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  1. #love What server you love to play on? GMOD CWRP Who is your favorite GFL member? @Worgee
  2. #giveaway i dont want to destroy moms credit card by buying vip myself
  3. So our brand new CWRP server has been widely succesful since release, we're hitting record player counts every day, and I can't wait to continue helping this server. Today we hit 45/64 players during an event, and it was a great experience! Tons of new faces in the community. Now we really need an event server in order to better prepare events for the community, but when I've spoken to rick he doesn't think it will happen. @Roy Please see the potential in this server and grant us our wish
  4. Excited to start my AP Java course next year. Can't wait to get into the programming/developing world :)

  5. happi borthdai 


  6. Didn’t you like leave gfl a few days ago. LUL
  7. Leks already knows about this issue, but thanks for bringing it up. It is being worked on as we speak
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