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    Happy birthday @Lunar !

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  8. Fuck yeah! This actually looks really damn nice, I don't play much but I'll go on and get it. When does this promotion end?
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  10. how does one not be sick 

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      don't be sick you fucking mong

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      I couldn't tell you, I'm sick because of my shitty immune system.  I have low white blood cell counts so, can't help you there mate. :P

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      just kill yourself it's not that hard lol

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      What is your ISP?

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      I used to have that ISP before I moved, I've had them for years. The ISP I have is similar as Charter. 

  11. new division

    Fine, I'll give you my actual opinion. Let me begin by providing a little background information about my Minecraft history. My journey began sometime in 2012; to be frank, I really can't remember too well. I played on a client that would permit myself to join cracked servers; admittedly I didn't have the funds to purchase an account. At the time I truly had no interest in playing Minecraft for a long time. It felt like one of those poorly made Roblox games. However, after playing for a few months with friends I decided to purchase my first premium account. (For those of you who are going to say, "Oh, yeah sure you played back then." This was my first MC account I purchased.) After purchasing this account I was exposed to a variety of multiplayer servers I never got to play on previously. This was an awesome feeling, having my own account and being able to do whatever I want with it. I played a lot, and I mean a LOT during the following years. My friends and I would come home from school and play on a few different servers playing factions or whatever we wanted. At some point, I found CowCraft which became my favorite factions server and is where I stayed for some time. We played on there for a few months, growing with the community, getting rep in the markets, etc, etc. Then, of course, I found Mineplex and yadda yadda yadda... Anywho, I'll stop boring you with my life story of Minecraft and get to the point. Some time later, around a year or two, I decided to begin moderating and administrating servers. I believed this was a large step in my status of Minecraft, I had no will to administrate a server until the time came. I applied for some small 15-30 player server and surprising got it. The job wasn't very difficult, admittedly it was invite only. Sometimes you'd have people grief the server and it'd be the moderator's job to clean it up and roll back the changes. This was a simple task of selecting the area and doing some commands with time periods. Since this was my first position of responsibility I tried my best to do as well as I could. Buttttt, the server shut down due to a lack of donations, unfortunate. However, it was truly fun while it lasted and I wish it was still online. So, I went out looking for another server that I could moderate, moving up from 10-15 to servers with 50-100. It wasn't much of a step because the staff teams were larger, but was a change in mindset. Finding hackers to screen sharing and searching computer files, very fun and absolutely great memories. After climbing through the ranks and getting higher positions and responsibilities I arrived at my first management position. The server I was managing had around 150-250 players constant and a peek of 300 during the summer. Not that bad for a simple MC factions server. I was experienced to server side permissions and config files etc. I left the community due to a lack of good management, the owner was a high school drop out. Finally, after a long period of time, I found the most recent server I administrated for, Velocity-MC. This server wasn't really that bad, they had a really nice training guide and well-made servers. They used custom coded plugins for all servers along with a balanced economy throughout the servers. I moved around through the ranks from a helper, to mod, to admin and so on. Great community, however, I needed to focus on school so I had to resign. One thing that sucks is when you resign the head-developer perm bans you for the reason: "Removing perms" and then you typically don't get unbanned... but they just did a revamp and cleared out the ban list so I'm unbanned. Now, my comment on your idea for a new MC server. From what I've heard the server was well made but poorly managed. Fair enough, there are many things that go into a well managed MC server. Creating well-made maps, active people 24/7 whether this be (AFK) bots or actual players, a nice theme in the server, catchy names, balanced gameplay, etc. I have no doubt that the previous server failed due to lack in any of these areas, but instead a lack of community support. A large area of building a new server is having active dedicated members. Try playing factions with 5 people, it's really not that fun since you just raid each other over and over again. However, try playing factions with 50 people; many bases all through the world, lots of trades, battles, ideas, and new people! It's a big game-changing idea but is needed to support a growing server. Community-support isn't the only thing a server needs but is just a major thing, no player = no growth. TL;DR: I am all for a Minecraft server, I've been suggesting that for a good amount of time now (In the higher-up discord). However, I believe we're going at this in the wrong way. I'm truly surprised at the number of people willing to support this idea. I'm also astonished that @Roy is willing to try it again even with the result of the previous server. However, you all need to take into consideration what he has said. Roy has a very good point, there are many other things that the community as a whole should be prioritizing over a Minecraft server. This is a good idea and will be taken into consideration post launch of the Linux back end but just needs to wait. If any of you have questions feel free to ask, we're all willing to comment until a higher-up decides to close this discussion. Thanks, Skittlez.
  12. new division

    why is this still being discussed.
  13. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.