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  1. And we'll just leave it at that...
  2. Clearly your strong desire to be part of our community has taken a massive toll on you. I can only imagine how much time you've dedicated to changing your entire lifestyle to becoming a less toxic and more mature human being. I see absolutely no reason as to why you should stay banned and can't wait to see you back in the discord! And maybe if we're lucky, even in one of our game servers! +1
  3. I got muted

    Yeah, that's fine. I'd say a permanent mute would be too much; a week is not bad.
  4. I got muted

    You couldn't really hear the words; it was bass boosted and muffled. It wasn't like he was playing some casual song it was deliberate and intentional earrape.
  5. Hey @ChaseIsTaken, It looks like you haven't been on the server in a while now... If you're still interested in becoming a chatmod just get your hours and reapply! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a DM! Thanks. Skittlez.
  6. I got muted

    I'm pretty sure I was the person who muted you. It doesn't matter if it's in your own base - and believe it or not, it's extremely annoying. I don't really see why you play stuff like that in your mic. It's extremely annoying and immature. If you're the person I think you are (considering you gave 0 info about yourself) then it's not a permanent mute. I believe it was 1 week.
  7. Accepted! Please touch base with one of the server managers to get trained! Let me know if you have any issues! Thanks. Skittlez
  8. Hey @Dr_crazy42, I don't believe I'm going to be able to accept your application today. It appears as if your activity just it's as high as we would like. Feel free to get that up and apply again! Thanks. Skittlez
  9. So you didn't say any of these things? Also, you are extremely toxic just based on the chat logs. I'm pretty surprised you didn't get muted for longer.
  10. I'll unmute you but you need to chill out with the toxicity.
  11. Please use the correct form when making an appeal.
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