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  1. I'm Sorry

    Since I'm not really sure what server you're reporting players from I can't give input on how those people may possibly feel. However, if you don't like making posts and are wanting to still help out with rule breakers you could always talk to the server manager and see if you'd fit in with the administration team. Unless it's GMod TTT then I'd advise you turn around and run away. But like Derpy said, you don't have to be sorry about reporting rule breakers, you're doing your part and that's all that matters.
  2. Dano and Shuruia were there for me from the very first day. I started playing GMod on Purge and they were pretty much my role models, I looked up to them and they let me in and gave my a chance. Appreciate everything you guys have done for me.
  3. U r sexi

    1. Skittlez



      Edited by Skittlez
  4. [Purge] Haunted House Event

    Huh, this is a rather interesting event. I'll be sure to come and check it out. Good idea Gekkota.
  5. Overwatch 1v1 Tournament

    Skittlez#11813 don't really care probably something useless
  6. Thumb of War

  7. [Announcement] GFL and Trello

    I hope you're not "apart" for too long!
  8. Roy, how have you been buddy? Hope things are going well all around, GFL, work, health and any other things going on. Gotta play some COD4 sometime :benthinking:

    1. Roy


      Hey! Things have been doing alright. If you want to play CoD 4, just hit me up on Steam.

  9. Leaving GFL Forever

    Bye Z1ga, hope you enjoy school and find a good paying job. I enjoyed playing games with you, fun times and good memories!

    This isn't in the right section, it should be a player report. Also, having an excessive amount of admins doesn't help. TTT has like 35+ admins and they still don't have people on all the time. If you have an issue with the administration team take it up with the manager then try to apply. I'm sure the server needs your help.
  11. adec919c51dfa8d4c8e68fe98ef8dce7.jpg





    I'm so happy I could play comp with this guy...

  12. GMod Crashes

    You didn't read his post, lol. He's on a Mac and that's now how the file system works. *Directly quoted from FacePunch Support forums* If you still can't seem to figure it out let me know on Steam and I'll grab my MacBook. EDIT: Also, I wanted to mention that it may not be your computer with the problem but actually the server files you downloaded. I'm on Windows10 and I still crash, a lot... But anyways, like I was saying it may not be your fault. The crash log should be able to shed some more insight.
  13. Successful PD Raid

    All you need to raid PD is an M14 and 1 heavy kev. I killed 6+ police and 2 FBI then the mayor shotgunned me in the chest /:
  14. 3D2D TextScreens

    Did this ever come to a conclusion? @ButterKing5000