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  1. The server you want the tag on: all tf2 servers "STEAM_0:1:36753370" { "tag" "[Bruh]" "tagcolor" "#ff3300" "namecolor" "#66ffff" "textcolor" "#00ffff" } "STEAM_0:1:36753370" { "connectmsg" "Bruh" "chat" "Bruh" "message" "Bruh" "chatcolor" "#66ffff" }
  2. +1 I see them around a lot, they seem like someone with a level head. I'd say they'd be a positive person to have.
  3. +1 active, they seem genuinely interested in helping the server improve.
  4. Steam Name(s): Flamingpixelations SteamID: STEAM_1:1:36753370 Age: 21 Hours Played: 259 Timezone: AEST GMT+10 Do you have any past admin experience? (If blank, none.) Do you have any punishments (bans, mutes, gags, or VAC/game bans)? If so, why? (If blank, none.) I had one mute for low volume micspamming while playing my keyboard, no other bans or gags. I was warned for using the fa slur about myself, I realise that while I may not have a problem with it, it is still at slur and not acceptable to use as others may have negative experiences with it. Why should you be accepted as an admin? I would like to help keep the server functioning smoothly. I would like to be helpful in keeping a peaceful and friendly environment on the server, and I think I can be impartial and enforce the server rules fairly. I'd be able to help as an admin in unusual hours for an because I live in Australia. I am active on the server frequently. Additionally I would enjoy having the ability to be helpful and contribute to the smooth running of the server and respond to requests for help from players promptly. Sponsor(s): (If blank, none.) mtc
  5. The server you want the tag on: all tf2 servers "STEAM_0:1:36753370" { "tag" "[Demoknight TF2]" "tagcolor" "#ff3300" "namecolor" "#66ffff" "textcolor" "#00ffff" } "STEAM_0:1:36753370" { "connectmsg" "Demomen Unite" "chat" "Demomen Unite" "message" "Demomen Unite" "chatcolor" "#66ffff" }
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