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  1. Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Rust GFLCLAN ? 3/26 Vanilla JUST WIPED Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): Bonga Why were you banned?: Playing with a cheater Why should you be unbanned? Myself (Bonga) and my team mates were unrightfully banned (Oriex) (Boma) (Heather). We were admin abused. By ACanadianAsian he came in and took what we just won from a battle with his dumbass clan. Heather was banned by "Anticheat" by their dumb clan abuse reporting, overloading the anticheat server so in a result.. she was only banned for 3 days. not even a real ban. The anticheat only bans for 3 days for system overload. So thats bullshit! and on top of that ACanadianAsian was stealing everything in our base before he banned us which i guarantee he gave to his clan. Your server integrity is on the line with this admin and this fuckin clan. They can't stand being beat and use admins to cheat. Please inspect this matter and do something about this rouge admin who is also allied with this "Pride" clan. Thank you for your time. We were on GFL CLan server on rust "GFLClan ? 3/26 Vanilla JUST WIPED" idc if im banned or unbanned. Im doing this for the hope of all the other players on the server.
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