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  1. jurrasic, nublar, and slender STEAM_1:0:20804536
  2. Hey @Luffaren, thanks for spending time on this! We have played Diddle normal mode a couple times in the past few days. There doesnt seem to have any bugs and problems with the latest stripper so far. The final stage is much more challenging now due to the wall and push nerfs, but in a fun way. I hope we can get a good enough team in the upcoming weeks to beat normal mode. The green wall seems to break extremely fast now. Did you reduce the stacking self-damage yet or is it still at its original value? Also the optimal strat now is to get 1 push, 1 heal, 1 big dick, 3 red walls, and 1 green wall. During final boss fight, push first, then use big dick to slow zombies, and finally wall off the gate with the red walls (which dont take damage when stacked). Also everyone must get in to the shoot the boss. We did not get a chance to test extreme unfortunately. I feel that the time given to vote for extreme is too short (its only about 8 seconds before humans TP). We never gotten more than 40% votes for extreme. In Santassinsation, we can get about 1 minute of time to vote for extreme. Perhaps it might be a good idea to enable extreme voting during the warmup too?
  3. Dont forget with Bizon you get higher movespeed 240 vs 230 for P90. That is pretty important advantage for bizon.
  4. For bioshock. rebuys (except for nades) should be disabled as well.
  5. https://streamable.com/tj4mrt
  6. Yeah I think we have a better shot with 150 hp, but I am still worried lol. That stage seems cursed. Other than that, I think your stage order is great.
  7. have you considered doing shrek first? The reasoning being, if shrek is done first, we will be able to practice it the most since it is probably the stage that most likely results in trim. Also if we fail on shrek, the time wasted is also minimized. Shrek is pretty RNG as well due to how npc targeting works, so we keep on retrying the stage until we beat it with good numbers. Thank you @Luffaren and @Vauff for making this possible!
  8. As for the stage order, there are several which I think are viable: Strat A: Weeb -> Dicklett -> Shrek -> Turtle -> Omaha Strat B: Weeb -> Dicklett -> Omaha -> Turtle -> Shrek These are pretty self explanatory, for Omaha you must do either Dicklett or Turtle first to get that 150 hp. I hope with my Dicklett boss strat above you should not be taking any damage from the boss. The trade offs between A and B is that B is slightly harder due to Shrek at the end with less players, but will get you into final diddle with more hp, so the last stage is a bit easier. There is also an unconventional strats: Strat C Shrek -> Weeb -> Dicklett -> Turtle -> Omaha Strat D Shrek -> Weeb -> Dicklett -> Omaha -> Turtle Why these strats? Assuming that we can wait out the mortars on Omaha, Shrek becomes the most unpredictable and RNG stage due to the npc trims from people messing up or panicking. In that case, we should just fail fast and repeatedly retry the Shrek stage until we get a good number of humans who beat the stage (45+ at least). Compared to Strat C, Strat D will get you to final stage with more hp, but is also harder. *****4/21/20 Update***** Two new discoveries regarding Shrek stage: 1. If you wait long enough outside the house (not going beyond the outhouse where you find Shrek in the second cycle) on the fifth cycle, it seems Shrek npc will die by itself after a green flash. It is possible that by waiting, you can avoid the Shrek npc fight completely. You cant defend inside the house because zombies will eventually TP right outside the door. This waiting strat is most viable if the player count is high, which should be the case if the Shrek stage is done first. Video: https://streamable.com/zsbgur 2. Shrek npc only does 100 damage to you if you have kevlar. If you gotten 150% hp from cake, Shrek npc will not 1-shot you! This means that doing Shrek after a heal stage such as Dicklett or Turtle is very good idea as well! However if you do Shrek stage when players left alive is low, you have to kill Shrek very fast before zombies overwhelm humans defending.
  9. Here are some interesting strats/discoveries we can do for the ministages: Omaha beach If you stay on the bridge, not immediately rush for the trigger on the helicopter, and wait for approximate 3 minutes, the mortars will disappear all by themselves. On the bridge, you are pretty safe from mortars as well. AFAIK, zombies do not TP on the Omaha stage, so you can defend as long as you want. Also, if you stay near the sides while moving up the beach from the boats, it is somewhat easier to dodge the mortars. You are more likely to take less damage. Dicklett Boss For both the middle and final boss, there is a sweet spot on the far left side where you can crouch and not take damage from the lasers or the earthquake. This does not require any pillars, in fact all you need to do is just crouch there for the entire time! If you are low on HP, this is an easy way to avoid death during the boss fight. See attached images for where you need to stand. IMPORTANT: Your z-position when crouching must be between 15534.00 and 15534.60. You can see your z-position by typing "cl_showpos 1" in console. If you are too high, you will take a slight bit of damage from lasers. If you are too low, you will take earthquake damage. If you cant figure out the exact spot, simply go as high as possible during earthquake and move forward (down the slope) towards the boss during the lasers. Turtle Boss For the first phase of the boss fight, stand on the edge of the bridge (but NOT touching the platform) as shown in the attached images and you can avoid all of the boss attacks without any moving or dodging. You can also do the same on the other side. After the first phase ends, you MUST get off the bridge before it breaks and go on either the middle or side platforms.
  10. I think the current system should be fine. By the time we get to end of 5 stages, there will be already a pretty large trim. I am estimating that at most 30 people would be alive and most of them should be Diddle veterans.
  11. As some of you may know, @Vauff has created an extreme mode for Diddle using stripper. In this "extreme" mode, humans must beat all 5 ministages in some fixed order and then complete the final stage in 1 round. This entire experience takes up 1 hour of playtime and perhaps is even harder than Santassination extreme mode. We played Diddle extreme recently a few times and unfortunately there are several issues which make the gameplay experience less than satisfying. I will list them out and what my suggestions for changes are. This is not about making diddle extreme easier, but rather to make it less frustrating and more fun. Mortars on Omaha Beach stage. The mortars give very little warning and strike randomly. It is pretty much impossible to avoid damage and if you are unlucky, death, no matter how skilled you are. I suggest that the mortars be given a indicator like the meteor in Minas or alternatively reduce the mortar damage and frequency. Shrek npc health scaling. As far as I can tell, the Shrek npc health is fixed and does not scale with number of players. This might be a problem since we play Shrek in the later stages where there are very few humans left to kill it. The Shrek npc should scale with number of players. Another solution might be to make the torches from Weeaboo damage the Shrek npc. Also, there should be a boss hp counter. Torch cooldown indicator. The torches from the Weeaboo stage have a 300 second cooldown outside of that stage. Unfortunately, entwatch can only keep track of the 20 second cooldown for torches within the stage. Not knowing which torches are off cooldown makes it very hard to coordinate their use. The torches need some sort of alternative visual indicator when it is off cooldown. Another small issue is that the torch physical model blocks bullets. Cake bug. The last time we played Diddle extreme, the second cake (healing) item that is picked up could not be used. Fixing this problem should be pretty self explanatory. (Optional) Grenade refill. It kind of sucks that you only have 2 nades available for an one hour stage. If possible, there should be a way to replenish grenades in between the ministages. (Optional) Bhop while running from giant Shrek. When running from the giant Shrek, zombies can bhop and catch up to the humans. This is a problem when zombies vastly outnumber humans because there is very little humans can do to slow them down. Setting zombies on fire with nades do not prevent bhopping. Also, bhopping humans can attract the Shrek npc and kill fellow humans. Bhopping should be disabled for zombies and possibly for humans if it is not needed for particular strats. I believe with these changes, Diddle extreme could be made into a fun and challenging map for events. If anyone else have suggestions for how to make Diddle extreme a better experience, feel free to comment as well. On a related note, Luffaren has plans to tweak the costs of the items in the final stage. Namely, the disco push will be increased to 50 coins and diddle cannon decreased to 40 coins. I am unsure how these changes will play out with Diddle extreme.
  12. We crashed out from aesthetic, we beat diddle 6-1, and then we made it to the Socrates in Santa Extreme Here are some videos from @Mavis to commemorate this special day where we almost beat the impossible. Also shoutout to @willywilson for his amazing leading on Santa https://streamable.com/e/1ofsp1 https://streamable.com/e/nlp3dt https://streamable.com/e/ej2rkc
  13. @Im_not_ninja I suggest that you replace the S-F tiers with tiers from 1-6, with 6 being the hardest tier and 1 the easiest. This will bring the tiers more in line with existing conventions such as surf map tiers.
  14. One Diddle at a Time Map(s): ze_diddle_v3 Restrictions/Limitations: For final stage, you can only buy 1 of each type of item Event Time preferred: Saturday 5pm Central Others: N/A Reward: VIP 1 Month Lets challenge ourselves to new strategies, do we really want to play diddle with the same 3 type of items everytime?
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