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  2. Definitely waking up and managing children on Rust servers !!!!!!
  3. I totally hear you. Sometimes I get the same way because I tend to get very demotivated to do anything in regards to school and being forced to go to class would really be the right pusher. Although, I also manage my time pretty well and always have time to end up doing my work, whether it's procrastinated or not lol and online school gives me more of the opportunity to manage everything on my own dime and such- But I would mostly be okay with whichever way, but I also prefer to stay home because not only does it relieve all the anxiety and stress that always came over me when it came for socializing, but it also really cleared my head from all of the toxic things that was embedded into it... for example, bad substances from bad influences. 🙃
  4. Our 3x Server Community is now Represented as a Monday-Wipe 10x! (steam://connect/ As we started converting, we ended up adding new plugins and fun additions for you all to enjoy. I will do my best to list them out as pretty as I can. :3 While playing, if you ever run into any issues regarding the newest plugins, please let us know as fast as possible- we appreciate it! -- New Plugins! - KDR Guide! (KDR --> Kill/Death ratio) -/KDR [Let's you view your very own KDR] -/top [gives you the ability to see the whole servers leaderboard, number one having the best ratio!] Server Rewards! (AKA, a shop plugin with a few extra features added. You get reward points for having play-time on the server.) -/s [Takes you to the shop page. This page also has additional info around your screen.] -/rewards check [Shows you how many coins you have left to spend] Playtime Tracker! -/playtime [shows you your own playtime] -/playtime top [shows the whole server's leaderboard for top-lowest playtime.] AFK Kicker... (Kicks every 45 minutes when Idle.) [I know you all will hate me for this but it prevents any disadvantage for the new Shop plugin.] ServerInfo! (Provides informational messages displayed on screen for whenever anyone joins the server or does /info.) /info - [Opens the message again if you close it after joining] Fun Additional Changes and/or Configurations! - - We fixed the /help command to something to look a lot more appealing. - We also fixed the /rules command to say something actually relevant. - Added color and different looks to a few different commands that you may come across. - Do /info in game to see the majority of the new changes. - Added a special server console messenger ... example shown: -- We really hope you all enjoy the new changes! Since the server is getting released to BETA version again, there might be a few bugs that you come across. We would appreciate it if you did your best to report back to us. We will have a poll at the end of the wipe to get the majority vote on which plugins we should keep or should ditch. Thank you all for your patience and I'm really excited to see what you guys think of the new additions. Feel free to leave feedback in the suggestions channel or contact one of the Server Managers to do so as well. 😁 Happy Hunting! 😁
  5. I’m a just keep this short and sweet. I honestly really like the stay at home policy in regards to school and such. when it comes to school, being at home and online gives me the ability to do more things at my own pace- I also really didn’t like all the anxiety and pressure that I was given when I was on campus whether that be from the socializing part or actually being in a classroom. I know others will probably disagree but I really hope this online thing for school and other things will actually continue for the long run.
  6. Hello!

    I hope you get the chance to stay awhile and I get a chance to perhaps meet you/get to know you!
  7. No- but really- think again:)
  8. being the owner of the jar that hijacked the cookies in the first place
  9. I took the survery! I love topics like these. :3
  10. Wait- I love every part of this.
  11. I've seen it before. Not my type, but that's only if you ask me:) .
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