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  1. Anything to get the DJ job, I will do it.
  2. Where's the bounty hunter job is the real question here. How am I supposed to want someone dead as a FBI leader, if there's no bounty hunter? I rest my case.
  3. Be hella annoying to keep changing the keypad codes every few seconds.
  4. I think it's better for new players if they are going to read the motd. If they realize it 5-7 pages as zebra said, don't think the average player would sit there and read it. Most don't already but, it's good where it is at.
  5. back in 2015 when I used to line up the afks up in a row because i got bored. Back when Cypher was manager of purge and he was afk for hours. (not afk at all) We set up a photobooth to have a picture with cypher. back when meth stove and barrel were a thing. when you could add led lights to the cars lol. Meth bombing
  6. Well, as the title said, I’m leaving. Bye!
  7. He still a manager dumb fuck. I did say server manager? No, My god.
  8. Hey look, he’s a manager again. That was quick.
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