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  1. Steam Name: King_Wailord Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:92938382 What server do you play on?: CWRP
  2. @Roy are you planning on applying for discord partnership again?
  3. I’ll confirm everyone’s statement that the game itself isn’t friendly to new players. I myself first joined the server many months ago and was completely clueless as to what to do, and I even asked several admins for help and was just ignored. Obviously I’m not an expert in the game mode but I’d really suggest working on being more helpful as a staff team to newcomers
  4. Do people even know how India gained their freedom from the British East India Company and Monarchy through peaceful and non-verbal protests? The fact that people are supporting riots that literally destroy innocent lives and society is just ridiculous to me, and I really just don't understand it, no matter how many quotes you throw at me. As for the actual situation, yes, racism is an enormous issue in the USA and to be realistic here, the entire world. As pointed out by pigeon, though, every racial minority (and majority for that matter), does come under discrimination due to their physical appearances at some point in time due to the pre-built stereotypes that people have developed through living around certain peoples and cultures. I mean think, it wasn't long ago that Americans in California were being extremely prejudiced and racist towards the Chinese who were literally stuck in the United States after they sailed across the Pacific in order to find new jobs to provide for their family. After arriving, they simply could not make enough money to get back to China so many of them were stuck and decided to send all of their money back to their families. This led the American people to be seeing the Chinese as poor people who were useless to society and thus racial stereotypes were born against the Chinese on the East-Coast of America. There are COUNTLESS other examples of racial prejudice against various groups, in which peaceful protest has resolved, or at least partially resolved a situation... and for people to be justifying the looting and raiding by saying that "we need justice now!", in my eyes its simply a brain-dead argument with no one looking and learning from the past. Just to be clear, of course I do not support the cops in this case, they were obviously murderers and deserve to be in prison for their crimes, however, breaking the law and tearing down this country should not be the reaction of the people who no longer wish to protest peacefully.
  5. I recently hit 10 subscribers on my YouTube channel, and decided to remake my old Garry's Mod Piano Compilation from the GFL Purge Server (below) Hope you guys like it
  6. The admin who banned you was @Karma_Neon please wait for them to respond
  7. if jb comes back we are grinding that shit also love you ❤️
  8. WE JUST GOT NITRO BOOST LEVEL 3 THAT COMES WITH TONS OF PERKS INCLUDING A DISCORD SERVER BANNER AND OTHER STUFF LIKE THE LINK BELOW!!!!! https://discord.gg/cwrp <-- NEW CUSTOMIZED DISCORD LINK OMG Request: Our current server banner is this: We need to SPICE IT UP YEAHHHHH Basically we just need some creative artists to make us a server banner that fits the aspect ratio and size in the image above. Be creative and have fun we just need something epic thanks No time requirement but we'd like this as soon as possible, thanks cuties.
  9. I'd be down to start a military rp server seeing how good our CWRP server is doing atm (50+ players every single day)
  10. I see you play on the best server in gfl. good choice
  11. @Pyros congrats cutie, you're still fatros in my heart
  12. we need to harass @Leks and get jailbreak back also love you ❤️
  13. WE JUST GOT NITRO BOOST LEVEL 1 AND NEED A NEW ANIMATED LOGO <-- current discord server logo Request: Animate this logo however you'd like to SPICE IT UP!! YEAHHHH some ideas include: MAKING IT SPIN Making the "GCWR" text grow and then get small MAKING IT POP No time requirement but we'd like this as soon as possible, thanks cuties.
  14. My issues with yesterday's situations is that that guy managed to ping every role 42 separate times in different channels which is something that has never even happened before until the moderation team was introduced. You could call it bad timing but I personally believe that we would've responded way faster with our old moderation team which is one of the reasons I mentioned already that we need more people in the team. I've attached a photo from yesterday's incident-- There were four different staff that responded before the person was dealt with, proving that response time would be faster with the old team in place. (these staff used to have permissions to do moderation) As for taking it out on you guys, the main reason I did so was because of the response time, and as I already mentioned I was not in a good mood because we were not given any warning whatsoever about these changes. In hindsight I overreacted on the whole situation, but that doesn't change that there are issues with this team.
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