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  1. You know, I'm pretty tired of you posting on admin applications and ban appeals. You are not an admin. Write an apology letter to the staff and players for being toxic and then promise to improve your behavior in the future.
  2. Stop arguing. I'll edit this post later with a response.
  3. We talked in DMs about hours. Feel free to re-apply in the future. Closed.
  4. Once we get another vote I will make a final decision on this.
  5. Accepted. You will be trained soon. Please send me a DM in Discord: Skittlez#4912
  6. Feel free to re-apply in the future. Closed.
  7. Accepted. You will be trained soon. Please DM me in Discord: Skittlez#4912
  8. Racism isn't a joke and we take it pretty seriously. As a note, don't join the racism hype... just report it to us in Discord. You've been unmuted.
  9. I've looked at your past ~50 messages and they're pretty toxic. Why should I considering unmutting you?
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