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  1. So basically, I'm done with GFL (not just because of CS:GO, also some other people) I won't tag people because that'd just be annoying, but know that most of you are nice people and should continue being who you are instead of giving people proof of your existence. Bye cuties!
  2. I just read this bro, didn't have enough time to get to know you but I do know that you'll be missed by me and everyone else
  3. VIP Giveaway

    acidity.#0062 CS:GO AWP 24/7
  4. So far, we've been asked to join a poorly set up discord where we have one class a week that lasts 2 hours about the updates of coronavirus. Why can't I just watch the news?
  5. It's been tough for Roy, so I'm fine with hailing Dan as our benevelent leader.
  6. probably pumped up kicks. nah just kidding, I'd say SAD! - XXXTentacion was pretty hard-hitting for me at least
  7. Man is goated and a cutie

  8. icu on my application

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