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  1. Just kidding, i can't undo my own ban. I'll have someone unban my own ban for you.
  2. You know what, since it's been 4 years, imma give it to you. Don't do anymore dumb things and you should be good.
  3. i would come back for this. (not that anyone wants me back or anything but just saying)
  4. Anything to get the DJ job, I will do it.
  5. og's

    back in 2015 when I used to line up the afks up in a row because i got bored. Back when Cypher was manager of purge and he was afk for hours. (not afk at all) We set up a photobooth to have a picture with cypher. back when meth stove and barrel were a thing. when you could add led lights to the cars lol. Meth bombing
  6. Alright, since you feel like saying something even though you're not in moderation, I'llcomment to you too. First, I never disrespect my own staff. What since what it make to disrespect them? I think that you just making your own story right there. Second, I have my reason disrespecting higher-ups. Reasons that you don't know and making shit up, again. I think you have a against me enough to make this post. Also, Considering you disrespect people. Players, staff, and what not. Don't say that shit like I'm the only one who does that, because I'm not. I never once "abused" my powers. Please give me a example when I "abused my powers". If I abused my powers, then rick or whoever would have said something. Not true but you can say what you want because you know everything. Never was close to be demoted ever but okay. I think you have a grudge on me right now, and you should speak to kim because he has one on me as well. So yeah, damn right I have my grudges. This is like 95% of GFL, some of the moderation team members do this so I mean, what difference would it make? Nice made up story lawl. Anyways, I'm not gonna take shit from a person who was once banned from GFL. Someone who has been banned before, toxic to everyone, and asshole to people. Then go forward calling them assholes, and what not. Get the fuck out of here kid. It was this gif. Get over with it. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/143686195648528384/468048560215162899/wgXsqtO.mp4 It's not even a big deal gif. Believe what you want. if I was "power hungry" then this app would have been "give me moderation now you faggots" I just want my damn teamspeak admin "BACK". Not power hungry, I just want the rank I applied for and then taken away from. Not like "hey, you want to be apart of moderation or stay as a teamspeak admin" As I said, I don't care about the role. They do have a right, but for Kim, he doesn't. Look at it as if you have a good friend for years, you guys go different ways and someone asks what you think of them. "oh yeah, he/she is a good friend, wouldn't hurt a fly" then you find out that he murdered a family and changed a whole lot. That's Kim and I for say. Doesn't mean I'm not "mature". I mean, you can swear and still be mature so. I don't understand the point of this comment.
  7. As I said, I don’t care for this role. I just want my damn ts admin back. Don’t understand why discord and ta got merged when 90% of the people NEVER come on ts. People have a hard setted mind. If I didn’t want to “help” GFL. I never would have became a admin on any of these damn servers. Looks like I do one thing and everyone judges for it. And goes for kim, do you even know me? How often do you speak to me? or anything? You don’t know how am since last you kept calling me “Nazi john” on purge when I just doing my “job”. Because you weren’t having “fun”. You’re right, you don’t have a say. As goes for “mature”. Really? We’re still on this damn path? Fuck, I thought I’v proved it already when I first applied for ts admin and got it but somehow I’m not mature enough AGAIN... As I see it, since no one of moderation or a very few hope on ts, then might as well get rid of ts admin.
  8. What is your TeamSpeak username and Discord ID? John Jeez Man - John Jeez Man #3804 Which of the platforms do you use the most? TeamSpeak and sometimes forums (very rare) How would you describe your activity there? On everyday Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? Well, I use to be a TeamSpeak admin, I used to be head admin on purge, senior admin on breach and CWRP. If needed more info, I can put more in. (I just want my ts admin back) How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? I would pull them into a private pm and talk it out. Try to a mutual understanding, or just tell them to drop it. Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. I been kicked from GFL discord because I posted a gif with butts in it and it was a cartoon gif. Other than that, no. Moderators and Trusted+, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
  9. Well, as the title said, I’m leaving. Bye!
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