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  1. Steam Name(s): $impKidツ SteamID: 76561198385772231 Admin that banned you: guts What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): permanetly muted on chat Why should you be unbanned? because I advertising on the voice chat I down people and he talk shit to me and I just talk shit to join other server 1v1 me and I type it in the game chat because he asking again, and all the chat mod when the tell people to go ukn its same like advertising other server too and its just doesn't make any sense for me cus I promote 10x server to one pople its doesn't mean to tell everybody go there and I forgot there is a /pm that's why im just say it straight to him so if you admin or owner or chat mod read this please un muted me because I never advertising other server like to tell them play on that server just for the 1v1
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