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  1. Good evening Vapz, Due to the recent incidents regarding who you were associated with, possibly not having enough time for the server and lack of motivation.... you will not only be denied as a admin, but demoted. Thank you for what you have done for our server and the time you have served us but today will not be going into your favor. DENIED. DEMOTED.
  2. Good evening YowBoiMatt, (apologies for the late responses) I love to what you have to offer our staff community and I love all the time you put into your application. Unfortunately, this incident that has happened recently is... alarming. I know that there is always two sides of the story so for that reason, we usually go off of this question. How long have they been teaming with the hacker? For you... it's been quite a bit. I honestly... personally.. really appreciate all the effort and time that you have put into our server... but just in case of this incident and considering the last incident of why you were demoted... we are just going to continue with you just being part of the player community for now and for further reference. Sorry for this inconvenience, it's probably strikes you as either a slap in the face or maybe a unfair accusation... we will never know but this will be our last decision. -1 -Blue_Panda130
  3. Good evening Yagoneboi, (apologies for the late responses) I like to see what you have to offer so far but I have to let you know that we don't take these applications lightly. We grade these with a very high standard of effort in your application, participation in our servers and how familiar you are to the other staff and players. From what I'm seeing, you lack almost all to the point where this position you are applying for, isn't in your favor. What made you think you would get accepted with little to no effort? I'm starting to think it's a joke. I would also like to mention the fact that you are only member... and jumping to apply for the admin role? IF ANYTHING... apply in the next 2-3 weeks for CHATMOD so we can see what you may be capable of. Also, a few pointers for you- consider putting in more effort... get to know the staff, play on the server more. Then maybe this whole applying thing may be in your favor. My vote for your application is going to have to be a no for me. -1
  4. Good evening Vence, We have looked over your appeal for 10x and we have came to a conclusion to unban you. In the end, we will never know what the actual truth if this was a false accusation or not but after looking at all the different types of evidences, we think it may be. We apologize for the inconvenience and we really hope we are able to make it up to you by unbanning you. Happy hunting! -Blue & Skitz
  5. Good morning In and out burger rustchance.com, I went to go check how many hours on your server and I stopped and noticed a little comment next to your name that you "n-word baited" at one point? I just want to make myself very loud and clear for you, we take Racism whether its jokes or not, very seriously. I would consider it being our most strongest guideline besides hacking. You to at least joke about the idea isn't funny and we will not accept such act into our staff system. .. then.. I also was stopped by your recent activity?? Your chats.... c'mon man. Chat flooding for no apparent reason, like every so often too? All your chats show is just immaturity. But then I got to your hours. SWEET. Although, I don't know what else to tell you besides that your not staff material for GFL. Thank you for showing interest and taking the time to write an application for us but it's gonna be a no today. -Blue_Panda130
  6. Good evening Hick, Glad to see you interested into the server but I don't think you are familiar with it too much yet. We try to range staff hours at a minimum of 3 days and you seem to be a bit under that. Another thing that offlined has mentioned, the effort that you have put into your application is very minimal. We have applications up to give you an opportunity to tell us who you are, what you can offer, why we interest you and such. Not only that, I noticed how I have never seen you in the server? I just have never seen your name pop up in chat or anything and I happen to be on quite a bit. In my opinion, I don't think your ready to take on this position just yet. Give it at least 2 weeks to maybe a month to apply again... with more hours and maybe work on getting reputation points with the staff... get to know us. Another thing that can be beneficial towards your case here would be to put in a significant amount of effort into your next application with us. Thank you for showing interest and I hope to see you in the server and possibly get to know you for future reference. Happy hunting! -1 -Blue_Panda130
  7. Hello again expired milk, I like to see the more effort you put into this application, as for that being one of the reasons we said no to your application last time. I also like to see your activity time be almost around 96 hours, way to improve! Although.... I did notice how your age has changed from your last application..? I also still see some grammar mistakes regarding the rust chat and even on your application, especially on your last application which may show a bit of immaturity. I also don't grade easy on these and when I see dishonesty, you lose my vote that easily. I love to see you interested into our server and taking the time to make an application for us but I really don't see you being staff material. -1 -Blue
  8. Hello again Yamato, I would want to start off by saying that I don't think I appreciate you copying and pasting your earlier application? The better idea would to write a new one, possibly add onto it. Maybe think of more things that you could have said in which you learned or caught on from the newest hours you've gotten. I do like to see what you have to say about the server and how much time you have put into it but I'm not really buyin what your sellin if you know what I mean. I tend to grade these apps pretty hard... I search for what I like to see... convincing effort, passion, hours, maturity and good recent chats. Speaking of that last part, I've noticed that you used to say "vroom" a lot... excessively which shows not only your immaturity side but also the side where you don't think as much as you should before sending a message... especially when wanting to become staff. The way you used it would be considered chat flood which ... if used excessively and more letter usage, could turn into a mutable offence. Not really a big deal I just want to make it very clear that if or when you get staff on GFL, reputation should be your biggest concern. So non of that, no tendencies of releasing anger out on players.. no matter what the incident may be, no immature responses to questions or remarks etc. We take things very seriously, even if it's just little incidents like these. Thank you for reading, showing interest into our server and applying but I might be stepping out with a -1 today. -Blue_Panda130
  9. Good morning tuna haha, First of.... I LOVE YOU. Secondly. I think maybe you should of taken more of your time... on this? 👉👈🥺 because if you did then it would of really shown how much passion you had for this server. But I think your hours say enough lol. I would want to really start off on the factor that I think it is more than wonderful that you have such a strong connection with all the people, including the staff. It's so beneficial for anyone, especially the staff because we get the chance to get to know you... to get to see and examine your personality. but as your bestie and your wifey that gives you good glu- i- I want to say that... I know you personally and I know what you can sometimes be capable of... and in my eyes, I don't really see you as being staff material for us? I don't know, that's just my opinion. and I would love to say..... good luck with further voting mamas ❤️ (PS, don't hate me because I love you and the chances of me taking the car to go and see you is like... really high.. so save the slaps for then:)) -1
  10. Good evening Offlined, I would just want to start off by saying that I think it's a little too early in the game for you to take on the position as an admin..it feels like almost yesterday when we put you in the position as chat-mod. We did so, so we can see what you are capable of as a person... what you can do with punishing people and such and so far, I don't think we have had enough time to see what you are able to do. Also I'm sure we talked to you about your toxicity back in past days and we are willing to get past that idea since you are wanting to do better... but again, it will take time to fully overcome that stage. So that's one thing- Unpopular opinion, it almost seems as if you may be wanting a higher staff position for power? Clout? It just seems from all of your applications for chat-mod and admin... it just seems like you maybe are desperate for the roles and permissions. I don't mean to sound rude, I just like to be honest and give people my honest opinions. Also... I would be happy to say that I really appreciate all the time and effort you have put in our server... I see all the hours that you have given into our GFL community and we just love to see it! Although, I do hear you over rust VC and occasionally the rust chat and I just can't help but find immaturity out of the things you say. I don't mean toxicity or anything threatening... you've been doing really good at that lately but I just... don't see the maturity.. and I can't tell if that's going to be a yet or just simply never. I do love to see you as a chatmod... I love to see you keeping an eye on chat... staying active in their as well... I just don't see you as Admin material. So I'm going to have to be stepping out with a "no" vote.. -1 BUT this is just my opinion.. and I'm curious to what the other staff have to say about your amazing work and ethic so far, as well. Good luck with further voting and thank you for showing interest in our community. Feel free to dm me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your chatmod position or your application. Have a good rest of your night. ❤️ -Blue
  11. I'm sure you were muted for breaking a server guideline, but I'm aware that when you are muted from console, it says that you were muted "permanently" with "no reason" but I can assure you on how that is false. We always leave a reason and a time when you should manually unmuted which im sure you were .. by the looks of you not being muted lol. Sorry for the confusion and feel free to let me know if you have any further questions or concerns regarding the server by dming me on discord or shooting me a message on these forums. Thank you for showing interest into our server! Blue_Panda130#6053 -Blue
  12. Good morning Neko. First I would want to point out that you have a Alt account on our server? I don’t know what I think about that. Also there’s other reasons why i wouldn’t accept t you but it’s confidential right now. You’ll know soon. I like how you speak Spanish, it could be helpful for us but you aren’t going to be having my vote today. -1 -Blue
  13. Good afternoon MadTurkey, After reading your application, I noticed that you showed a lot of interest and I like to what you have to offer. I checked how many hours you had on the server and it seems you have around 72 hours which will be acceptable for the role of chatmod but I don’t think I remember ever seeing you on GFL before.. which is a bit alarming since I’m always active but I could just be forgetting. Although, I checked some of your recent and non recent messages on GFL and I occasionally saw some things that would be considered .. not really “toxic” but just something that everyone has to work on when applying which is taking your anger out on other people, no matter what they did. I just wanted to make it very clear that being apart of our staff requires you to fulfill your duties with as much as maturity as you can. That means .. having almost zero to no tendencies to release aggression or anger out on any player, no matter what. Even if you think they are the one that “started it” or “clearly trying to get me mad,” just no. That’s all bull and immaturity and we do not accept actions like that into our staff community. Don’t fight back. Anyways, thank you for reading and I’ll be stepping out with a neutral vote. good luck with further voting, MadTurkey. -Blue_Panda130
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