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  2. New car?

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=342034781 Porsche Police Tricycle - Cost around 5-6 mil
  3. RIP Stephen Hawking

    http://abcnews.go.com/International/stephen-hawking-author-history-time-dies-76/story?id=53729818 The world-famous Stephen Hawking just passed away at age 76. I thank him for all of his discoveries, and not letting his disabilities hinder his life. He’s been a role model not only to me, but hopefully many across the world. F Edit: didn't see this had already been posted. My apologies Another reason we should have this
  4. 3 month VIP giveway

  5. Server Bug?

    Problem solved
  6. Server Bug?

    Working on it right now. Please be patient
  7. New Member Application from sioty

    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  8. The time has come

    NoooOOoOOOoOO! Thanks so much for your time as a committed admin to our JB server. The server won't be the same without you. Hope you hop on from time to time. ~Wailord
  9. Hello Everyone! After our revisit to the GFL's Got Talent event earlier today, we've completely reset our gang's plugin, meaning that all gang data has been CLEARED! The revamp was carried out to attempt to level the playing field for newer players who don't have the maxed out upgrades. I understand that many of our veterans are frustrated that your progress has been lost, but fear not! Future Events will heed slightly bigger credit prizes to boost your newly created gangs and allow you to get those helpful upgrades. For those who have not played CSGO jailbreak, gangs allow you to team up with other players and combine credits to purchase upgrades such as higher knife damage, more health, lower gravity, and faster speed. Those upgrades are then applied to every person in that gang, benefiting all members. Gangs also give you a gang tag that is viewable in the TAB menu. I'm also proud to announce that @Moose will be taking over as our newest Senior Admin. With his extensive knowledge of the game-mode through his extensive time as an admin, I hope he will do great things for our server. Congratulations! (you deserved it ). In a short period of time, we will also be revamping our Event Coordinator team once again, as to replace the recently resigned @TomRiddle and @Worgee (Thank you both for your time). With a larger team, we hope to create more enjoyable and entertaining events for your players! If anyone has any suggestions, you are free to submit them in our Event Suggestion Thread Thanks! ~Wailord
  10. New Member Application from Jordanboss

    You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  11. Argyros has applied for Developer

  12. Goodbye Jailbreak.

    Sad to see one of my most dedicated and trustworthy admins leaving us. Thanks for all the time you put into the server. Come back one day, Mah boiii Thanks ~Wailord
  13. Change 1 Letter

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    This hasn't really got the attention of any higher-ups so *bump*