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  1. Me and @FEFE were playing around on another TTT server by ourselves and were enjoying some of the t weapons they had on there. FEFE came up with the idea of pitching some of them to GFL's TTT server so that is why I am making this post. Some of these were on that server and others we went and found on the workshop. Traitor Weapons: Poison Dart It would be a pistol with a few shots that, when someone gets hit by it, will start taking away 2 hp every second. HP Stations would cure you of the poisoning. It would be fun for traitors who don't like going into head-on confrontations. Holy Hand Grenade The Holy Hand Grenade of Monty Python fame would be a powerful t weapon that would work like any other grenade. Throw it and it will make the trademark 'hallelujah' sound and make a large explosion that would leave fire behind. It would be balanced by the fact that it takes a little while to go off and is very loud. Spring Mine A pretty simple item that, when someone walks over it, it will send them flying into the air. It does not work on traitors (so you can't troll your t buds). While it does send people high enough to be killed from the fall, it is easy to redirect into the water or onto a higher platform where you would take less damage and balancing it a bit. Banana Bomb Straight out of Worms, the Banana Bomb would work the same way it did in that game. You would throw the initial bunch of bananas and it would explode, sending bananas a short distance in all directions. Moments later, these bananas would explode (though much smaller then the initial bunch). Harpoon The harpoon is a large metal stick that traitors could throw at someone for an instant kill. Drawbacks to it are it only travels in a straight line and if you miss anyone can pick it up. Its also quite big in your hand so people would probably see you holding it. Death Station Simply a health station looking thing that Traitors can place down. Instead of healing you, it would take away some health from whoever uses it. Could combo with the poison darts from earlier when innocents get poisoned and try to use it to stop the poisoning. Cloaking Device Self explanatory item that, when held in your hand, will render you almost invisible. It has a few limits such as being unable to use your gun when cloaked, it making a loud noise when you uncloak, and the fact that your name can be seen when you are invisible (though you can use a disguiser to get around that) Detective Items: Hermes Boots A passive effect that detectives (and maybe traitors) can buy that would increase their speed by 30% Golden Deagle A well known item, its a one shot kill against traitors. If you shoot an innocent or another detective with it, you will die instead. Only has 1 shot. Defibrillator Simple item that would allow you to revive a dead teammate. While there are many versions of the defib around, the one I linked has a chance of failing. Many servers that have it also let traitors buy it, but I think it would work better as a detective only weapon. Other: MP7 Not a shop item but rather another gun you would find on the ground. It is similar to the M4 but has a higher rate of fire and does a little more damage. It would add more variety to the guns you would find around the map. Altogether, I know that probably none of these will be added to the server but we still wanted to post these so we could get other people's opinions on them.
  2. I want 20 bucks so I can go to Subway and enjoy a sandwich...
  3. Ehh, what the heck? Want the game because everyone is talking about it and it seems fun
  4. Hello, I am Ser Axolot (or Hunter if you would prefer) and while I am not new in the community, I am new to the forums. Anyone who plays on the Minecraft TTT server would probably know of me. I enjoy long walks on the beach and playing Overwatch. I also have 3 pet axolotls. That is about everything about me, I am proably one of the most boring people around.