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  1. Make sure to register here: http://bit.ly/2EWknuY Thank you!
  2. that'll literally only get you loved...
  3. Hello, everyone! The winner of the first event is @Sonic393 with a 18.83/20 score. Here's a link to the final scores of those who seriously auditioned: http://bit.ly/2U0l9uh Next Karaoke Event is on the 2nd of February, 2019. Thanks, Syntax.
  4. The event will begin shortly, just a friendly reminder for our friends that do not use discord as much. Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/qqpM47e
  5. Literally one of the best DLs we've had in months if not years. The changes you've made in 2 months improved GFL servers by a lot and honestly while I am truly sad about this resignation, I wish you nothing but the best! Goodluck on everything. Thanks for it all, Virus.
  6. Hello, everyone! I'm happy to announce that once every 2 weeks, a Karaoke event will be hosted on our Discord . Once an event approaches, an announcement will follow with a poll where the community will get to decide whether it shall be Competitive or Casual, and what songs shall be queued. Details Dates: • 19th of January, 2019. • 2nd of February, 2019. • 16th of February, 2019. • 2nd of March, 2019. • (....) Time: 6 PM EST / 10 PM GMT Discord: GFL Discord - (https://discordapp.com/invite/qqpM47e) Prizes: Karaoke Winner Discord Title Organizers: • @Syntax - Event Coordinator - Syntax#9634 Rules Casual: Do not speak while someone's auditioning. Do not make random sounds if told to stop. Do not mic spam. Do not keep your mic open at all times. Moderators have a final say. Competitive: Respect all of the Casual gamemode rules. Auto tune & Voice changers are banned. Mute your microphone once an audition starts. The judges have a final say.
  7. Heya! The event has been postponed for the 26th of January, 2019. We have also added a 50$ worth game as a prize, in hopes of encouraging more participants to join the event, I will also be inviting people outside of GFL to see if they can participate. Thanks, Syntax.
  8. Did you by any chance happen to also play CS:GO ZM? I also know a Goku from ZM. Anyways, welcome back!
  9. Yeah! Just make sure to sign up and you'll be good to go
  10. You're wrong, but I'm not arguing with you since this is a resignation thread. Have fun aura!
  11. Yes, for sure. I just need you to be present with the opponent when the match is about to start, if you can use TS3 that's also great.
  12. It frees up space to allow for new members to join the team, this isn't TTT.
  13. Yes but this particular thread truly isn't the place, I actually agree with most of your statement above and admire your courage and all but I'd rather see more productive arguments in here as to why this is/not a bad change. I'd be more than happy to call some people out lol but I don't believe this is the very correct place.
  14. I request mods to lock this thread as it went from on-topic conversation about GFL's organisational system and staff chain changes into plain out personal attacks. Thanks, Syntax.