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  1. Name: alwaysez- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:527894097 Discord Handle: Somenthing#5256 Age: 17 Server Playtime: 1 Your timezone: 5:01 PM What time of the day are you usually on ZE? Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Do you have any unique skill sets that can help with maintaining/improving the server? Coding knowledge Are you in school or already in the workforce? School Are you able to understand any other languages besides English? Yes Why do you want to become an admin? Hello, i want to be Admin because a lot of players are really rude but as i wish to be Admin because i want to make rules like("Someone is rude on voice message"i would give him warning that he will be muted and he will still being rude i would mute him until he will stop).
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