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  1. Steam Name(s): rspk SteamID: STEAM_0:1:94286276 Admin that banned you: console What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): karma ban Why should you be unbanned? A few rdmers on the server, t buddies running into my tnt cart(called out) and killing innos for killing innos as detective led to me having too low of karma, wasnt really paying attention to my karma or score
  2. to further elaborate i dont use a vpn, i tried to get on csgo literally minutes after being banned from gmod and got sourcebanned, i was just recently unbanned from gmod from appeal/dms, and refrained from making an appeal on both on the day i got banned because i was extremely intoxicated at the time
  3. Steam Name(s): bruh bruh bruh bruh SteamID: STEAM_1:0:527324890 Admin that banned you: CONSOLE What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): duplicate account Why should you be unbanned? Basically i was banned off gmod TTT 24/7 MC, and figured i still wanna play gfl servers cause they're good, attempted to hop on minigames on my csgo account(to explain seperate account, gmod account is vac banned from csgo ) not realizing sourcebans would ban me. Ive since been unbanned off gmod and i fear that if i try to join that server ill be banned again for ban evading from csgo www.steamcommunity.com/id/oldestwrac ^^my gmod account
  4. Steam Name(s): rspk SteamID: STEAM_0:1:94286276 Admin that banned you: Thesadbandit(mute) Buzz(gag) What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): mute+gag Why should you be unbanned? tl:dr I dont think its fair i get perma muted without any of the other punishments of the guidelines in place, and no one has a problem with me except for a select few people who go out of their way to find reasons to punish me, even that being so i apologize for anyone was offended/annoyed by what i would have to say in my mic/chat and can confidentally say it wont happen again the mutes/gags highlighted are not genuine punishments and are just jokes by loucop and skeleton, (and they can vouch as such) I rarely have a problem with people in the server outside of the people who always start a problem and are the reason i got muted/gagged while they didnt get any kind of punishment (to avoid further bullshit im not going to name them) id like to breakdown all my mutes/gags going top from bottom 5/03 - i let the n bomb slip after someone else said it 4/29 - again i slipped but while talking to buzz in admin chat 4/24 - kept saying yankee with no brim and arguing an rdm against 2 admins who were in question, neither of which were right and was trying to compare being near a slam as planting a c4 4/23 - i warned you - saying yankee with no brim 4/5 times 4/19 - i believe i was saying something simular to the n word on purpose ie. the country 4/14 - arguing another rdm of a player and toxicity of an admin in question(not roger) 3/30 - dont remember 3/28 - dont remember none of these mutes surpassed 30 minutes until i was perma muted, which gave me 0 sense of true punishment, the guidelines for gags/mutes only coming into play after i got my 8th "punishment" is just confusing, none of these arguments i would have would be anger induced or toxic and more of a casual arguement while im intoxicated. A lot of the players on the server can agree im not a nuisance to the server and can actually bring a good amount of fun and banter to the server. I very rarely break any sort of gameplay rule. I apologize for becoming intoxicated and arguing with staff on the server, i genuinely dont have a problem with any of them or any player on the server and it can be pretty fun at times while fucking about with them, ive made a lot of friends on this server and its a really fun way to pass the time on restless nights and being unable to say anything other than someones a traitor and yes is just dumb, considering the severity of arguing a slay or saying yankee with no brim
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