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  1. Happy Birthday nerd🎊

    1. Korowa


      He doesn't come on here anymore

  2. https://gflclan.com/work/projects/ <--- Most recent update: December 12, 2018 Suggestion: Restrict the section until it's been revamped OR have a PR member revive the section by updating all projects along with posting new projects. Clicking the "GFL" tab redirects you to https://gflclan.com/work/index.html/ which for me prompts a "No Permission" page. Suggestion: Change redirect from /work/index.html to /updates/ https://gflclan.com/clubs/ <--- The only active group is 'Art' and it's just @Finnick Suggestion: Improve the clubs by promoting them or making them more visible on the main page. Otherwise, make the currently active clubs visible on a person's profile page considering it currently shows nothing. I want to emphasize that in no way do I want the clubs to be removed. I believe the clubs should be worked on and used more. Although I don't believe every club should be created by a random individual but instead be created by a member of the PR or media team. For example, creating a club for anime could possibly make some members more active.) https://gflclan.com/topdonors/ I believe @Roy said he was going to fix this but @Ralsei may be able to. https://gflclan.com/tracker/bugs/ Same reason for /work/projects/ https://gflclan.com/rules/forum-rules/ The sidebar needs to be updated. Uhh, more stuff will come to mind as I think about it. We can talk later if you want @Joel It's January 17th... remove the snow.
  3. If you don't use -novid you're pretty much wasting your life.
  4. I can understand where you’re coming from and hate to see you go. Taking a leadership position requires a lot of personal time and devotion to the greater cause. I believe you do have the right mindset and we appreciate all the time that you did put into the community. Hopefully, you’ll regain motivation and as Joel said rejoin us at some point to demonstrate your amazing GFX skills. Anyways, I’m always around if you ever want to vent to me. You know my contact.
  5. I believe I should be able to attend.
  6. Time to start packing all my things up to drive 2.5 hours back to college. I don’t even have all my books yet :feelsbadman:

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    2. Skittlez


      @Major_Push Computer Software Engineering.

    3. Major_Push


      What a nerd.


      What year are you?

    4. Skittlez


      Freshman. I'm on a transfer program.

  7. Just got a ticket after leaving work. The cop was such a fucking dick about it. $180/4pts or $75/2pts... I guess $75 it is.

  8. Glad to see change...
  9. College classes start Monday. Who else is ready for sleep deprivation and constant hunger?

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    1. Korowa
    2. Skittlez


      Jesus, I’m retarded.

  10. Ooo I want Kerbal Space Program. It sounds like a good game to waste many hours on, lol.
  11. lol... Enjoy your break, Virus
  12. Just got to the link below and type the command in-game. https://gflclan.com/settings/minecraft/
  13. Considering the server is still in development and BETA they probably won't be "plastering" the IP everywhere. However, when it's finalized I'm rather positive there will be an announcement thread along with the server being listed in the index.
  14. When purge releases I'm getting an M14 and an M82 and raiding you.