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  1. Ban Appeal

    CSGO ZE has been the same IP since the beginning and we have not changed hosts ever. What you may be experiencing is your ISP filtering out our IP as occasionally this happens especially for players residing in SE Asia. The only solution is either to restart your router, contact your ISP or wait it out. Waiting may take days. As mentioned in your last ban, @Leks has asked that you refrain from using VPNs to connect to our servers. Please remember this as this is the second time this has happened for you.
  2. Bump and short announcement letting all participating mappers know that there is a special form for those submitting contest maps. The link is in in the first post. The form will be open until the contest deadline February 16th 2020 23:59 CST
  3. Your first forum account Your 2nd alt forum account Your Sourcebans As of now, you will not be unsilenced in server based on your history. First appeal Dated Sept 8th 2016 Second Appeal Dated Sept 16th 2016 (This appeal resulted in you earning a second chance) Third Appeal Dated May 1st 2017 (First of many appeals after being given a second chance but still not abiding by the rules) Fourth Appeal Dated Sept 14th 2016 Fifth Appeal Dated Sept 28th 2018 (using alt forum account) Sixth Appeal Dated July 18th 2019 (Using another alt account pretending to be a random, note the racist username used to enter the server) Seventh Appeal Dated Jan 12th 2020 (This appeal) You are still welcomed to use the Discord server
  4. Unfortunately, we do not think you would be suitable with our admin team. Thank you for applying but this app has been denied.
  5. This is organized and held by GFL community members, not by us, the staff. The cash prize sponsorship comes privately too and is not being provided by GFLClan.
  6. Please remember for all mappers taking part and wanting to have their maps uploaded onto GFL; Your map still must meet the minimal requirements as listed in the link below
  7. If that doesn't work, than it usually means that we have a lot of members, donators and admins/staff connected. Any players who have a GFLClan forum account does not get kicked for slot reservation that donators have.
  8. Appeal

    It has been decided amongst the admin team that zeo will be unbanned starting November 28th. If he is to be found trolling or rule-breaking again, the permanent ban will be reinstated with no possible future appeals. This appeal is now closed.
  9. Unban request

    Unfortunately since the ban seems to originate from the Minecraft TTT server, I can only suggest you open an unban appeal there first.
  10. Good points have been made, please consider going over them before joining the server again. I have purposely left a couple non-ZE Admins/OP posts on this thread for you to mull over. A quick and final reminder; our punishment system does stack, meaning we will take in account the past mutes especially if they were given in relatively short time frames. This appeal will be closed as its been addressed.
  11. It seems you were given your permanent mute one year ago so technically you haven't been muted for 3 years. Your Sourcebans
  12. OP's Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:434370377 According to your Sourceban's records, it seems you have been muted the total of twelve times within two months, all with similar reasons ie; - false commanding - mic spam It seems taking a call (whether its a scam or not) should be something done off-mic and in private. I would also like to mention that this server is not the most suitable place to start a conversation regarding politics as a) it can be a polarizing topic and b) it will eventually start overtaking, whether in mic or in chat, those who are trying to play ZE This is, of course, mentioned in our MOTD/server rules.
  13. This appeal has been denied. After doing a quick IP check on our Sourcebans, your IP is found to have been tied to three other accounts, one of which was permanently banned for using bhop hacks, which resulted in the following three other bans (different accounts detected with the same IP). The original account with the ban It seems you attempted to avoid your ban by using two other accounts to join GFLClan servers. Unfortunately, this server does not tolerate use of hacks of any kind as mentioned in our MOTD.
  14. Can you please let us know if you have been using a VPN or some kind of third party service to connect to this server
  15. Thank you for applying but unfortunately this application has been denied. You may re-apply for admin again one month from this post.
  16. Thank you for applying but unfortunately this app has been denied. It seems the admin team doesn't know you well enough yet. If you wish to reapply as an admin, you may do so at least a month from now.
  17. Ban Appeal

    VPN use doesn't ban you per say but it can result in multiple people ending up with the same IP and if someone were to get banned with the same VPN IP as you, then the Sourcebans would detect that and auto ban you for "duplicate account". You will be unbanned but I cannot guarantee if you will experience this again or not if you are playing on a VPN.
  18. Ban Appeal

    Reminder for everyone here, please do not reply if you are not one of the following: - CSGO ZE Staff - CSGO DL or Higher - Original Poster If you are not any of these, your post is/will be hidden.
  19. First time playing Zombie Escape on CS:GO? Don't know what to do in this mode? How do you buy guns in game? Who are the admins on ZE? This guide is a master list of links and important threads compiled to help you find what you need! -- Important -- The Server Rules / MOTD CSGO ZE Admins In-game chat commands -- Maps -- The current maps avaliable Want to suggest a map? Have an event suggestion? CSGO ZE Events ze_Final_Fantasy map rotation -- Want to donate to GFLClan? -- Donate to GFLClan here Donation perks for CSGO ZE -> Direct Message the ZE ModMail on our Discord Server to get your corresponding donation role -- Server Side Changes and GFL Specific Plugins -- Server Change Log CT Weapon Changes !votemm Map Modifier Plugin -- Client- SIde Technical Help -- Getting huge texts on your screen? Server resources manual download Client-Side Transparent Players -- Reporting and Appealing -- Want to appeal an extended mute, ban or gag? Need to report a player? Need to report an admin or staff? -- Misc -- Met the requirements and want to apply for admin? Completely new to GFLClan? Apply for free membership! -- Where else to find us -- Official GFL CSGO ZE Discord Server GFL CSGO ZE GitHub Repository GFL CSGO ZE Steam Group GFL Sourcebans Have a question or concern that can't be answered through any of these links? Contact @xSnowyAngel, @reduct or @Vauff along with any of our current admins or Message the ZE ModMail Bot in our Discord server
  20. mini ze event

    dont forget to read this if you're interested in joining this event disclaimer: yes, i know the russians beat the map. wah wah, if you want to beat it on gfl, join. if not, then don't join.
  21. mini ze event

    send out the bat signals, you dumb dumbs its another santa extreme event [insert stock image santa banner] saturday, august 24th @ 5:00PM central (gmt -5) map ze_santassination_v3 (y'all should have this map by now, its 2019) rules don't troll with items, or you will be banned from using them. don't afk in spectate, or you will be kicked. don't mic spam; let the leader(s) try to give commands over voice comm. don't zombie inflate (intentionally becoming a zombie to give the CT's a lesser chance). mute round will be applied IF we deem it necessary. all other server rules apply to the event. yes, we will be starting on extreme prologue.
  22. Reminder to stop bashing each other and/or posting irrelevant posts.
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