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  1. Happy birthday xdxdxd

  2. Happy birthday xdxdxd

  3. Happy Birthday :) xdxd

  4. March Giveaway

    being told liking is a requirment is allmost like boosting reputation
  5. I mean... can we drop some demos of skill and trick surfing?
  6. I'm under the impression that zombie escape players are teh worst
  7. Bump Button

    Aswell im with @CrusTi No lie sometimes i will get an application i will look at it and then I will play with either A life hits and i forget. B. I think the person is immature and looking for an excuse to be respected on the server so I ignore them and move on. I feel even my manager @Benroyjam has forgotten about a players admin application at least once. 1 bump once every 2 weeks unless admin plus? 1 bump on admins apps only Bumping giveaways would be nice so i dont have to steam pm or shoutbox advertise Join my giveaway
  8. When on a cell phone when i put in a picture it automatically gets thrown sideways just look in the member directory. Anywho it's a small bug I can work around it by taking the picture sideways. Howecer if someone could figure out why and fix it thatd be nice thankyou goodbye
  9. I dont usually comment on a goodbye pist unless im cool with that person however thank you for everything you did for this community. Life comes up I know the feeling it's fun hang in and enjoy the ride, remember to stop ny and visit ???
  10. damn... im 19. we should start a gag and see whos the oldest besides @JerryHatTrick
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