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  1. Okay so once as a kid I went into the fucking mosque with my father and I accidentally farted, he just looked at me for like a solid 2 minutes like 'wtf lmao' and I just couldn't look him in the face, you know it's fine when you fart in class but a worship place, damn.
  2. we need a crusade to make your filthy kind go extinct
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_political_parties_in_Morocco Justice and Development Party Parti de la justice et du développement PJD حزب العدالة و التنمية Islamism, conservatism, socialism 1998 Abdelilah Benkirane It's socialist, the only thing is, we're a monarchy, so keep that in mind. You can have a socialist party running the government but the country as a whole remain liberal.
  4. Collectivist ideologies are the ones that breed discrimination, what are you on about lol, I'm all about freedoms for everyone, my point it, some people understand, others don't, and some just don't want to understand. Some people are not up for civil discussion, I'm not saying we should kill them, but freedom is to be taken away when you don't uphold to your duties.
  5. any collectivist ideology shouldn't be allowed to participate in a democratic conversation, because you just can't convince someone who's ideas are imprinted in his DNA, for commies, they're just gay so no :L
  6. @ReivaX you're free to join us as long as you're no commie
  7. Bigger fines, and of course some jail time, a hybrid mixture. Also, please do not put words in my mouth as I said minor crimes and never mentioned anything fraud-related. I'm not here to give the juridical system a reform, I'm just suggesting that rehabilitation/financial penalties are far better solutions for minor crimes. Yes, inflation should be controlled more than any other factor, unemployment is irrelevant in this case as well. JDP is a socialist, islamist, and conservative party. These are old news, I don't know where you got that from, and they're off-topic, they talk about the constitutional change we had back in 2011, and they're considered 'right-wing' because they're conservative and islamist. Other than that, I can't reply to anything else you've said because at this point we're just running in a constant pull and push loop. Please refrain from attempting to correct me on something I see on a daily basis.
  8. 1) No penalty stops anyone from doing anything, you don't just go 'Oh, I wish I could scam this person but fuck that 1000$ penalty man' or 'I wish I could kill that guy i fucking hate him, but man that death penalty'. It's just that financial penalties over minor crimes will push people to work. 2) The inflation rate's been 2% for so long in the US and that's one of the main factors, that they don't just go all out increasing everything. 3) Again, charity, as a word. Not as an establishment, you can make a gofundme yourself, and you also have friends. 4) Are you arguing with me over what financial ideology runs the country? lol. Taxes here are top 20 highest in the world, and guess who gets taxed? Our leading party is socialist, and is conservative. Not economically liberal, and yes it's an islamist party, and guess what that means? More taxes...(Zakaat) 5) Where I live, it's pretty much the ideal thing to go to the private sector, plus you get refunds if you register in one of the government's programs which is not bad, you get a refund for cheap medicine and antibiotics. Also, and again, charity, as in the word, people are pretty nice. 6) No, I'm just explaining how your government can just put a straw in your pockets and suck the living sh*t out of it and yet dare to fund private militaries and not upgrade the current one.
  9. I said financial penalties as in for companies, not people, I'm against the prison system overall and support rehabilitation, however, some prisoners are way too fucked up to be rehabilitated, but I'm with it for minor crimes. The minimum wage wasn't set for people to live on, it was more for the side jobs that you can acquire as a teenager or for a first time job, you need to be fiscally responsible, also, that's a misinterpretation, that's what an anarchist would believe in, however, I'm more of a classic liberal (in EU Terms) and also, for the disabled, sick and elderly thing, they can be handled by their own families, the structure and fabric of society won't tear down if we decrease taxes, you're pushing a false agenda and being delusional, charity has always done much more than government programs. Even where I currently reside, Morocco. We are a very socialist state and trust me, most doctors prefer the private sector, and so do most people living here. They prefer to go to specialized doctors to oversee their medical condition and usually get support from random people they know through family. Please be responsible, it's only those who sit in their chairs 24/7 that view the world as being so cruel. For the armies things, it's obvious. Your tax money is being drained by your government and you're basically being stolen, they ask for more money and then they spend it on private militaries, which are substantially weaker and less organized than normal official militaries. Why not cut the budget on military funding, US? You're using the money to buy mercenaries anyways.
  10. Nice meme, but here's the original picture to honor those who are capable of self-thought. I'm not 100% Libertarian and I'm also not all against the government, but I stand with values such as tax cuts, less government interference overall, to let the market function on it's own with minor interference (Environment, Human Rights, Basic Interference), and to introduce financial penalties instead of prison. Currently, most US fought wars are through proxy wars and they use private armies, not the US armies. To be on point, 80% of soldiers in the middle east that fight for the US are mercenaries and private armies. Mind justifying that?
  11. The freer the market the freer the people;
  12. I feel bad that I haven't got to play much with u since u came back, but yeah...gl on life man
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