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  1. As of now, the server has a couple things fixed. We also have an announcement made regarding the situation which you can keep tabs on in the link below.
  2. Hello As many of you know, CSGO recently launched their new Battle Royale mode called Danger Zone along with making the game Free to Play. Snowy and I have managed to bring the server back up and running but with a lot of limitations due to a conflict between some plugins and the latest CSGO updates (versions 13662 and 13663). As of now, we are currently waiting for a couple components to update to hopefully fix. The following is a list of some limitations that is present in server as of time of post No EntWatch <- Hopefully FIXED (!ew or !hud) No Particles Precacher <- FIXED (meaning you won't see the right particle effects) No !stopmusic <- FIXED No !volume <- FIXED Unlimited Ammo items don't work Please bear with us as we attempt to test and load fixes into the server in the next couple of days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for players. Quick FAQ Q: Did you update SourceMods? Yes, we are currently on build 6265 Q: Why won't the music go away? There is currently no plugin to silence the background music featured in the maps. The only temporary solution is to lower your audio volume through the CSGO Settings Menu. Q: When will the server be completely fixed? There is no specific time but we are hoping as soon as possible. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to any of the CSGO ZE Admins or Server Managers SINCE MOST OF THE STUFFS HAVE BEEN FIXED, IF YOU FIND ANY ISSUES, PLEASE LET US KNOW ON THE ZE DISCORD. >> HERE <<
  3. The newest CSGO update changed up some stuff so I've been finding fixes right now.
  4. Denied You lied to my face after the first appeal I denied. What makes you think I would even put an ounce of trust in you? Below is the private conversation that I received one day after I denied your appeal. The Screenshots which were used in the above PM And here is your alt Discord account (kingninja#4741) that is also active on the CSGO ZE Discord
  5. Closed as the mute was explained to and has expired
  6. Maps Tested as of November 27th, 2018 Green - Added into Map Rotation Red - Major bugs present, not added into map rotation Blue - No major bugs, not added into map rotation Purple - Already present in map rotation ze_onahole_v3, v3_3_3 ze_ardeca_v1_3, v2, v2_2, v2_3, v2_5, v_3 ze_pandora_evolution2, revolution ze_chroma_v0_4_csgo2 - Unofficial Port ze_mojos_minigames_v1_4_1 ze_chroma_v0_4_csgo3 - Unofficial Port ze_three_eyes_a2, a3, b1, b2, v0_2, v0_3 ze_draco_accidere_v1_3, v1_4, v1_5_fix1 ze_ggeasy_solo_win_v1_1 ze_misaka_b3_7_2 ze_S_A_M_v1_3 ze_nightmare_dimension_p3 ze_space_flight_p3 ze_military_escape_p4 ze_undersea_temple_a1_1, a2 ze_LOSII_Castle_Siege_b4 ze_temple_of_the_demon_god_a3, a4 ze_rush_B_v2_2 ze_mist_q3 ze_blue_zenith_b1
  7. Why not ask Joris? hes affiliated with GFL
  8. We....aren’t planning to implement it in tryhard maps as addressed already in the first post. Did you guys even read the first post?
  9. Map Modifier Plugin Currently in Beta Testing. Not official yet. Hello As some of you may have seen or heard, @xSnowyAngel and I have been testing a new plugin called Map Modifier on the server. While it is in it’s function-able state right now, we would love to gain some feedback and ideas to help develop the plugin more and add different modifier modes. What is this plugin? This is a plugin Snowy is working on to allow players experience a slightly different map setting modification in the map. The plugin is currently set to pick a random mode and apply it to the map until rtv or if players vote to undo the modification. What kind of modes are there? We currently have five active modes which is picked at random: -- VIP mode -- After ZM infection, a random CT will be picked to be a VIP. They must make it to the end of the map alive or else the CT team will all die. -- 50K Knife DMG for CTs mode -- CTs can instant kill zombies with knives that does 50,000 damage -- Classic ZM spawn mode -- Mother Zombies will spawn with humans after the ZM infection countdown hits 0. They will not be teleported back to the spawn points, there won’t be any zombie freezing. -- Fail Nades mode -- CT nades will have knockback on while setting zombies on fire. -- Knife Knockback mode -- CT knives can hurt zombies along with knockback that may send zombies flying. Admins WILL get a notification when you knife someone. AND if a zombie gets knife boosted and knifes a human, a message will be printed to everyone regarding the attacker, victim and the knifer. Where or when is this plugin going to be used? We currently are testing it on all types of maps just to see how well the plugin is doing on initial testing but plan to enable it during more casual maps like ze_icecap_escape, ze_platformer or maps like ze_frostdrake, ze_magala_castle once it is more or less out of beta testing. This plugin is mainly to spice up maps that otherwise may be too easy or too boring for most players. How can the players interact with the plugin? The plugin only works if enough players vote for it via !votemm. Once the vote is passed, the plugin will randomly pick a mode and apply it to the map (starting next round). If players do not like the mode, they can vote to disable it via !undomm. Once vote is passed, the plugin will revert back to original settings. Again, this plugin is still in the works so bugs are bound to happen. Please let us know of any feedback, ideas or bugs that you may have seen or encountered for this particular plugin.
  10. Zombie Escape Event #33 Monster Hunting Journey aka Thanksgiving Special thank you @Vanya for theme name Maps To be played in the following order ze_destruction_of_exorath_v4_lite *Click here to download map* ze_eternal_grove_v3 *Click here to download map* Restrictions For ze_eternal_grove_v3 only VIP Mode What is VIP mode? A CT/Human will be randomly selected after zombie infection to be the round's VIP. The Humans must protect them and make sure that they reach the end of the map alive. If the VIP dies in any way, the Humans auto-lose the round and will reset. VIP will not have access to !spec during the round they are appointed. Time/Date Saturday, November 24th, 2018 CDT 5pm CST Chicago UTC -6 or 11pm GMT London / 7am SGT Singapore UTC +8 Convert to your timezone with this website: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Duration 2-3 hours (unless we beat it before the time stated) Rules Don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them.Don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked.Don't mic spam, let the leaders try to give commands over voice comm.Don't zombie inflate (Intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance).Mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary.All other server rules apply to the event. Rewards No rewards for this month's event External Links GFL ZE Discord: https://discord.gg/Bkfwg4q GFL ZE Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GFLCSGOZE Thank you and most of all Good luck and have fun!
  11. STEAM_0:0:51138139 im perma vip
  12. Ban App

    [Part Two] And for some reason, after finding exploits on a map that GFL did not have in our rotation, you decided NOT to inform the management for the server that did. :thinking: And here is you explaining in a random Tryhard server, telling everyone in detail how to exploit Biohazard rpd. We have been quite lax and reasonable with you. But for some reason, you keep taking advantage of it. You accuse us of being "favoured against you" but based on evidence that I have here, it doesn't really seem like we were favoring against you in anyway.
  13. Ban App

    Denied Yes, I know this is your first ban. However, the admin team has had MULTIPLE conversations with you regarding glitching and finding bugs in these maps. While I appreciate you looking for them, keep in mind that a lot of these maps are/were made by other members of the community who are not being paid to perfect it to a super professional level that you want. There is no AAA production behind ZE and most people are making maps as a hobby for fun. I informed you that you should report glitches and bugs to either the MAPPER or an admin but for some reason, you decided that telling other people was an A-OKAY idea. In case you forgot, it was mentioned on our MOTD Regardless, you've had MULTIPLE warnings and this is NOT the first time you have been seen glitching/delaying in a map. Remember the boat on ze_zombierig? How bout you trying to find some tiny glitch in Pirates lvl 5 during kraken boss fight? Or you trying to glitch the ZM item in aepp_nano_grid? Or how about you encouraging @RussellCrowe to glitch in Biohazard_rpd? Here is the full conversation (dated July 17th, 2018 PST) we had the first time regarding you glitching in one of the Biohazard maps. Part 1/4 Part 2/4 Part 3/4 Part 4/4 Here you are telling @Vauff that you do not exploit And here is you talking to @alpha_steven regarding this exploit list that you made, titled "I find glitches for fun...", that you did indeed send to me. Here is a screenshot of the mentioned list We even made a Map Issues Fix Form to help address map issues Along with a Discord So I do not know why you even accuse me of "not want[ing] to touch them" when I have actively tried to get maps glitches fixed behind the scenes. @bb_IU has even attempted to reach out to you to get further clarification before regarding these glitches you found but got this instead [Part One]
  14. After having a discussion with Spacecow and Fetty, we will be looking to implement some minor messaging changes to help better inform players of our !revote command during map votes. As for the Random Map Vote suggestion made by Luffaren in an older thread pertaining to similar issues where it was suggested that players get individualized map nomination list to help prevent 4 spam; Unfortunately, after gathering some intel and asking around, is not a viable option for us as it requires the plugin handling map voting to be completely re-coded and SourceMod would not be able to handle how the menu would be set up.