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  1. hope you keep meming in discord with me. you were probably the most laid-back discord mod there is lul. cya around kidd0
  2. virus if you dont come back right fucking now you're in for a beating jailbreak needs it's savior you can't leave us just yet
  3. I have the answer to all and everything heck yea bruh


  4. So am i still PR and MA or neither anymore?
  5. new phone who dis?

    1. rapperdan


      🛏️ Hi it is I King_Wailords bed

    2. CrusherFTW
  6. Hey, I want to suggest that we remove the feature that allows skyblock players and survival players to communicate. While it may have good intentions, I have come to realize that it is super messy and there are constantly up to 5 conversations going on at once. I would prefer if the skyblock related conversations stayed to themselves and the same for survival. Please tell me your opinions on this. (I still think discord integration is cool, but its slightly confusing in-game)
  7. not gonna lie I read that title before reading the post and several thoughts ran through my brain some of which include: 1. rip csgo is done for 2. what about my baby jailbreak 3. this is the opposite of epic have fun on ur trip
  8. Some suggestions I have from my previous experience as the manager of CS:GO JB 1) Update myJailbreak to the most recent version as we did not have it last time I checked. 2) There is really no question in giving CT's commands to open cells, obviously there should be as manually opening cells leads to a higher rate of CT death and they are already outnumbered to start with. 3) I'd suggest continuing the tradition of Events that Leks originally started. They occurred every Saturday at 6 PM and brought in tons of population (I would be totally down to start up the Event Coordinator team for the server once again). 4) Configure and add new Last Requests and hopefully add some custom GFL one's now that we have people that have the coding abilities to do so 5) In my personal opinion gangs were useless and pretty unfair on the old server. If you want to re-add them I'd suggest configuring the perks because some of the perks (such as extra health) had a major difference on gameplay, while others (such as speed and jump boost) had such a small effect it was barely noticeable 6) Don't take this the wrong way, but I would like to remove all of the old admin team and ask everyone to re-apply if they are interested. Obviously, the old staff has a great chance of getting accepted again from all of the experience, but this just gives a chance to all of the other new people that want to apply. (once again don't take this the wrong way) 7) Don't overload the server with player models or maps as we want the smallest download time possible. 8)Make the economy somewhat balanced as it is extremely important to not ruin the point shop. I will add to this list if I think of anything else, thanks
  9. Glad to see you acknowledging us jailbreak noobs 😜 Thanks for the update roy, csgo division is doing great so far!
  10. On the map surf_mesa_revo your knife disappears upon walking into the starting zone test.mp4 not sure if you can do anything about this, but if you could that would be appreciated.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/id/King-Wailord/ Thanks for the giveaway!