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  1. Thank you for applying but unfortunately this application has been denied. You may re-apply for admin again one month from this post.
  2. Thank you for applying but unfortunately this app has been denied. It seems the admin team doesn't know you well enough yet. If you wish to reapply as an admin, you may do so at least a month from now.
  3. Ban Appeal

    VPN use doesn't ban you per say but it can result in multiple people ending up with the same IP and if someone were to get banned with the same VPN IP as you, then the Sourcebans would detect that and auto ban you for "duplicate account". You will be unbanned but I cannot guarantee if you will experience this again or not if you are playing on a VPN.
  4. Ban Appeal

    Reminder for everyone here, please do not reply if you are not one of the following: - CSGO ZE Staff - CSGO DL or Higher - Original Poster If you are not any of these, your post is/will be hidden.
  5. First time playing Zombie Escape on CS:GO? Don't know what to do in this mode? How do you buy guns in game? Who are the admins on ZE? This guide is a master list of links and important threads compiled to help you find what you need! -- Important -- The Server Rules / MOTD CSGO ZE Admins In-game chat commands -- Maps -- The current maps avaliable Want to suggest a map? Have an event suggestion? CSGO ZE Events ze_Final_Fantasy map rotation -- Want to donate to GFLClan? -- Donate to GFLClan here Donation perks for CSGO ZE -> Direct Message the ZE ModMail on our Discord Server to get your corresponding donation role -- Server Side Changes and GFL Specific Plugins -- Server Change Log CT Weapon Changes !votemm Map Modifier Plugin -- Client- SIde Technical Help -- Getting huge texts on your screen? Client-Side Transparent Players -- Reporting and Appealing -- Want to appeal an extended mute, ban or gag? Need to report a player? Need to report an admin or staff? -- Misc -- Met the requirements and want to apply for admin? Completely new to GFLClan? Apply for free membership! -- Where else to find us -- Official GFL CSGO ZE Discord Server GFL CSGO ZE GitHub Repository GFL CSGO ZE Steam Group GFL Sourcebans Have a question or concern that can't be answered through any of these links? Contact @xSnowyAngel, @reduct or @Vauff along with any of our current admins or Message the ZE ModMail Bot in our Discord server
  6. mini ze event

    dont forget to read this if you're interested in joining this event disclaimer: yes, i know the russians beat the map. wah wah, if you want to beat it on gfl, join. if not, then don't join.
  7. mini ze event

    send out the bat signals, you dumb dumbs its another santa extreme event [insert stock image santa banner] saturday, august 24th @ 5:00PM central (gmt -5) map ze_santassination_v3 (y'all should have this map by now, its 2019) rules don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them. don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked. don't mic spam; let the leader(s) try to give commands over voice comm. don't zombie inflate (intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance). mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary. all other server rules apply to the event. yes, we will be starting on extreme prologue.
  8. Reminder to stop bashing each other and/or posting irrelevant posts.
  9. This app has been denied as per request of applicant. If you wish to reapply, you may do so after a month if applications are open.
  10. Thank you for everyone who's shown their support for Willy's app but a reminder that all non- CSGO ZE admin and OP posts will be hidden. Leave reacts instead please in support of his app.
  11. and I mean you kinda already know the reason why the server is lagging for you... There is not much we can do in terms of location of server and the ping you get. There are options like getting a VPN or moving closer to the server to help with ponentially reducing ping There are recurring messages that inform players of commands in server. Also, if you scoured the ZE section of the forums, we do have a guide for commands. I am sure there are chances to doorhug and set up an autobuy OR you could use the traditional method and bind a key that buys all your guns. http://csgobindsgenerator.com/ I'd suggest you go and read the following thread regarding negevs So adding all those fancy schmancy cosmetic changes and variations will require players to spend an even longer time downloading which ties right back to your first part (Network) and how it takes non-North American players a considerable amount of time to download things. I don't think Pay2Win is what we're trying to go for here. It won't be fair for those who don't have the financial means to donate to GFL every month. We have a lot of players on various skill levels and a lot of them are non NA players who have adapted to higher ping when playing on this server. A lot of your comments seem subjective regarding the maps since your perception of "scary" could be completely different from someone else. Most of the maps on server aren't meant to be scary or even horror related except for the occasional in-map jump scare. Even all of the ze_biohazard maps aren't scary at all and that game franchise is basically all horror. Skill-wise really just means you need to get used to it through practice. Most maps are able to be completed with high ping, its just a matter of difficulty for the individual player. No one in ZE became good at ZE overnight, some put in a lot of hours to improve themselves over time.
  12. Alright, is this an admin application or a report on admin/staff? Lets keep this on the topic of this app.
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