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  1. Hello! Sorry, I’ve been busy at work and don’t check the website as often as I used to. Yes I’d still like the overlay to be done. As I mentioned I’ve never really done this so I think it’d be easier for me to PM you over discord instead of flooding this thread. Size: 1920x1080 (idk if it matters but 16:9 and 4:3 games [CS:GO]) Render, Image, or Theme: Something like this as a theme: Text (Place in spoiler): The things from above 🙂 and just my username: Skittlez Color Scheme/Style/Effect: Uh, I’ll DM you about it. Example/Reference: The picture above with a style like the first one in your portfolio.  Additional Information: I’ll DM ya
  2. Huh, very nice application. It appears as if you have good intentions and are clearly interested in a moderation position. I don't know you well enough to give a solid +1 but I don't have any reason to give you a -1 either. Good luck! Thanks, Skittlez.
  3. This is really awesome Roy! I truly hope things go smoothly and you succeed with your career path! 🙂 You should make a section with your updates so that you’re not completely disconnected from the community! Can’t wait to see/hear more!
  4. A rather unfortunate turn of events... -1.
  5. You better post pictures in the member directory if you’re going somewhere nice! Have fun 😁
  6. Why do jobs have to suck

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheJitFace


      Damn that's rough.

    3. Pyros


      git gud maybe?

    4. Skittlez


      Yeah, you’re right @Jerry Hat Trick, I plan to be a leader in whatever job I pursue. Although, I’m still pretty young so I have a lot of time to think about my life... 

  7. Appreciate the kind words. There are many ideas that are being tossed around and this one happened to catch traction. Hopefully, more productive changes will come soon. There was an idea that I needed to make a server admin+ thread about. We’ll see how that goes! As for your programming guides: I saw the request for them on the “Post Retrieval” thread @Xy_ made with no response. I’ll be sure to bring it up again to see if that’s something we’d be able to recover. Also, I’ll look through some of the trash bins to see if they may have gotten duplicated. (Don’t ask, lol.) Thanks, Skittlez.
  8. Sorry, I misread what you said. Yeah, adding a badge seems reasonable. Queue and I both somewhat agreed that badges are rank-like while achievements are for event-like things (CS:GO tourney, Karaoke, AOTM, etc.)
  9. I’m about to finish my first full year of college(: All C’s and B’s, can’t be mad!

  10. Operator was merged with Server Admin a while back. I suggested it to @Xy_ along with some other stuff I don’t remember. The reason it was removed is because the forums started to look like a rainbow which, admittedly, it’s going back to that.
  11. +1. I’ve voiced my opinion about Harakoni in many different mod chats. If you still want a reasoning it will have to wait because I’m rather busy right now 😉 Good luck, Harakoni!
  12. Where are my badges
  13. I think this sums up everything, lol. But in all seriousness, this is really exciting and I’m glad they have plans to expand the story. Hopefully there is a 1940’s movie; I think that’d be cool.
  14. Okay, so this is the thing that my friend and I were discussing. After Tony snapped his fingers everyone came back, right. Well, here's the thing that doesn't make that much sense: Once he snapped his fingers all people and animals removed(?) by Thanos were suddenly reinvented. The one scene where Spider-Man went back to school to see his friend and his friend asked "Where have you been" as if he was missing for a long time. Everyone else was sorrowful because they missed them. Is it just me or would everyone be a little more surprised that millions of people just came back to life with no explanation? And it wouldn't make sense to remove their memories because how far back would you move their memories? There was a 5-year time lapse between Thanos' snapping his fingers and Hulk/Tony's snap. I just don't see how school randomly would be back to normal, people walking around all happy and whatnot. I get that they're trying to make a happy ending but still. It didn't really make that much sense. I could be explaining this poorly and if I am just say so. I'll try to look up some clips so I can source what I'm trying to say.
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