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  1. You would need to contact an administrator of the discord you're using. Since I don't know what discord you're using I cannot tag anybody to help you out, sorry :[
  2. I've loved the entire Jason Bourne trilogy since I was a child. The newer movies aren't as good as they use to be, but they are well made. The new actor isn't my favorite though he does make a good replacement. This is the scene I remember the most:
  3. I joined breach for the first time(never played it before anywhere) yesterday and actually really enjoyed it. Besides the lag issues, which are being looked into, it was very fun. The rounds can last some time due to the map being so big. The only negative I can think of is the amount of time you have to spend spectating between rounds. Adding something as a minigame for spectators would be nice when waiting. Nevertheless, I really enjoy the game mode and hope people are willing to try it out!
  4. I hope to see a streaming of the team training whenever they do. Good luck guys!
  5. the fact I can see you soon as possible and to get my nails are you doing it wrong that This is why I don't use predictive text...
  6. The memes are strong with this one..
  7. Hello @Aireesan, the only person able to take care of your ban would be the person who banned you or a higher up. But, since there is no need to get a higher up I'll just tag @Mr.Elite and he can put reasoning. If there is no response withing 12 hours I'll contact a higher up to help you out. If you need any further help feel free to message me through Steam or the Forums!
  8. Everybody at my school is sick except me >:( why can't my immune system be worse!

    1. rapperdan


      Dude it's not worth it, be glad you are not sick.

    2. rapperdan


      Also I'm taking a shit ton of supplements atm including lot's of vitamin b to get me through the day.

    3. SkittlezExZ


      Typically when I am sick I drink a bunch of orange juice which makes me feel better.

  9. @John_Ariana_Man I can build you a custom PC when I get home from school. Message me on Snapchat so we're not necroposting.
  10. Yeah this isn't normal, I have an i5-4460 with a GTX 1070 and I get ~299 FPS (300 FPS Cap). Also, running the settings you say you're running your PC should be getting more FPS. One thing you can try (you might have) is setting the max FPS through console. Type fps_max 300 and turn off vsync. Keep in mind that there is another command to change the FPS in the main screen. If you still can't seem to get it fixed you can PM me or find me in TeamSpeak, I'm usually on around 8-10 PM EST.
  11. Don't press F..
  12. I have a Logitech G930 along with a Blue Yeti Blackout Edition. I enjoy both of them, I know that @Zebra and @GLiTCh have the G930; @Zebra has the Blue Yeti too.
  13. Just gonna give this a *bump*. I like the idea of the popcorn SWEP because it just adds more detail to the job. I don't see why something like this couldn't be added. I'd like to hear more input on this from other admins.
  14. Oh my..
  15. I've seen people get banned for having certain programs open. Some people who are developers have custom scripts running on their PC's that can trigger a ban. VAC is a well coded anti cheat so the chances of a false ban are pretty slim to none.