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  1. Daddy is right. Nah, but special rounds has issues sometimes, though they are small.
  2. Hello, your mute was changed to 15 minutes 2 hours ago. You're unmuted.
  3. How dare you! You smell so bad. I can't believe you did this!
  4. It's boring. Nothing hard at all, the shit they make me do is way too easy sometimes. My only issue is that it's in another language.
  5. Cook me something? UWU

  6. Hello! I banned you for Mass RDM, based from the logs and what I had seen: The traitor you killed did not throw an Incen. You threw an INCEN as an Innocent and Damaged 2 people, one of them doing over 38 damage. You joined a gunfight on someone who was defending themselves, who also KOSed the person first, which you should have waited for the fight to finish and allow them to ID before concluding on the action. You attacked an Innocent who retaliated, in which they reported you for the RDM. Now, based from what I had seen. this was clear RDM, and I had given you the proper punishment for it, but the final decision is going to be up to the Seniors! @Daddy Issues @Captain Blythe
  7. Cliques are nearly impossible to be rid of, nobody will ever step up and say that they're apart of it or not. Also, I'm pretty sure for years certain Managers and other higher ups have tried to cut down on that but it will always be a problem that plaques a lot of communities. Being near a KOSed person is already automatically KOS, if said KOSed player isn't shooting them, then that clearly means they're apart of the same team and would lead to a KOS . I'm just pointing that out, although, I never really agreed to KOSing off Suspicion in OT like that in the first place, as most players could be extremely Suspicious and still be an Innocent afterwards, not everyone pays attention from what I have noticed. There are many instances where Innocents are Suspicious that if we allowed KOS in overtime based on Suspicion, it would drop karma by a lot. Another thing is the Camping rule, most players really don't like waiting for a 1v1 to finish when one Traitor never bought a radar and the other Innocent is like across the map hidden somewhere and the round literally lasts for minutes. I'm pretty sure it was added to stop that, but I have another feeling it was added to just keep the game flowing, if an Innocent sits in the Traitor room the whole game, it gets extremely boring and predictable, as either the Traitor will know they're in there or they don't, and the game will just last on, or end too quickly, making Traitors who died by the camping Innocent get upset. Having it to where Innocent can camp for a small amount of time but not for the whole game keeps things moving nice and smoothly in my Honest Opinion, but that's just me. Please don't get mad at me, I'm just putting in my opinion, this is not meant to be against anyone or any of their opinions, I'm just putting my opinion in for others opinions on the rules. Also can you elaborate more on this please? I'm dumb, sorry.
  8. The idea sounds good, if only there was a way to make it for saved accounts and such.
  9. Welcome back! Hopefully you enjoy our community!
  10. I'd like for an option or something along the lines that saves your Font or Color of Text/ Text Size that way I don't have to click on it for every forum reply to reselect the Font/ Text size I'd like to use unless I want to change it to something different if it ever comes to that. I am not sure if it's already an option and if it is, correct me if I'm wrong. If it isn't, maybe something that allows you to enable it to remember what Font/ Text Color you use and for those that would rather keep using different ones and don't wanna have it saved for every post to just leave it disabled. Hopefully I explained it well enough. It's like 9 AM and I hadn't had any sleep!
  11. If you RDM or shoot an Innocent as an Innocent, your karma lowers, eventually after killed about 4 Innocents or just damaging Innocents throughout the map time that it's currently on, you'll be banned for it reaching 650 or below. It's mostly used when no Admins are on to combat against Mass RDMers that are currently on the server. Traitors shooting Traitors also lowers Karma, same thing for Detectives shooting Innocent or fellow Detectives.
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