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  1. The witcher 3 Battlefield 1 Rust CS:GO Minecraft SCP: SL DBD GTA 5 GTA: San Andreas Fifa 19 PUBG (Back in 2017) These are my favorite games as of what it stands right now, I used to like other games when I was younger (Obviously), but for now these are my favorite to play as of now. They're not ranked top to bottom but TW3 is definitely my favorite.
  2. Hello @Harakoni, I can still stand and absolutely deny any claim that I have broken any of the past rules, perhaps I haven't been that easy to reason with in the past, but that it no way shape or form gives you the right to permanently ban someone and then deny him once. Perhaps I am being delusional, but from my standpoint this ban is unfair. If you want an excuse, you will not have it. Although, whatever the new rules are, I'm more than ready to comply with them, if the new rules -that I am not aware of- discuss toxicity and the terms of compliance with staff, then I would be more than happy to understand your framework, but as of what it stands right now I literally have no clue what I'm supposed to even relate to in your comment. The counts of toxicity that justified my permanent ban had a span of weeks if not months in-between, so no, you are wrong, absolutely wrong, about the 'constant' toxicity and obnoxious behavior of mine, it's not a personality trait, and if you look at precisely what ultimately sparked the ban, it was me refusing to comply with mods, not arguing, not being toxic, just simply saying 'no'. If you're misinformed, that's fine. Truly, if you expect me to apologize for actions which, until this day, I deem nonpunishable by the state of the old rules, I will be proud to say: No, I'm not apologizing for something which I did not do 'constantly', and that is NOT listed in the rules. Common sense is an absolute relative societal construct, I'm not a westerner and thus do not share the same values of 'common sense', it happens quite often and if you want to argue whether my actions were intentional or just a reflex, I'd be more than happy to discuss this privately, I'd prefer this unban be discussed in VC, since in chat It'll be taken more as a rant, rather than an actual ban appeal. There is no inability to admit when wrong, it's just that this is absolutely wrong, that's just how it is. If you could provide me of counts that proof that I'm toxic on a daily basis, please go ahead, because so far, I've only seen little to no proof of justifiable reasoning behind the ban. I have never admitted to not changing attitude, an attitude's morphing process cannot be realized by just looking at one's self and going 'Oh, I've changed, definitely, pls unban' because that would be a lie, and I'm not a big fan of lies. So to be frank, I cannot tell you if my attitude has changed or not, because it is up for you to decide that, that's why I prefer this to be discussed in VC. I was one of the earliest to join the discord, heck, I even suggested it to directors before it's creation, and at that point in time there were no rules, and the chats were much more alive than they are today, perhaps the community has changed, as I stated earlier in my original post, and that would be a problem for me, since I'd have to adapt, and I'm surely fine with that. I'm not asking for an unban because I've changed or that I just miss GFL and I'm sorry, that's totally false, totally not the reason. I want to be unbanned so I can keep track of projects as I'm interested in the MC chat. I have no clue what you are on about. The changes to the "system" you have just mentioned are totally irrelevant to me, since I am literally permanently banned. The argument that 'I never admit when I'm wrong' is a wording trick I will not fall for, and I know this from the people around me IRL, I do admit when I am wrong. If that's your personal perception of my character, that's fine, absolutely fine, you can think of it that way, but to deny me a ban that was based on emotional distress instead of actual rule-breaking is not justifiable, I am in no authority to decide whether you should unban me or not, but consider the fact that this could've been you, since there are also instances of toxicity on your behalf -as you said, above.-, so technically it's more or less a timing issue. To sum it all up, I didn't do anything against the old rules, that's just reality, let's not be delusional. If there are new rules, I'd be more than happy to comply. And at this point I'd care if directors would actually interfere but the current administration is careless, and most likely would rather not deal with me. Even Revival said it himself, "Not a single person in the higher up staff that was informed about your ban cared." So yeah, just go ahead and decide whatever you want, I'm absolutely helpless in this situation. Thanks, Syntax.
  3. test post

    false, go back to school noob
  4. Damn. C-based programming languages are so dang cool, being a Java programmer myself, I can't help myself but notice the similarities between Java, C++, and especially C#. Goodluck on your game!
  5. Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): Syntax#9634 Why were you banned?: Constant Toxicity (1 year count) Why should you be unbanned? I don't know, it's up to you guys honestly. I went on a trip to Thailand and it was really cool there. I drank, pee'd, possibly had something to do with ladyboys but that's a story for another time, and I also learned a few words there. I'm back and I'm going to be playing CS:GO a lot, I've also gotten a new Paypal setup and so I can buy more games than ever, I don't have any reason to be unbanned truly, perhaps I have changed, but not drastically. Do I promise not to break rules again? I never broke any, but if the permanent ban I have gotten was truly due to my obnoxious behavior, then sure let it be that way. I cannot promise that I am not toxic anymore as that would be a lie, however I can tell you that I am now only here to play games and I will most likely only be using the GFL Discord to communicate, not get too much involved. Most instances of toxicity and unwanted behavior were recorded when I was either drunk or had nothing to do, I truly did not enjoy my past 2 years of being in this community, as it is no longer toxic. Or perhaps I come for a different background, a different server, because when I first joined, I only did it for member perks, never really to get involved with GFL as a whole, and I don't want to bring up Zombie Mod since it was the reason why I first came here, but it's no longer here. And so back then my presence was perhaps unwanted, as I have never enjoyed any other server in particular. Perhaps Zombie Escape? but that's too 'murican, although the community there is very toxic (toxic is enjoyable) but I just can't play there really due to latency. Overall, I cannot make any promises, it's really up to you to unban me or not, perhaps monitor me as I blend back into the community. I'm not a big fan of the current staff either, but I will not start any fights, that's a promise I can make. No shitposting, no trolling, or anything of that sort, I enjoy debates but I'll cut them off, I will only use discord for communicating with other players in the sole purpose of gaming. (I'm still trying to choose what game server to settle on). Thank you, have a nice day.
  6. I don't live in the US, and to clarify, potholes can't be fixed because of environmentalists, believe it or not. MOROCCO Pros: Lots of weed production Everything here is cheap Marrakech, cheap prostitution Night clubs are on fleek Beaches, u can either choose the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Stereotypes and racist comments (with no double standards) Thicc skinned bois Virtually each city is completely different The desert, 10/10 DIVERSITY, with no signs of racism People love to share and are very welcoming LOTS OF HOLIDAYS CATS EVERYWHERE! Cons: VERY high taxes Shitty dictatorship/oligarchy King funds hospitals in africa but not here Prositution (duh) Collectivist society, can't have different thoughts POTHOLES, ESPECIALLY IN NON-HIGHWAY ROADS WEED IS ILLEGAL FOR SOME REASON DIRTY ASS COUNTRY Thieves Stupid laws: If someone gets in your house and you kill him even in self-defense, you go to jail for 10 years (you have to call the police blah blah) Police are dickheads, if u ever come here and they stop you, don't give them money. i cant fcking sleep sometimes because of the prayer noise dogs everywhere (no offense, i have a dog myself but these are street dogs, if u get bitten u die in a week) Basically you can only enjoy Morocco if you are rich, otherwise you have to deal with disease, robbery, and dumb police.
  7. Oh and, again if 2 screenshots of me debating religion and a count of me talking in a seperate discord is enough proof to have me permabanned then there better be some other reason because so far I haven't broken any actual discord rules and I'm sure you know them all. Thanks, Syntax.
  8. 2 counts of activity recorded. Me on july the same day I was banned and May. That sums it up, I came back in general the same day I was banned, and what friend are you talking about? It was a casual event. Don't bring up my 'demotion' if this isn't about it, you brought it up twice and it has nothing to do with anything. Also, the only one I 'scored' before the event started was harry, to which i gave a 0 as a continious joke, please do NOT spread misinformation, again. At this point I have no clue what you're accusing me off, make up your mind.
  9. Also, I didn't come back 'after my demotion', I stated multiple times while EM that I will go through a phase with a LOT of school work because of exams, I even asked everyone to wish me luck, and if you can't tell already, I came back a few days after I got my grades. Please do NOT post misinformation, I didn't give a single fuck about that poor demotion you issued while an event was running, then tried to take over but failed so gave my rank back but to prevent yourself from getting disrespected had to demote me the next morning for 'rigging the event', when in reality you had no clue how it was ran. Oh and, little gift down below.
  10. Look at how 'toxic' I am through my response although he was the one attacking me, this is a retarded ban appeal and at this point I'll wait for your replies and move this to staff reports since it seems as this is an attempt to silence me through misleading information and out-of-context screenshots. You cannot perma-ban me for something as silly as asking for mod as a way to mock Crusher, it was one sentence and that's it, telling you to fuck off or go away is completely my choice to do and unless I broke any ACTUAL discord rules this ban should be lifted, never to happen again, to anyone.
  11. LOL, having a conversation about religion is now bannable? You realize it was a normal conversation, not me being toxic right? And yes I haven't been active in the discord for over a month prior to this recent incident and this can be proven true since the messages you embedded are from May, and on top of that, the message sent in Roy's discord was sent BEFORE the ban, it was sent early morning and it was a joke, stop lying, making up stories, and giving things false context, it was my ONLY message ever sent in that discord and it was to mock those who are constantly asking for mod including the mod TL.
  12. What 'friends' and what toxicity and what are you talking about? Last time I left was a year ago. I can't even see messages because I'm perma banned for 'toxicity' which isnt against the main rules, if messages months or even (a year?) Ago are ban worthy then half discord should be banned...
  13. Lol this 'moderator' is straight up lying seen that I haven't used discord in over a week since I don't have access to my PC at the moment, and haven't had access to it for about a month or so now.
  14. What? I don't even know why I was permanently banned for in the first place and you're saying i said something somewhere? I don't even use discord anymore, lol? @Ben @Xy_
  15. Just got told about the why were u banned being empty and idk i filled it at first, it had lots of stuff in it. Anw i dont need much since theres nothing to say for now, waiting for a response. Thanks!
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