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  1. Alright so here's the deal. You were originally banned from the server by @Chef. for 2 HOURS for repeatedly spamming admin chat in game. You then tried to avoid the ban on another account under the name "dipotassic" which was running the exact same IP as your main account. Our program automatically banned this account for trying to avoid the 2-hour ban. I then permanently banned your main account because you tried to avoid a ban. It has roughly been 3 months since your ban, and I am still not considering unbanning you. After all dudwas, you did say " starting now until 6month I will be back" So 3 more months to go! Please @Leks
  2. help!!!

    Issue resolved. Please lock forum mods
  3. I don’t know 90% of the people in this but it was still entertaining. i was rooting for liquip (gary)
  4. To be quite honest. I'm in a love-hate relationship with Obama. It's really a classic map that has been with the CS:GO Jailbreak server since its origin, but I do agree with you that is extremely unbalanced and nearly all of the games are outdated. It may be cool to have someone like @RVFK with mapping abilities to remake this map with NEW and UPDATED textures and games. (I totally understand that this will take a lot of time and effort to complete though, and can't ask anyone to do it). I voted YES as of now, but would be totally down for a map remake. Thanks!
  5. I agree with @DaLaw in that the customized icon really helps to make that badge design stand out, however, I actually prefer design 2. @Korowa would it be possible for you to replace the "GFL" in Design 2 to a custom logo just like it is in design 1? If it is possible I would prefer design 2 to be unique, but with all of them being GFL it would be boring Thanks
  6. lol conic

    1. King_Wailord




    2. Korowa


      conic lox

  7. Here's the thing Wayne, The server was released as the almost exact same server as it was in 2016-2018 All of us that "wanted the server back" wanted a server with tons of new content!! I personally expected tons of new jobs and ways to make money but was disappointed to see that the only visible change I saw was bitcoin (which isn't even that fun). All of the successful darkrp style servers have tons of custom jobs and a different endgame than cars... There were also server optimization problems which caused many new players to leave and search for others. Now don't get me wrong I see that you're making changes NOW, but you guys waited soooooo long to do anything the server just died. I believe its still possible to pull it back but it will be very hard. Thanks
  8. FYI the animations don’t show up on mobile.
  9. @Roy Do you need me to re-run it or are we just waiting for something?
  10. HEY,


    1. Korowa



      YOU GOT A MIC????

    2. Gloomless



      YOU GOT A MIC???????

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