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  1. Time shows up as "-"

    Just realised this is in wrong area, can someone move it to the prop hunt bug area. Didnt realise this was just for web bugs only.
  2. Time shows up as "-"

    Not gonna lie i suspect there is more to the issue than the convar. Normally when i use it works perfectly fine. I could be wrong, but maybe an addon or something has glitched the first round. If all else fails you could probably just disable the first round again.
  3. Time shows up as "-"

    The time shows up as a dash (-) on the Prop Hunt server. I dont think this is related to the changing of ph_waitforplayers as i have used this cmd before without this problem although i could be wrong. It could be a visual glitch, or it could be, i fear, an infinite round. Due to this, i have set this as medium priority It is not just me, another player has confirmed that they can see it too. Also i think its been 5 minutes by now. EDIT: the time is definitely infinite, but only for the first round. Has the gamemode been edited by the server devs maybe? Right now, the first round only ends if all props die or all hunters die. EDIT2: This happens everytime a map is loaded
  4. On the Prop Hunt server, the ph_waitforplayers convar is set to 0. This means that a round is missed everytime the server loads a new map. Should be an easy fix.
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