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  1. "no reason given" > No cheating/exploiting
  2. lol no problem but where my vip forum tag at >:'((((((
  3. hide n seek event would be fire
  4. ikr ez pz, but I already got vip 😔
  5. ah yes this is going to be epic, too bad I already have vip lol, I'm going to use the juicy sharky :3 edit: I just realized here we are 6 hours after u BRUH so its gonna be 11 pm when the event happens
  6. bro I was gonna join but I was like "nah no one is gonna beat it ima play some minecraft until they rtv" but gg close one, we never got there
  7. Man you got me there, probs cs 1.6 it had much fun with the bois, also old roblox with black hawk rescue and also arcane adventures, best communities but they broke and now its full of kids.. smh 😔
  8. bought vip liek a loser lol

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