map or people saw a map they are really passionate about and voted for that yet would also like to finish the current map now they have secured another map they enjoy will be played next. Put simply, if 67% (or 75%) of the server wants to extend the map at any time then why not allow admins to give them the chance?
  10. Hi Blast I've seen bring heaps of energy to the server which can be great and fun for everyone if you apply it correctly Here are just some tips so you don't get muted/banned in the future - No matter how benevolent your intentions are, false leading is still false leading so make sure that you've previously played a map at least once before trying to lead - Mic spam isn't limited to "just making noise to make noise" but can also be constantly speaking in a way admins perceive as annoying e.g. constantly asking zombies to push - The people verbally abusing you are likely doing it because you're leading zombies or speaking a little too much so the admins are muting you because of you doing those things not because they side with people who verbally abuse others for the sake of it, so don't act aggressively towards admins because that might get you muted/banned again. What to do: - So just try to only lead zombies during chill maps and when you do, don't constantly shout commands because it can annoy others easily, just say your motivating lines once every minute or so - Try keep your conversations relevant to the game or at least not involving a topic which can polarize people easily (as already mentioned)
  11. Doesn't quite work like that since if you had already rtv'ed the map and it gets to the rtv vote, the 'don't change' option rarely gets voted for, whereas if you had used !unrtv the vote might not have happened in the first place.
  12. Would be awesome if admins could add !unrtv , hope I don't need to give any evidence as to why.
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