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  1. I see no reason to -1 you and the others seem to have no objections either, so +1. I hope your application goes well!
  2. Sorry Amelie, but truthfully, you're the fuel to the toxicity fires. I'm not exactly sure what happened to you because you used to be such an amazing mod. Similarly to Harry's appeal, if you want this to be taken seriously then you should make up a better reason than: "I don’t believe my ban was warranted". To be fair, I believe you have a chance at getting your ban appealed considering the work you did as a Discord Moderator. Best of luck to you! I currently have no vote... I will make a final decision after reading some other responses.
  3. I see absolutely no reason in unbanning you. The fact that you defend yourself with "it was fuckin ages ago" is rather sad. You spent 1 minute creating this ban appeal with the expectations that you'll just be unbanned because you said so. Unfortunately, that's not how this works. There is actually plenty of evidence to lead you to a permanent ban. Let's bring up the times you were asked to stop by any staff member and your typical reply was "Fuck you" or "stfu." Anytime a staff member would talk in chat, or anyone you generally disliked, you made it your goal to trash talk them until they left. Hence why we had such a large discussion thread about banning toxicity. Which goes into another reason, you would do anything you pleased then when a staff member asked you to stop you'd say something like "It's not in the rules, show me where it says I can't do this." As many other staff members have stated, you're nothing but a nuisance to this community. Sorry Harry, but I don't find most of the content you post funny and to be frank, most of the staff don't either. -1
  4. Huh, this thread really got my attention. As I continued to read what you said I began to see correlations to my life through your words... Through my time in school I've (unfortunately) mastered the art of procrastination. Even spending the time to write this out now when I should be working on PHY-221 homework... Addressing the fact that I have responsibilities to do my homework, study for exams, pay attention in class, and even the simplest thing of just making it to class on time. Waiting until the last minute to get out of bed, rush to school and run into class at the last second. Sure, I could do that every day and be fine. Although, if I were to do that every day in a professional job I may be viewed as unreliable. Clearly a trait I do not want... What I've learned over the past year is that I find myself more productive when I put myself around other productive people. Going over to my girlfriends house where there are three of us working on college work instead of sitting all alone at home with GFL in the background. Assignments seem to take a lot longer to do when it's just me since there's no direct pressure to finish what I'm doing. Funny you say this because that's exactly how I feel when I do my calculus homework. Instead of moving on to a different question when I get stuck, I find myself wasting time trying to find the solution. Then, these bad habits pour over into my test taking skills. Spending way too much time on a very difficult question when time could be better allocated to much easier questions. You're absolutely right though. Procrastination is just part of the human nature, and unfortunately, my generation. One thing I slightly disagree with is the idea of forcing yourself to do something. Clearly, things like brushing your teeth in the morning can't really be procrastinated and should be forced, but other things like projects shouldn't be forced. I personally feel as if there's a time and place for everything, including major assignments and large projects. If I'm not in a good mental state there's no way I can push out a 2,000 word essay without being in a much worse mood. Instead, I take a breather and do something I enjoy more, procrastination. Once I get into a better mental state I go back to try again with my assignment. Obviously, that's just a personal thing. As I mentioned, I've practically mastered the art of procrastination when it comes to school work. My English paper was assigned 3 weeks ago and is due next Friday... I know it will take me 4 hours to read over the story and another 3-4 hours to write the essay. I'll allocate two days to complete this essay, most likely 3-4 days before it's due. Obviously, a bad habit that I need to work on. All-in-all, I truly enjoyed reading over your thread. Something I think about almost daily in my personal life. If you want to do some more 'research' about this I found this Ted talk to be very interesting:
  5. Not sure if I’m permitted to comment on these but I will anyways... From what I’ve read here and in alternate chats it’s clear that you’re an adolescent, which is fine. An abundant amount of applications come through GFL varying in age, experience, and skill. Some of our previous admins, such as Adair joined our staff at a very young age and impressed many. While on the other hand some are clearly senior to the rest of us. Being a candidate for a staff position is not primarily based on age. Although, it is taken into consideration. One thing that sticks out to me about your applications is how persistent you are. Constantly seeking approval by admins may not be the best route for you. Instead, prove yourself to them so then you don’t have to constantly irritate them. I feel this will be a much better approach for you. I’d say give yourself some time to mature then apply a bit down the road.
  6. This semester’s courses are as follows:

    • PYS 211 ( University Physics I )

    • MAT 141 ( Analyt Geometry & Calc II )

    • EGR 269 ( Engin Disciplines and Skills )

    • CHM 110 ( College Chemistry I )

    • ENG 201 ( American Literature I )


    17 credit hours... going to be fun for sure. Also, my Physics and Chemistry class have a 4hr lab each 😄

    1. Eliza
    2. Joshy


      Good classes.  Which kind of engineer are you aiming to become?

    3. Skittlez


      Computer Software Engineer. Specifically directed towards AI development. @Joshy

  7. -1. You clearly knew what you were doing and by the looks of this appeal you have no serious interest in coming back.
  8. I get where you’re coming from Jit. Hopefully you find the real world to be more enjoyable! Good luck man.
  9. Hello! Sorry, I’ve been busy at work and don’t check the website as often as I used to. Yes I’d still like the overlay to be done. As I mentioned I’ve never really done this so I think it’d be easier for me to PM you over discord instead of flooding this thread. Size: 1920x1080 (idk if it matters but 16:9 and 4:3 games [CS:GO]) Render, Image, or Theme: Something like this as a theme: Text (Place in spoiler): The things from above 🙂 and just my username: Skittlez Color Scheme/Style/Effect: Uh, I’ll DM you about it. Example/Reference: The picture above with a style like the first one in your portfolio.  Additional Information: I’ll DM ya
  10. Huh, very nice application. It appears as if you have good intentions and are clearly interested in a moderation position. I don't know you well enough to give a solid +1 but I don't have any reason to give you a -1 either. Good luck! Thanks, Skittlez.
  11. This is really awesome Roy! I truly hope things go smoothly and you succeed with your career path! 🙂 You should make a section with your updates so that you’re not completely disconnected from the community! Can’t wait to see/hear more!
  12. A rather unfortunate turn of events... -1.
  13. You better post pictures in the member directory if you’re going somewhere nice! Have fun 😁
  14. Why do jobs have to suck

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheJitFace


      Damn that's rough.

    3. Pyros


      git gud maybe?

    4. Skittlez


      Yeah, you’re right @Jerry Hat Trick, I plan to be a leader in whatever job I pursue. Although, I’m still pretty young so I have a lot of time to think about my life... 

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