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  1. I'd seriously like to give this a shot. Not sure if @SwegBuster can vouch for me but just tagging him in case he can say something about my experience with servers and all. Thanks!
  2. I feel bad that I haven't got to play much with u since u came back, but yeah...gl on life man
  3. hey, Meh, you should guide me to it (refer to it) If you're talking about the events team, it's worse than the initial one big no, because literally it's not the EMs job to do such events. I said yes and no Overall, big no to most of your ideas. Though I also disagree with u on Knight's idea of making a ricochet server. Thanks.
  4. gfl never organized a league event no lol, but @Dralga is a league expert big no yes and no, we do skribbl.
  5. I actually already have, and I liked it. Not because the characters are black, but the plot was pretty amazing and it's unlike other standard hero movies. Imo anyone that supports 'BLM' is either dumb or doesn't have a grasp on what the definition of racism is. Minorities aren't minorities unless they make themselves one, they can just easily blend into society and it would accept them slowly over time instead of rioting about how people are being racist and homophobic when in reality blacks are mostly activists since they are very concerned about politics. Let's just live our lives, and if you end up in the street, don't blame your skin color.
  6. Not sure why Black Panther is such a big deal (I'm not from the US), Lots of people told me it's about the main hero being black? But what does that have to do with anything, really. I really hate it when people use skin color as a variable and way to like/dislike something or someone. It's racist to 'like' something because of the characters involving it's skin colors, whether it be black, or white, or even yellow. It shouldn't be a factor, at all. Also, I loved basically almost all of your list except that I like to watch rare war/zombie movies that aren't from Hollywood, they're usually great, I loved Train to Busan.
  7. @queue A black 'Veteran' badge would look imo, to be rewarded to anyone from pre-new forums era. I think that's a good start. Because giving badges manually would be hard and almost impossible. I think that would be a great start.
  8. Give veteran badge to those from old forums and a 1 year 2 year etc badge for the new forums and up
  9. The Director Dilemma

    Removing Vio was a big mistake. Meh, CSGO only did well because of VirusKing.
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